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Postby MIK_bg » Mon Jul 04, 2016 1:13 pm

The gc maf can get your amanda killed for sure, as the list of holistic doctors killed in past 2 years in US is just scary. 50 just in 2015.

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Postby Malarkey » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:06 pm

It has been two months since I last posted.

On a good note the Sunday times did an article today on the promotion of MMS [industrial bleach] in Ireland. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/autis ... -qr8ghqqkq
They also did a piece on Leonardo Edwards (who is mentioned earlier in this thread and worked/volunteered at Pearl Lodge Pamporovo, when Doug and Amanda ran the illegal medical center or as they liked to call it health and restoration center) http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/baby- ... -6cjqfrlj8

Bottom line he sold mms and babies bottles and had previously stated how many MMS drops a baby should be given. The authorities were concerned about many issues and the baby was taken into temporary care. The parents left the country and refused to cooperate with social services or maintain contact with the child [hard to do once you have left the country] and started a media campaign saying the government was stealing babies to sell for adoption. A very sad and sorry tale.

Leonardo Edwards was filmed by the BBC selling the so-called “health items” to a reporter posing as a relative of an autistic child. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/se ... iv-5979594

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_M ... Supplement

So much for Amanda’s associates.

Anyway back to Amanda



JUNE 15th
https://mothernatureandyou.org/2016/07/ ... taccident/ Again much has now been removed but I have sceen shots and what remains in 2018 is found here http://archive.is/Ng3y4

9 days ago Amanda Mary Jewell, holistic practitioner and senior cancer researcher started to suffer anterograde amnesia following a severe blow to the head. From this point onwards she is unable to make new memories. Her memories are only from prior to the incident or accident. She is a little confused, more each day. Her hammock at home failed causing her fall. Mary’s head took quite a blow as it hit a large ceramic planter before hitting the concrete floor. Mary had a seizure before falling into a short coma.
Mary is not being mean if she is delayed making contact or returning correspondence. She is simply recovering. Her day is spent catching up on events since the incident/accident. This happened 48 hours after Mary received had warning to leave, she has been under a barrage of threats since her colleague Jeff Bradstreet was murdered. Maybe there are such things as coincidences. Mary is well cared for and functions well during her waking hours. Mary is no longer in pain, she receives medical advise and protocol.

Added JULY 18th I still have not got memories from the 2nd July, life is getting really confusing. I just wanted to thank everyone for the love, healing and kind thoughts. I am hoping that i will have memory of today when i wake tomorrow as my notes are confusing and its like reading a book of someone else's life when i wake. My confidence is not the same anymore. I am grateful to the good people around me, my family, loved ones and friends. I continue to feel hopeful and blessed. Love and light to all.

GREAT NEWS it is day 3 and I have retained all memories. I have received so much wonderful healing energy as well as our protocol at the clinic where i work. It was a long 3 weeks for my family and loved ones here with me. I cannot express my gratitude for you well wishes and beautiful words. The swelling on my brain has finally reduced. DMSO was administered within 10 minutes of my fall which saved me. I am thankful and feel blessed to be back. Love and light to all.


mary@healingoracle.net replaces "mary@mothernatureandyou.net email address was closed down yesterday"

The original mothernatureandyou.com; before it became.net, was set up and used in association with the Genesis 11 church, when Doug and Amanda were Bishops and promoting and selling MMS. A market she and Doug thoroughly tried to exploit. Bulgaria. Czech Republic, Cyprus England, France. Greece Ireland Netherlands / Holland were all targeted.


As well as continuing to sell Gcmaf (that is if it is the real McCoy)

Sep 2nd “GcMaf available now for worldwide shipping. The cheapest starting at £119.46 plus £50 postage to £238.44 for 15,000ng Maf Spray minimum 80 sprays per unit plus postage.

