How much is a fair wage?

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Postby MIK_bg » Fri Jan 13, 2017 8:51 am

Very difficult to say Painter.
First in bg there is quite a lot of difference in quality of material and performance and also builders skills and supposed standards. Village standards are not complying with britain building code.

For instance a roof can be rebuilt with new beams and tiled for very cheap by locals for 2000/4000 lev but do not expect the wood to be sturdy, pressure treated, correctly insulated etc. It's a roof. It will probably require more care in time and be redone in short period of time. If your house is for summer use only it's fair. Differently you will spend a fortune heating the house.

For windows and doors you can find very cheap ones with decent quality if your measures are standards as in recent buildings but if you have a old stone house expects to pay 10 times more.
The difference of on misure products is so large that it's better modify the masonry work to fit standard windows.

You must be really clever on your decisions to make it right. Directing the works and buying supply yourself and not rely on specific companies to get a job done makes the difference. Otherwise even getting a "flying" quote is a nightmare.

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Postby troyan » Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:59 am

having renovated and completed a shell stage new build, and various other older properties, I would add that it depends on the materials......and how far you want to go.

reroofing a moderate sized roof ball park 3000 lev labour and access

bathroom labour ball park 1000 lv.

double glazed ....all depends obviously on how many doors/wndows, pvc or wood.

concrete floor .......just had one done a few weeks ago really cheap think it was around 300 lv including 3 rooms 900lv

electrics probably 1000-1500 lv all included.

If you click on my gallery the modern house which is 3 bed from shell stage to a high quality interior incl major layout redesign,reroofing with felt and batten eaves and guttering, central heating and new chimney, insulation exterior and underfloor, oak flooring , double glazed throughout, 2 bathrooms, spiral staircase, dry lined througout, all electrics and plumbing,exterior decking,internal doors, kitchen ........cost me around 20 k English pounds which i was quite pleased with.

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Postby Painter » Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:30 pm

Thanks Mik-bg,Troyan and John, that is just the sort of advice I am looking for and I am sure many others will benefit from it too. If anyone has anything else to chip in their comments will be most welcome.

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