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Including 'special needs'.

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Postby scot47 » Fri Jul 11, 2008 5:19 am

As 'shotlandets' and others have pointed out here setting up a British-curriculum school in Bulgaria would be a really expensive operation. How many parents in BG would pay the sort of fees necessary ? Not many I wager !
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Postby benne0 » Fri Jul 11, 2008 7:51 am

varnaman wrote:I agree that Bulgarian education is good and the products of the system whom i have met have been a credit to it,but as someone who does not yet know if i intend to remain here all the rest of my days,the future education of my 2 yr old is of some concern. If she were in a British school here then presumably it would be easier for her to slip into the routine of a similar school in another country--that would be one reason why somebody would want to segregate their child into such a school. Also the fact that children start school here a couple of years later than in the Uk or Spain, so anyone thinking of living in those countries may want their child to have some schooling rather than just a kindergarten. I imagine it would be difficult for an 8 year old to arrive in the Uk or Spain from Bulgaria with little formal schooling -- not having a dig at juliea,merely putting forward an alternative view.

Just for info my partners son (Bulgarian) started pre school at 4 and the lessons were far more structured than a play school in the UK. At 6 he started school and for 2 years has spent a half day full time at school then we pay for the other half day at a post school class. From day one he has had homework to do and on top of this goes to english classes twice a week and fits in tennis and karate.

Overall I find the standard far better than the UK as I cant recall many 6 year olds there bringing homework home every night.

The education system is very good and parents in Bg put great effort into ensuring their sons and daughters achieve a good education.

I think the pre school etc goes far beyond what we would judge as a kindergarten


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Postby greenbird » Mon Sep 08, 2008 8:20 pm

Regarding this last comment, I am happy you are very satisfied with the Bulgarian system! My own son is about to start 'First Year' here in Varna, he is 6.

As a primary teacher myself, I would like to point out that it is quite normal for a 6 yr. old in the UK to go home with about 15 -20 mins. homework every evening. Also, nursery year and Reception year in UK are very structured, based on the National Curriculum's "Early Years" programme. e.g. child learns numbers 1 to 10 in nursery, starts to learn the letters, builds on and extends this in Reception. You say they are less structured than here in Bulgaria, but I think you may have become 'out of touch' with what is happening in UK schools these days. In fact, one criticism you could level at UK schools is that they are over-structured, with not enough play!


english schools in pleven

Postby saelwin » Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:45 pm

are there any English speaking schools in the Pleven region? we are moving to the area and would to know if there are any or whether children just attend the bulgarian school?

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