Sep 1st advertising anal application of cannabis oil again

She now offering a new service, consultations at $120 a go. Guess these would be via skype etc

Also she is advising cancer patients not to use morphine. Maybe late stage cancer patients in a lot of pain should try anal cannabis instead!

Last time I posted she had issues with people in the truther movement, this time she has upset someone in the cannabis oil industry, who has left a few messages around the net stating that Doug and Amanda are scammers.

I have been told that Amanda has been seen back in the UK recently, although this has not been confirmed. Despite her publicly saying that she had been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in her absence, sadly this is not true and I guess she is able to come and go as she pleases. Although she would want to keep under the radar of trading standard, as she did not attend their interview under caution.

Also her friendship/relationship with Robert J Morris [Covered earlier in this thread] seems to be going very well. A good match!

Doug has continued to be based in Bulgaria; hopefully he is no longer manufacturing or distributing MMS.
Although he has removed himself from the internet and has kept a low profile I do know that various agencies are interested in him and his activities. In my book he is as bad if not worse than Amanda. I really wish I could explain why.
Lastly I would like to thank everybody who has taken time out to read this thread. In just over a year it has had 172689 views. Given that for 4 months from Sep 2015 until Feb 2016 no posts were made and that in the past 4 months it had had only one update, thank you for sticking with it.

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Postby Billgaria » Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:06 pm

Thank's for keeping us all informed

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Postby Malarkey » Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:34 pm

I forgot to include in earlier posts Amanda's recent fund raising efforts on behalf of her daughter Emmily [who featured on the historical Pearl and Orphanage threads and on earlier pages here} Emmily wanted people to help relocate her dog from the UK to Turkey. It would have been great if Amanda could have helped cover the cost herself rather than asking the general public.

Still it did remind someone of Emmily's previous fundraising activities for the homeless and did leave them wondering why all references to this good work had been removed from the internet. Still screen shots hold the memory of these good deeds.

Also I forgot to mention that at the beginning of last month Amanda indicated that she intended to visit Shumen around the 10th August.

Lastly there is the latest promotional video, produced by Robert J Morris [covered earlier in this thread] Were seemingly the lady who had her breast removed and ended up with her photo in the Express, tells her story and of her admiration for Amanda and the Mexican clinic.
1. http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/hea ... res-Mexico
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_Iukp6NfFE This is just under 55 minuets of hell. Warning if you are squeamish don't watch. In fact don't bother watching at it all as its offensive on so many levels. It does need a rebuttal but a synopsis is beyond me at present.

Amanda Mary Heath/Herzog/Jewell.
Successful Agent/Developer/Fund raiser/Hotel owner/Bishop and Head of an illegal Bulgarian quack medical center; / Purveyor of interesting * alternative medications and therapy's /currently a 20 years experienced Cancer expert.

Now she has separated from Doug Jewell, I Wonder what surname. Mandy/Amanda/Rosemary/Mary uses.

*Interesting to:
Tradings Standards. the MHRA, other agency's, various health groups and campaigners. A variety of media [including the BBC, tabloids, broadsheets, YouTube and other social media] As well as a number of individuals with a variety of reasons to be interested in Amanda and Doug.

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One https://www.change.org/p/jeremy-hunt-make-autistic-cures

Postby Malarkey » Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:05 pm

I am starting this post by putting in the links to Monday night BBC show Inside Out.

It covered yet another purveyor of quack autism cures and their abusive treatments.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-37460201 This explains the programmes content and links to the show

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOG2M1QrqEk This is the segment of the show that is about autism cures

Although the broadcast doesn’t have anything to do with Amanda or Doug, it does mention the BBC’s previous coverage of Leonardo Edwards [covered earlier in this thread] The Genesis 11 church member who worked for Amanda and Doug in their illegal Bulgarian medical centre and who Amanda has recently shown support of. Edwards was happy to sell and recommend industrial bleach to cure children/babies.

It has over 52 k signatures but needs to reach 100k. So please sign and ask others to do so.

