Wealth/Health warning!!

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Wealth/Health warning!!

Postby chris » Mon Feb 12, 2007 10:42 pm

My Bulgaria is now clearly massively popular, which is fantastic of course.... if this popularity, information, knowledge and energy continues to be channelled in the right way. Today alone we registered the highest ever number of users on the site at not far short of one thousand at its peak.

Although we have many testimonials from people that have benefited from the site we are now also starting to get an increasing number of people using the site to how shall I say ‘vent their anger’ at this or that supplier or for this or that cause or commercial interest. This of course is fine if done in a calm, factual and appropriate way. Sometimes it is not which results in a simple ‘well they did this’ and ‘no I did not’ scenario. Dealt with on line that is relatively futile and the thread normally will degenerate (or be locked or deleted) as supporters of the company and the aggrieved battle it out. It maybe interesting reading to some but it won’t normally establish the rights and wrongs. My Bulgaria is not a court of law after all!! :roll:

The best thing is first of all to please make sure that BEFORE you retain any services or part with any money (certainly large amounts of cash up front) you make absolutely sure that the provider of the goods or services described (either in a forum posting or from a recommendation) is genuine, take as many references as possible and also establish their credibility and standing in the forums by whatever means you are able.

PLEASE be aware that in the 'property' related forum headings (or anything directly related to property like property sales, off plan sales and building services in particular...anything really with a higher than average 'profit value' for the poster) there are always going to be ‘issues’ as in ‘I got ripped off here’, ‘this was bad and happened to me’. As we all know, bad news travels much faster than good news!! Remember also that this is Bulgaria, it is still all quite new, there are some truly good people out there but there are also some sharks (remind you of Spain maybe)?

In a way with so very many absentee owners I’m personally surprised that it is not worse than it is!! It is bad enough here in the UK on our own door step!! Many (very many) years ago I was a rep for the Yellow Pages Directories, when it came to renew adverts often the biggest ad would take me to a mobile home in South London! That is life, sometimes all may not be what it seems and not just on the Internet. If you are a remote owner with no Project Manager and/or totally reliant on a Power of Attorney then this potentially makes the problem worse still. By a long way not impossible, but worse still!!

I do truly believe that the vast majority of regular forum posters (and our advertisers) are about as genuine as they can be however we can only do so much to help you to help yourselves when it comes to the bigger ticket items. Thankfully it does not happen often but just this week we have taken action against an advertiser against whom we can categorically prove wrong doing of one form or another. However our advertisers are a very small part of the total Bulgarian market and ultimately so are we!! All I am saying is that when we have the FACTS and not supposition, we do act on it immediately, and so should you.

Finally, If anyone (by that I mean any well meaning GENUINE poster) has a suspicion that someone is posting (or sending PM’s…Private Messages) to their own commercial advantage (or to a competitors disadvantage) then please let us know and we will do some further investigation and deal with it. Don’t post online crap trying to prove you know better, it just serves no reasonable purpose.

IF it is found that any real estate agent, builder or whatever is being less than clean with our members and we can PROVE it (ie by IP tracking or whatever other means at our disposal…and we have a few including a more than 3 year history) then we will happily expose that company publicly here in the forums.

Also due to the number of posts being made recently in the popular ‘big ticket’ item forum headings, the MOD’s have been asked to arbitrarily delete any suspicious posts that are not in keeping with a particular thread immediately it is spotted.

Help us to help you? :lol:



PS I’ll leave this post open, anyone wants to comment in a sensible way feel free to do so!!

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Postby Milka » Tue Feb 13, 2007 12:23 am

Hi Chris,

I've noticed over the last few Google searches I have done that Mybulgaria is becoming prominent in the search results. I was going to add a new topic highlighting this fact but think tacking it to the end of your post is topical.

A few months back, you'd have to search through several pages of results to hit on a Mybulgaria page. Recently I have noticed Mybulgaria forum pages being returned on the first page of search results. Try searching for Bulgarian tax returns and the '...doing it solo' topic is the first result returned.

Can I therefore remind forum members that this is not a closed forum and writing anything here is like being in print on the front page of a daily newspaper. Each time you write something, before you hit the submit button, consider if there's anyone you WOULDN'T want to read it.

I'm just off to go and edit a few posts... :wink:


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