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Postby Slaphead » Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:29 pm

Unlike any of you (and I mean ANY of you!) our front garden terminates in a huge lake, where, if I wish I can swim.
But, like most of you we have a cesspit/septic tank foul waste system. And like the vast majority of you, our waste tank leeches into the surrounding ground, i.e. a soakaway. So all of you pontificating t****rs regarding potable water and well quality, please do what Michael Jackson suggested. i.e take a look in the mirror.
Fookin evangelists! Don't you just love em???!!

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Postby Slaphead » Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:43 pm

Furthermore, I really do wish that my posts either appear on this forum as I posted them or failing that, MODs, they were deleted in entirety.

Slaphead, if you could limit yourself to stay within forum rules rather we wouldn't have to delete anything! As it is you continue to walk a very fine line between what is and what isn't acceptable. Our advice is to not provoke us to edit your posts in the first place and then your comment here would become irrelevant. Thanks. Mod 8)


Re: pools

Postby white-knight » Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:47 pm

chrisarvor wrote:
white-knight wrote:"chrisarvor wrote

what a load of bo##ocks mate

you get back from a pool what you put in all pool liners today have a 10 year minimum life and its usually upto 15 years

If you are stupid enough not to remove roots they will come through or crack a concrete pool as you call it a real pool but our 10mtr x 5.75 pools cost 11000 lev plus install."

Damn strange that as ive seen sevearal above ground & one inground plastic pool that have not lasted 5 years & these were not damaged by roots of trees....but you would quote a longer life expectency as obviously your trying to sell them as your business & your not about to put them down now are you.

lucky for me i dont have to rely on your custom then :-)
when you talk about above ground pool i am not selling the blow up crap just quality pool that can be sunk in the ground as well
but thanks for your input

"Thanks for my input"?.....was it not you that replied to my input ?

ie what a load of bo##ocks mate.

Sadly for the folks ive been helping out this year they have purchased almost identical above ground pools that you are selling.

cheap above ground & even inground pools made of plastic etc will never ever come close to a properly constructed inground concrete pool.

11,000 leva for a liner with a fancy exterior ....you must be joking surly!!!!

maybe your not selling blow up crap ..do you mean little kiddes pools ?

thanks for your input.

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Postby MOD » Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:18 pm

This topic is now locked. Why oh why can't some of you agree to disagree rather than continue to beat the 'I'm right and any other opinion is wrong' drum???

Tediously bored, Mod :roll:

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