Banks - Listings of all major banks in Bulgaria and links to their web sites.

Some relevant and prominent Bank Web Sites are listed following:

Raiffeisen Bank 
Description: Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) AD was established in June 1994 under the Bulgarian Law for Banking and Credit Activities and has a full banking license for domestic and international banking activities. It started operations on January 3, 1995 and is the first wholly owned subsidiary of a Western bank to commence operations in Bulgaria.
Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich AG (RZB-Austria), Vienna:
Owns 100 % of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) AD capital; It was founded in 1927 as a central banking institution of the Austrian cooperative banks named after Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen.

Bulgarian National Bank 
Description: Website of the Bulgarian National Bank. This is the same as the Bank of England in the UK

Other Banks In Alphabetical Order:

Alpha Bank 
Description: The Bank is at the helm of Alpha Bank Group, the leading financial institution of the private sector in Greece. The philosophy of Alpha Bank is based on providing modern, reliable and effective solutions to meet its clients' needs in a prompt, friendly and personalised manner.

Description: CB Biochim PLC is the fourth largest Bulgarian bank, with total assets of about BGN 1 billion (EUR 495 million) and a market share of approximately 7 percent. Biochim is a part of the leading Austrian banking group, Bank Austria Creditanstalt (BA-CA). BA-CA is a member of HVB Group, a global financial group based in Germany and one of the leading banking institutions in Europe.

Central Cooperative Bank 
Description: On March 28th, 1991, Central Cooperative Bank was registered as a limited liability company by Resolution of the Sofia City Court. Initially the BNB Managing Board issued CCB a license for banking activity in Bulgaria only. The Bank's Founders аre the Central Cooperative Union, regional cooperative unions and more than 1100 cooperative organisations. At the offset, the Bank's key mission was to bring together the financial resources of Bulgaria's cooperative network and to assist towards its development. In the years that followed the Bank gradually evolved into a universal commercial bank. In early 2002 Chimimport JSC acquired through bidding BCC's share of 32.77% thus becoming Central Cooperative Bank's major shareholder. The subsequent consolidation of CCB Plc, the "Armeets" Insurance Joint-Stock Company and the "CCB-Sila" Pension Insurance Company was an adequate response to current requirements for establishing a new type of financial mediation whose goal is to follow customers' specific needs as closely as possible.

Description: Citibank Bulgaria offers on-the spot advice and assistance to multinational subsidiaries, local companies and international investors who require the products and services of an international bank.

Corporate Commercial Bank AD 
Description: Corporate Commercial Bank AD has a more than ten-year long history. As early as it was established Corporate Commercial Bank won a reputation of one of the most dynamic banks, combining traditions and innovations. The bank was the first to introduce personal banking services in Bulgaria. Any bank's client is serviced by a "personal" officer who knows in details the specificity of the client's activity. The individual work with bank's clients is not reduced to consultations on their financial transactions. The bank's team offers trust management, fund management and the whole range of other financial services. In addition to traditional financial transactions, the bank is licensed to issue debit cards, act as an investment intermediary and service all types of budget payments. Corporate Commercial Bank's priority goal is to provide high quality and personal service of individual bank's clients, launch new services based on latest communications and information technologies.

Demirbank Bulgaria AD 
Description: Joint Stock Bank, Commercial, Investment and Retail Banking. Establishment: March 12, 1999, BNB granted full banking license for the country and abroad. Shareholder capital: BGN 20.000.000

Description: Most recognised banking brand name in the country.
Leader in retail savings and lending products. Leading BGN money market and government securities market participant.

Description: EIBANK is a universal commercial bank, its subject of activity being: public attraction of deposits and utilization of the funds attracted to provide loans and for investments on its own account and at its own risk. EIBANK issued the first public issue of mortgage-backed securities, whose offer prospectus was endorsed by Resolution No. 322 - Е of the State securities Commission dated October 18, 2001. The bonds from the issue were registered to be traded on Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia JSC.

Encouragement Bank 
Description: The Encouragement Bank was established in the conditions of a classical two-level banking system in the country, consisting of a central bank and universal commercial banks. The Encouragement Bank is the first successful attempt to create in Bulgaria a specialized banking institution, notwithstanding the lack of a specific administrative act underlying it. The bank has been registered in accordance with the Law on Commerce and the Law on Banks.

Description: Our mission is to give the best possible answer to the banking needs of three major groups of clients: corporate clients, SMEs and individuals, while considering the specific requirements of each customer. To its corporate clients EUROBANK offers preferential terms, subject to individual negotiations. EUROBANK is actively involved in financing the small and medium business in Bulgaria. By supporting this sector, the bank aids in job creation, gives companies a competitive edge, and contributes to the economic development of the country.
EUROBANK aims to be a reliable partner to its retailing customers, to stimulate their savings activity by offering attractive investment solutions.

First Investment Bank 
Description: First Investment Bank was founded in 1993 under the Bulgarian Law for Banks with a full banking license for domestic and international operations. In 2001, FIBank launched the first "Virtual Bank Branch" in Bulgaria. It has been very successful, attracting over 2,000 regular clients. The Internet site of the Branch has been visited by persons and companies in some 40 countries. In 2002, transactions carried out through FIBank's Virtual Branch amounted to over BGN 155 million.

Hebros Bank 
Description: The bank has been granted a full banking license issued by the Central Bank (BNB).It develops as a universal commer- cial bank orie ntated at serving a wide range of clients-from corporates to individuals. Hebrosbank has been appointed as a primary dealer participating in the government securities auctions organized by the BNB and has been entered as an investment broker in the Register of the Committee for Securities and Stock Exchanges. This extends its opportunities for dealing with securities.

Description: From starting our banking operation in 1994 in Bulgaria, when our target clients were the top local and foreign companies, we at ING have now developed our operations such that we offer not only a full banking service to both the corporate and retail sectors, but also pension insurance products. In Central and Eastern Europe alone ING has over 7m individual clients.

Description: Postbank is a leading universal Bulgarian Bank. Throughout the broad network of 29 branches and 89 offices and presence in 2300 post offices we provide best quality services to our clients: 

SG Express Bank 
Description: SG Expressbank's goal is to offer customers comprehensive, versatile, high quality, innovative and cost-effective products, and to provide impeccable service. At the same time high targets for profitability, efficiency, and growth are set. SG Expressbank acknowledges its important responsibility to shareholders to generate a good return on equity, while keeping a conservative attitude towards risk. To foster development SG Expressbank pursues modern banking practices, notably by implementing new technologies and instituting staff training programs.

Description: Private Entrepreneurial Bank TEXIM (Teximbank), the oldest operating Bulgarian private bank, was launched on September 2, 1992 as a successor to the Marine Trade Bank. An entirely private bank servicing small and medium businesses, financially and politically independent, TEXIMBANK has performed as a reliable and stable financial institution in the years following its foundation, despite the complex macroeconomic situation in Bulgaria

Union Bank 
Description: In the annual ranking for The Bank of the Year 2000, announced by the national business daily, “PARI Daily”, Unionbank takes first position in IV Group of banks as the best performing and with the highest quality indicators Bulgarian financial institution.