Here’s Why Bulgaria is Such a Great Place to Visit

May 26th 2017

here-s-why-bulgaria-is-such-a-great-place-to-visit  There is something intensely satisfying about picking the next flight to Bulgaria from Ireland and travelling around the country. Bulgaria is a delightful place to visit for many reasons. For one, not many people know about Bulgaria, so it is not as crowded as Costa del Sol or Murcia in Spain, or the Algarve in Portugal. It is also a lot cheaper...

Sunny Beach Bulgaria is the Cheapest Resort Destination in Europe

May 09th 2017

sunny-beach-bulgaria-is-the-cheapest-resort-destination-in-europe  Are you looking for flights to Bulgaria from Ireland? You should definitely make plans to visit the resort of Sunny Beach during your time in Bulgaria, which has a party atmosphere and is packed with tourists especially during this time of the year – summer. Sunny Beach is perhaps the most popular beach resort in Eastern Europe. It is...