First day at kindergarten.

Including 'special needs'.

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Postby Fobby83 » Tue Apr 19, 2011 5:10 pm

It's inspriging to hear about such a wonderful experience! I moved to the Troyan area just before christmas with my partner and daughter, Tianna.

Tianna has been attending KG in the village for just over 2 months now, but she only goes until 12.00 as she's 7yrs old, so an afternoon nap is not ideal for her (she'd still be running round the house at midnight!). None of the staff speak a word of English so we've thrown her in at the deep end as it were. I think she knows more of the Bulgarian language than she lets on. Whenever we ask her about it, we get a quick shrug of the shoulders - yet when we go out to the shops, if I'm struggling to get the message accross she will step in and translate. I do worry though, because she needs to go to school full time in September and I'm wondering if I'm putting too much pressure on her to have picked up the language sufficiently by then?

I can honestly say that moving to Bulgaria was the best decision I have made yet and I cant wait to get to the stage where Tianna can invite friends over after school and she is truly settled. At times though I worry if this might ever happen as sometimes she doesn't seem interested in going to the private lessons I have set up with her Aunty (my brothers Bulgarian wife). I am also concerned that she came home this afternoon saying that one of the boys at KG had hit her. But talking to another english couple with children here, they said fighting quite often happens and that Tianna might have to 'toughen up and hit back'. Obviously this is completely different to how we have raised her so far, so we're at a loss as to how to guide her??

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