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The BGAid registered charity has now been removed from the Central Register of Charities at our request. This request was made due to a lack of any new donations being received for onward distribution to needy causes in Bulgaria during 2009. We will leave this information in place for the time being as a matter of record only and would once again wish to thank all of those who did help with donations in previous years to the various causes documented both here and in the discussion forums.



Karin Dom

Elli, smiling girl with spectacles, walking with tripods. Has cerebral palsy. Real success story. As a result of early intervention and continuous work with therapists and special education teachers at Karin Dom (since 1996), Elli is now in her 4th year in mainstream school. Completely integrated on a mainstream teaching programme. Continues to come to Karin Dom for physiotherapy, social integration activities. Her mum was one of the first parents to work with the Karin Dom team on the setting up of a parents' support group.


This summer’s torrential rains of a magnitude unseen since a century ago caused heavy damage in many parts of Bulgaria, estimated now at more than GBP 550 mln. The municipality of Smolyan suffered heavy losses in excess of GBP 17 mln.

The Bulgarian Embassy in London, jointly with the Bulgarian Red Cross and the Smolyan Municipality, has launched HELP THE SCHOOLS IN SMOLYAN campaign

Slantze’ Orphanage based in Kaspichan in the Shumen region

May 2006: A first donation was made to the ‘Slantze’ Orphanage based in Kaspichan in the Shumen region with the help of two established My Bulgaria users (Scot47 and skaviva). There are 44 children altogether and initially BGAid has been able to supply the children with new shoes, new bedding and a huge box of new toys!

Regular reports and updates can be viewed by looking at the My Bulgaria forum heading BGAid. 

FC Gagarin - The Rockets Football Team

BGAid is currently sponsoring a newly formed local football team from the village of Krumovo. Known as FC Gagarin with the nickname 'The Rockets' they are managed and trained by My Bulgaria users 'Nikki and Darren'. You can follow their progress either here:
Football My Bulgaria Forum or here Bulgaria Football Blog

A big thanks to My Bulgaria members who have donated so far.

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