The petition is highly relevant to Amanda’s and Doug’s historical involvement and support of autism cures, particularly in relation to children. Together with Amanda’s present day promotion of MMS/Gcmaf as a treatment/cure of Autism, and her outspoken support earlier this year of ;Kerri Rivera who is one of the leading exponents of the use of MMS/Gcmaf use to cure autistic children.

Amanda may have been excommunicated in 2014 from the Genesis 11 church/MMS promotion and selling network However her connections remain strong. Last year it was a Genesis 11 Seminar; held in the Jewell’s rented home, by Mark Grenon [who heads Gen 11, with Jim Humble] That coursed Trading Standards interest and resulted in national newspapers coverage. Amanda's friendship and close connections to others in this organisation and MMS in particular continues to the present day.

Bishop Doug Jewell was not excommunicated from the church/MMS selling network and Gen 11 literature did at one point state that membership was for life. Given that historically Doug was actually making MMS in Bulgaria as well as selling and distributing it. Some have been questioning just what Doug has been doing in Bulgaria since the Jewell’s illegal health and restoration/illegal clinic was shut down last year.

Amanda or as she is also known Mary has throughout this year, attracted much interest from investigative journalists and national newspapers, as well as various government authorities. However although a few articles have been published, for a variety of reasons many were not. Leading some to call her Thelon Mary

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Postby Malarkey » Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:15 am

This month the BBC is due to cover Amanda's activities and Amanda is not happy. https://www.facebook.com/amandamaryjewell 7th September.

Recently Amanda posted that her Mexican clinic had a 100 % success rate. This claim was quickly removed; but not before it was screenshot.

I guess Amanda may have remembered the the death in August of Steve Kellogg, who was treated in April by Amanda and the Mexican clinic..

This brings the known death count to 5 or 6 of Amanda's patients.

As the Bulgarian newspapers last year named two men that had died while undergoing treatment at the illegal medical center that Amanda and Doug ran in Bulgaria, there was also mention of an unnamed women who also was said by the newspapers to have died.

Then late last year there was the death of Freddie Mansfield

While the elderly lady in Ireland that Amanda was treating with gcmaf died earlier this year.

Now all these people were terminally ill and in fairness Steve is the only patient of Amanda's and the mexican clinic that is known to have died.

However if you are going to insist on testimonials as proof of success, then longevity is an important marker. Particularly if you advocate that people shun mainstream treatments.

https://mothernatureandyou.org/2016/09/ ... ssist-you/ http://archive.is/ZCKqF
The various packages [excluding costs of actual treatments] are expensive. The Diamond service program. 21 days for £4000.00 (GBP) or you could choose the Platinum package. 6 days for £1800.00 (GBP)

For anyone who remembers the Pearl or Orphanage thread, or the multiple runs in with Wesley, the following may raise an eyebrow.
When Mother Nature and You reassures potential costomers
"Umbilical cord tissue collection – We receive cord donations from healthy women. Our donors sign a consent form, fill out a detailed questionnaire, and give a blood sample. The mothers’ blood and the cord blood undergo extensive testing for HIV, STD’s, hepatitis, etc." So thats reassuring to know; when considering paying for unregulated treatments.

"For 10 ampules of stem cells which is the Rolls Royce of stem cells 75 million stem cells $7000 at our clinic."
https://mothernatureandyou.org/2016/09/ ... s-help-me/ http://archive.is/IasP8

While Gcmaf costs can be found here.
https://mothernatureandyou.org/2016/09/ ... d-pricing/ http://archive.is/jyeqi

If you cant afford any of the above you can skype Amanda for £80 per 45 min consultation.

Lastly there has been a bit of kerfuffle recently concerning Amanda's immediate family and a case of mistaken identity. Her family connections and original birth name has been known for a while. As her birth family are not known to be connected with any of Amanda or Doug's various ventures, neither myself or others have any reason to name them. Although Amanda's herself does mention several of their businesses on her facebook and mother nature and you pages.

