Climate - Facts about the climate in Bulgaria.

The predominant climate in Bulgaria is moderate and transitional-continental. There are 2,000 to 2,400 hours of sunlight per year. Four seasons. Dry, hot summer: average temperature (April - September) is 23�C. Cold winter with snowfalls: average temperature is 0�C. The average temperature for the year is 10.5�C.

A Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and mild, humid winters, prevails in the valley of the south-western Rhodope Mountains. The northern limits of the climatic zone are the Balkan Mountains.

The average January temperature in Sofia ranges between -4�C and 2�C. The July temperature ranges between 16�C and 27�C. Along the Black Sea, the average January temperature ranges between -1�C and 6�C, and the July temperature ranges between 19�C and 30�C.

The soft transitional-Mediterranean climate and the fertile soils are very suitable for growing the famous Bulgarian attar-yielding rose � a valuable raw material for perfumery, medical and the food, wine and tobacco industries.

National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology