Bistrilitza - A picturesque village in the foothills of the Stara Planina mountains.

The village of Bistrilitza is situated within 20 km to the north of Berkovitza and within 20 km to the west of the regional centre Montana, in a picturesque district in the skirts of Stara Planina.

Near Bistrilitza (some 3 km) is one of the largest water reservoirs in Bulgaria; “Montana” with facilities for rowing and a swimming pool. There are also some rivers - Zlatitza, Barziya, Ogosta. The small artificial lakes “Balova shuma” and “Gaganitza” are also within 3 km from the village. These are places suitable for fishing, water sports and hiking.

To the west of Bistrilitza, in old beech woods, is situated the Lopushna Monastery, famous for its architecture and stone work. The church, dedicated to St Ioan Precursor has a wooden carved filigreed iconostasis in the best traditions of the Samokov school (1856) and icons painted by Nikolay and Stanislav Dospevski (1863).

In the skirts of Todorini Kukli peak, near Varshets spa, is situated the Klisura Monastery. Its church “St St Kiril and Methodi” was sanctified in 1900. The Monastery was ruined several times during the Turkish invasion. Now it presents the best traditions of Bulgarian Renaissance.

The famous carpet making center Chiprovtzi and the Chiprovtszi Monastery are within 35 km from Bistrilitza. The picturesque mountain villages Kotenovtzi, Chereshovitza, Beli Mel, Govezhda, Kopilovtzi are also near Bistrilitza. Up in the mountain, above the village of Dalgi Del, in virgin woods, are the springs of the river Ogosta. The famous Belogradchik rocks are within 60 km from Bistrilitza.

By the village of Bistrilitza is situated a hill called “Yudino”. The old people remember that their grand parents have entered the galleries and the central cave in the hill and have seen “the golden lion”. These legends are confirmed by historical evidence that the Romans processed gold and cut coins here. The Ogosta and Zlatitsa rivers are gold bearing. Nowadays small amounts of gold are still yielded by washing golden river sand.

The town of Berkovitza presents the house of one of the greatest Bulgarian poets - Ivan Vazov. He lived in Berkovitza when being a regional judge. He has written lots of poems and stories featuring the nature and people living in the region. An asphalt road connects Berkovitza with one of the most beautiful peaks of Stara Planina - Kom (2016 m).