Flaura and Fauna - Facts about the natural habitat of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has many corners still in their natural state, preserving a remarkable bio-diversity. Natural vegetation demonstrates considerable ecological variety. A total of 12,360 species have been found, of which 3,700 are higher plants.

The Bulgarian endemic plants – found nowhere else world-wide – number more than 250: Rila primrose, Balkan violet, Bulgarian blackberry, Rhodopean tulip… Forests abound with wild fruits, briars, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, mushrooms – all of them of proven flavour and with qualities which strengthen the body. There is also a great diversity of herbs and healing plants. Bulgaria's fauna numbers some 13,000 species, 14% of the total number of registered animal species in Europe. Rare mammal species are to be found in this country. Reserves and hunting grounds are inhabited by pelicans, stags, deer, does, wild goats, quails, pheasants, etc. A network of three national parks has been set up (with a total area of 221,252.2 ha) – Rila, Pirin, and the Central Balkan; nine natural parks (over 180,000 ha); reserves, as well as 2,234 protected territories and natural landmarks. Of them the Pirin National Park and the Sreburna biosphere reserve have been included in UNESCO's world heritage list. Together with a further 16 biosphere reserves they offer wonderful conditions for photograpy, scientific and hobby tourism.