Sunny Beach Bulgaria is the Cheapest Resort Destination in Europe

Posted on May 09th 2017 01:05 pm

 Are you looking for flights to Bulgaria from Ireland? You should definitely make plans to visit the resort of Sunny Beach during your time in Bulgaria, which has a party atmosphere and is packed with tourists especially during this time of the year – summer.

Sunny Beach is perhaps the most popular beach resort in Eastern Europe. It is also considered to be the cheapest beach resort in Europe according to a Post Office study that considered 19 destinations in the continent.

The study finds that any of items for everyday living costs £37 at Sunny Beach. Compare this to Ibiza, considered to be the most expensive resort destination, where it costs £131.

Indeed, UK tourists have reported having to spend more during their visits to various destinations in Europe because of the fall in the value of the pound following Brexit. The pound sterling fell to historic lows  of 1.07 EUR in the aftermath of Brexit, but has recovered smartly in recent days to 1.18 EUR.

 People generally shop around looking for the best deals, no matter where they are. The Post Office researchers studied the prices of a basket of ten tourist staples ranging from lunchtime to evening meals, sun cream and drinks in beach resorts across Europe. They found that the goods were cheapest in Sunny Beach.

The next cheapest was the Algarve in Portugal, where a basket of everyday goods cost £58. Costa Del Sol in Spain was not far behind at £61.

The same basket of goods cost 117 in Nice in France and slightly higher at £119 in Sorrento in Italy. Cyprus was another place where the prices were very low.

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money explained that the low prices seen in Sunny Beach were because of the low cost of food here. "Over the course of a week's holiday, lunch and evening meals for two will cost less than around £175 in Sunny Beach but this could mushroom to over £600 in more expensive resorts in France or Italy," Mr. Brown said.

He added, "These resorts are trying to attract tourists and restaurants and hoteliers are prepared to drop their prices. Also, in places like Turkey the local currency has actually fallen against sterling which makes them even more affordable."

Generally, the average expenses made by British tourists across resorts in Europe rose by 17 percent over the last year not just because of Brexit, but also because some of the resorts are becoming more popular than before.

So it is possible that Sunny Beach won’t be ridiculously cheap for too long. Eventually as more people start visiting the place – as they are – the prices will shoot up. Already, a reported 8 million people visited Bulgaria in 2016, which is fast emerging as one of Europe’s top tourist destination.

There is no question, though, that Sunny Beach will continue to be a fun place to visit and remain one of the most affordable beach destinations in Europe. You can look for all the information on this website such as car hire in Bulgaria, Things to do in Bulgaria and Flights to Bulgaria.


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