Bulgarian Lawyers - Links to major legal firms in Bulgaria.

A good Lawyer, apart from giving you ad hoc advice, should be prepared to deal with the entire process surrounding the formation and registration of your company (should one need to be formed in order to own the title to land) and also to assist you with other matters such as opening a bank account and registration of the company with the National Tax Register Authority. Importantly your chosen Lawyer should be able to deal with any conveyancing regarding your intended purchase such as checking legal title against existing court records and for any potential outstanding mortgage debts on the property.

Generally speaking professional fees in Bulgaria are substantially less than would be expected in other parts of Europe. Company formation for example should cost between EUR 500 - 700 and with hourly rates for one of the top firms not exceeding EUR 100 per hour for additional advice or work. 

Georgiev, Todorov & Co are one of the larger law firms in Bulgaria. With lawyers specialising in every area of law practice. Georgiev, Todorov & Co are also the sponsors of our free legal advice centre.


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