Elenite - Holiday town on the Southern Black sea coast

Elenite Elenite Holiday Village is on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 10 kms from Sunny Beach resort and about 40 kms from Bourgas Airport.

A holiday village sheltered in a quiet bay, with a large beach and green meadows, for modern eco-style holidays, with plenty of sports and entertainment.

Holiday Village "Elenite" has a total of 1026 beds divided into 3 parts - zone A, zone B and zone Emona. All the rooms have Sattelite TV and mini bar, incl. "Starter pack".
Zone A studios - 220 rooms with basic kitchenette, one extra bed, child-size, available.
Zone B studios - 245 rooms, two child-size extra beds available.
Zone Emona - 48 double rooms, one extra bed available. Distance from beach - around 300 meters.