Business - Advice on setting up and doing business in Bulgaria.

Local partners are particularly useful in a small country only recently opened to the world. Bulgarian 'partners' can often create support where none would exist otherwise, and help navigate the constantly changing maze of regulations and bureaucracy. The importance of contacts cannot be underestimated.

There are a diverse range of business opportunities opening up in Bulgaria and, as would be prudent anywhere, the best legal and professional advice needs to be sought.

A brief check list of needs would be:

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting procedures  
  • Business Customs & Culture
  • Company Formation 
  • Corporate Banking  
  • Customs Regulations for Import/Export    
  • Labour Laws
  • Lawyers         
  • Office Premises 
  • Taxation    
  • Translators

....and of course many others!

We hope that you find the Links listed below a useful starting point! 

Bulgarian Business Advisor. A useful business to business related portal. 

bulgarian business advisor

The executives of Bulgarian Trade Partners are well connected in the commercial sector of both the UK and Bulgaria and have an extensive network of Associates with experience in almost every Industrial, Commercial and Public sector discipline imaginable. Their experience is used to identify products and services from Bulgaria and to identify suitable business partners for those products and services either in the United Kingdom or mainland Europe to all parties commercial advantage.

bulgarian trade partners

The British Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (BBCC) was set up in 1993 to support business between the United Kingdom and Bulgaria.
Their aim is to offer practical assistance on a regular basis. They maintain an active information network by means of their website and by organising events such as business missions, seminars and social meetings with guest speakers who have special expertise and knowledge of the market. BBCC can also provide contacts for a range of business services such as translation, legalisation, transportation and logistics, legal services, business consultancy, market research and many others.

british bulgarian chamber of commerce

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Web Site offers activities and services facilitating the operation of business in Bulgaria.

bulgarian chamber of commerce and industry

The Web site for The National Customs Agency.

bulgarian customs agency Investment in Bulgaria, reports, industries, service providers -