HELPING HANDS - for those with commercial interests etc

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HELPING HANDS - for those with commercial interests etc

Postby MOD » Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:27 pm

If you are a My Bulgaria member and are offering goods or services (not Private/Personal Ads) in/to/about Bulgaria to other users (NOT Real Estate sales) you may announce and discuss exactly what you are offering in the HELPING HANDS section of the forums free of charge. This type of advert is NOT allowed in other forum headings. Please be precise with your topic heading as that will help other members to find you!

Please only submit ONE new post per advert, which in due course you may ‘refresh’ by adding to the existing entry if you have further information to offer etc (other than obviously answering enquiries). Please do NOT ‘bump’ your advert gratuitously OR readvertise the same service as a new topic, as this will result in early removal at the Mods discretion.

If you have multiple services to offer it would be best if you included all services in one topic (which you can then update) rather than create multiple topics for each service being offered.

IMPORTANT: Any member offering goods and/or services who is found to be 'spamming' the forums with bogus/spam posts elsewhere on the forums will be banned.

Thanks. Mod 8)

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