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Forum Search Facilities Explained

Postby MOD » Fri Dec 22, 2006 10:19 am

There are 3 search facilities available on My Bulgaria.

We ask all Forum users new and old alike to use the search facilities before posting any new topic onto the Forums.

This will help us to help you by:
a) finding if your question has already been previously asked – and answered!
b) reducing duplicated subject matter.

1. The Quick Search Facility
This easy-to-use facility is located clearly towards the top of every Forum page. Just type in the words that best describe what you are looking for (you can write as many words as you like – just leave a space between each one) and basically what you put in is what you get out! Good clear descriptions will give you the best results. For example, looking to hire a car in Varna? Then the words Varna car hire will do the trick!

The displayed results are defaulted to ‘topics’ rather than ‘posts’ which means the search criteria you put in will return any topic containing that criteria.

The clue is in the title…it’s only a Quick Search! If you need a more precise search then go on to the Advanced Forum Search with more options for selection…

2. The Advanced Forum Search
The link for this facility can be found towards the top of the page below the main banner area but above the Simple Search.

A quick guide:

1) In the ‘Search for Keywords’ area type in the most appropriate word connected with your search. To narrow the results down you may enter more than one word but you must use ‘AND’ between them. Try to keep the words simple but specific. For example, if you are looking for posts on aspirin, type ‘aspirin’ rather than ‘painkiller’ or ‘medicine’. The * symbol placed immediately after the word can be helpful to broaden the search slightly or if your spelling isn’t great.

2) If you know which part of the Forum your answers should be contained in select this, or the Category for a general Forum area. In our example we would use the Medical & Healthcare Forum only. If you are uncertain of where your answers may be leave the Forum and Category boxes to their default of ‘All available’.

3) Select how you would like the results displayed with the ‘Display results as:’ option. You can choose ‘topics’ or ‘posts’. If unsure try a search with both! Some users find ‘posts’ easier than ‘topics’ but you can choose which suits you best! All other options and dropdown boxes can be ignored unless you are familiar with search facilities and know how to refine your search further.

4) All that remains is to click ‘search’ and look through the results, and read any posts that appear to be more closely related to your enquiry. From here you can then go straight to the relevant thread if you want to know more.

That’s it! Except that if you are looking for a particular Member use the ‘Search for Author’ section rather than the keyword search. Again, if you are not too sure of the spelling remember to add * immediately after the name.

3. The Site/Google Search
This can be found below the ‘Latest Forum Postings’ towards the lower part of the page, and has the option of making a Google Search of the web or a Google Search of the My Bulgaria site only. This second ‘site only’ option searches the whole of the My Bulgaria site rather than just the Forums.
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Postby MOD » Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:36 pm

Just a reminder to all (see the previous post for the how to's) would really help us if all users tried at least one of the forum search facilities before starting a new topic as a lot of the answers are already here.....before you start a new topic try a few searches with a few different key words relevant to your query. 8)

If you cannot easily find an answer or a suitable existing thread then by all means start a new one and we will do our best to redirect you as needed but a huge amount of information has already been covered (as you will find out). :roll:

Also selecting the most appropriate/relevant forum heading for any new posts would be handy!! It ain't that difficult!! :smt117


MOD :wink:

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