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Plovdiv Company Listings

Postby mugshot » Sat Oct 10, 2009 11:33 am

Hi all,

I hope this is allowed...if not MODS im sorry I had the best intentions!

I have just been working hard to launch my own site about the province of Plovdiv, the idea being to make it a huge resource on the region.

Part of the site is a business directory listing companies websites in Plovdiv, the site requires a business to make an account then submit a link or even write a full article/review on a business.

I thought that given there are many people here who have businesses and would like some support here I could put the link and info up myself on your business so no account is required setting up. If you have a business with a website and your based in Plovdiv please message your website link, company name and description and Ill put it up on my W W W

My new site is my w w w

Again MODS if Im against TOS please delete and accept my apologies.

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