Bulgaria Eurovision Entry - Kaffe - Lorraine

Eurovison 2005 in Kiev is almost upon us, and to add more excitement this year Bulgaria is one of the entrants!

The Bulgarian entry "Lorraine" sung by the band kaffe was voted the Bulgarian entry, during a live competition staged by Bulgarian State Television BNT. Kaffe gaining nearly twice as many votes as their nearest rival Slavi Trifonov (a Bulgarian talk show host).

Of course this being Bulgaria scandal was sure to ensue when after losing, Slavi Trifonov the runner up proclaimed that the band Kaffe must have rigged the voting as he had not won!

Adding more scandal to the Bulgarian entry, it was later announced by a company owned by Slavi Trifonov that a song they had produced in 2001, by Ruslan Mainov entitled "Don't go" has similar music to the Bulgarian Eurovision entry "Lorraine".

Kaffe Bulgaria's Entry into the Eurovision.

During the last three years, Kaffe have become one of the most popular bands in Bulgaria with hits like “There Again”, “Isn’t It Love”, “No More” and the number 1 bestseller “Instead Of Me”. In 2004, the sextet was even crowned ‘band of the year’.

Kaffe’s musicians are all trained professionally. They believe in what they do and have participated in many musical projects. Two members of the band – Valery Tzenkov (drums) and Georgi Yanev (guitar) – graduated from the famous Berkley College in USA.

In 1999, the band was founded under the name Badu. But, because some of the musicians had their own projects to pursue, Badu was put on ice until 2001 when it came to life as Kaffe, with some changes in personnel.

Previously, Kaffe’s musicians have participated in joint projects with famous Bulgarian pop and rock artists – Grafa, Lili Ivanova, Maria Ilieva, Stoyan Zahariev, Beloslava, the band TRIP and Vasil Naydenov.

It soon became clear that the founding of Kaffe was a good idea: on 22 August 2003 the six were awarded the third place during the International Music Festival ‘The Golden Stag’ in Romania. The European headquarters of MTV invited the band to make a special video for TV and soon their first album, Alone’, was released and was a big seller. Now the success story continues with Kaffe representing Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest in Keiv.

The members of Kaffe are:
Orlin Pavlov – vocals
Georgi Yanev – guitar
Milen Кuкоshаrоv – keyboard
Valery Tzenkov – drums
Martin Tashev – trumpet
Veselin Veselinov-Eko – bass guitar

To hear the song click the following link
Bulgaria eurovision entry - Kaffe - Lorraine video

Lets wish the boys the best of luck, and hope they make it through to the final on the 21st of May.

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