Ahtopol - The most southern Bulgarian town on the Black Sea coast

AGATOPOLIS ("The town of love") - that's how the greeks in the Middle Ages called this exotic place.

Ahtopol is the most southern Bulgarian town on the Black Sea coast. It is situated both on the Black Sea coast and at the foot of Middle Strandza mountain. The cooler Mediterranean climate is strongly felt here and that attracts a lot of tourists into the town not only during the summer months, but all over the year.

The archaeological excavations in the region of Achtopol show life traces from different periods - the Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Some very ancient coins were found near the town, including emissions, coinage from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and from nearly all European countries.

The picturesque river of Veleka is runs only 4 km south of Ahtopol. The river comes from the very heart of Strandza Mountain. The combination of sea side and rivert and the fauna and flora of the region are really impressive and can satisfy all tourists eager for adventures into a more natural world.