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by MarkMc
Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:44 pm
Forum: Medical & Health Care
Topic: Pregnancy in Varna
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Has anyone given birth in Varna recently (ie last 2 years). My wife is nearly 6 months pregnant and we have to decide if to use the 'normal' Bulgarian hospital or the private Machen Dom clinic in Varna. As neither of us speak Bulgarian well enough to ask complex questions, we find it difficult to ge...
by MarkMc
Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:06 am
Forum: Holidays and Hotels in Bulgaria
Topic: accommodation in istanbul
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Just a little tip, If you are taking the bus from Varna or Bourgas to Istanbul airport, you can ask the driver to drop you near the airport. I was dropped opposite the Raddison hotel and stayed in a reasonable hotel nearby as my flight was at 6am. This saves quite a bit of time as traffic is usually...
by MarkMc
Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:14 pm
Forum: Business Link
Topic: Selling Via Amazon in BG
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You can now buy on and have it delivered to Bulagria. We do this all the time for our school as many books we cant get here. It costs a little more for shipping but ive never had any problems.
Ive never looked into selling from Bulgaria so cant help there.
by MarkMc
Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:11 am
Forum: Getting to & travelling in Bulgaria
Topic: cancelling flights wizzair
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It's a free for all :)
by MarkMc
Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:45 pm
Forum: HELPING HANDS – Goods and Services offered
Topic: Imported English frozen food price list.
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See you on Saturday in Vetrino and thanks for updating this thread regularly. It's good to know when and where these table tops are happening.
Am sending pm now regarding stock
by MarkMc
Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:07 pm
Forum: Getting to & travelling in Bulgaria
Topic: Anyone flown Varna - Odessa?
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There were direct flights for some time (up until last summer) between the 2 cities. Ukrainian south airlines had direct flights but there website, doesnt have any real info on it. I assume it's seasonal, i.e only in the summer. I enquired about tickets a few years back and i...
by MarkMc
Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:12 am
Forum: Shops, Furnishers, Retailers & Suppliers
Topic: 'Shakespeare & Friends': New Book Shop, Varna
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Hi Luna, See you at Shakespere and friends later and just to remind everyone there will also be 2 singers there called 'Music fusion' which is a mix of Indian, Bulgarian and French music (Must be heard to do it justice!) Also there will be a table top sale afterwards with some Christmas goodies. Hop...
by MarkMc
Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:50 am
Forum: HELPING HANDS – Goods and Services offered
Topic: Handmade Christmas Cards
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Handmade Christmas Cards

My girlfriend makes and sells Christmas cards and has a small shop in the centre of Varna. Handmade ones are from 2.50 leva and we also have a selection of non-handmade ones for 0.50-1 leva from the UK, all in English. The shop is called Kim Design and is on the corner of Shipka street in Varna, nea...
by MarkMc
Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:23 pm
Forum: Getting to & travelling in Bulgaria
Topic: BA return flight prices
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BA return flight prices

Just went to book a ticket back to the UK from Varna to London with BA in April and 1st tried 1 way and the price was 99 euro. Then when I tried to see the price for the round trip, the Varna to London leg had gone up to 139 euros. So I bought 2 1 way tickets as this worked out 40 euros cheaper inc ...
by MarkMc
Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:07 pm
Forum: My Place!
Topic: Do you know anything about Archaeological Finds in Kranevo?
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