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Postby chris » Sat Feb 11, 2006 7:04 pm

There are a number of contributing forum members who may also have a commercial interest in gaining your attention. Whilst I would publicly say that the vast majority of these members post some extremely useful information it is also only fair that all other users can clearly see that these members also have this commercial interest as well as (in most cases) a genuine desire to also provide helpful information. .

As a result we are implementing a range of additional ‘categories’ that will sit between your user name and your Avatar in every post that is made (in place of where it would say newbie, super user or whatever).

The initial chosen categories are:

Furniture Sales
Legit and Bodgit (that one, of course, is a joke)!! :lol:
Property Developer
Property Sales
Propert Rentals
Property Management

ALL forum members with such a commercial interest should notify us by email which category is most appropriate for us to add for them.

After a while any that we see who clearly have a commercial interest but have not volunteered the above information will have a category added by us.

Any other reference to this commercial interest should NOT appear elsewhere in posted profiles (please change your profile if it does). Also there should be no web links relating to your business in the text of a post as there is a web link facility provided at the bottom of each anyway (to add this see your personal profile page).

Company logos are also NOT to be used in place of a normal Avatar!

This ‘coming clean’ approach we think will be appreciated by all forum members and visitors but is not then to be taken as carte blanche by those with a commercial interest to overtly push or promote their business interests in any way when posting. The forum rules on this will still continue to apply.

Please send your email to stating your user name and your chosen category.



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