Sadly Amanda has revised her "journey back from cancer story", and it is much poorer for the editing. Doug is no longer responsible for healing her cancer with sodium chlorite or apricot kernels. In fact removing Doug gallant deeds seems to be the reason for the edit. Still the zip wire incident is still there and a nod to the person who healed her. Which is a bit rich, but why not play fast and loose when embellishing a story. https://mothernatureandyou.org/ http://archive.is/9ECrL

Amanda's minion Robert J Morris [covered earlier in this thread] seems to have come over a bit shy and has removed most of his Facebook history; particularly for this year, which is a shame as it looks like he is covering himself rather than standing loud and proud with Amanda.
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Postby ruthie » Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:35 pm

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Postby ruthie » Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:39 pm

would be great to speak today if possible please

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Amanda Mary Jewell hits the big time in GcMaf exposure part

Postby Malarkey » Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:38 pm

Amanda and her activities are to be featured tomorrow morning at 11 am on the BBC 5 Live Investigates.

Well Amanda should be really pleased; she has hit the big time. No more are her illogical ramblings to be limited to social media but are to be broadcast by the BBC.
Amanda was concerned that the BBC may misrepresent her. So she uploaded the full interview on Tuesday 11th Oct onto YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIN6PfAnlBE.

The BBC 5 Live Investigates invited Amanda to be interview by Adrian Goldberg. Amanda eventually agreed, recorded it and then last Tuesday up loaded the interview onto the internet.
On the whole it’s just a half hour of prevarication, and illogical mumbo jumbo

Amanda introduced herself as being a cancer researcher for two decades and a holistic medication practitioner for check check check
She also said that she had researched GcMaf for 22 years.

Adrian Goldberg pointed out that the evidence/research Amanda quotes is retracted and considered bad by cancer experts/scientists.

Amanda then seemed to attempt to deliver a misinformed almost surreal lecture about cancer

At about 10 49
Q She is asked if she is currently selling Gcmaf in the UK.?
A “No I live in Mexico”

Q We have evidence that you are supplying GcMaf to the UK
A If asked by someone in the UK, Amanda would send them links of where to buy GcMaf.

By 11.09 Amanda is having a go at her and Doug’s ex GcMaf partner Lesley Hutchings. Claiming that Hutching’s GcMaf products; contains no GcMaf content.

Good to see that while on the ropes herself Amanda can divert to putting the boot into Hutchings. Amanda I applaud you.

Lesley Hutchings, who along her brother Trevor Banks went into business with the Jewell’s, once their ex-boss David Noakes GcMaf factory had shut down. The story of then what went down has been covered earlier in this thread and in detail by others elsewhere.

Q Do you sell GcMaf in the UK ?
A She can’t as she doesn’t live in the uk.

Adrian Goldberg then tells Amanda that selling GcMaf in the UK is illegal.

Amanda then diverts back to her ill-informed ramblings/ cancer researcher/ lecture mode.

Q You have describe yourself as a senior cancer researcher. What qualifications do you have? [Remember when she was a Lawyer; amongst other thing ]
A 13.04 Amanda had spent 2 years checking different trials

Q Do you have any medical training?
A.. Yes.
2 year course in autopsy and coroners.[I am not sure that I would find this reassuring if I were a prospective patient]
15 years history of working with an Oncologist. [which must have overlapped with when she was a lawyer ]
Presently working with Bio chemists, Neurosurgeons and MD’s

And so it goes on. Until after nearly 20 minutes she begins begrudgingly to admit that she has sold Gcmaf to the UK. Oops no she doesn't. At 24.07 and the end of the interview, when it was put to her for the last time that she has supplied Gcmaf to people in the UK and asked if she knew it was illegal? Amanda Mary Jewell's prevarication excelled and was almost Clintonesque meets Monty Python. .
Adrian Goldberg then interrupted her saying he didn't know what she was talking about. Eventually she stated clearly she did not sell Gcmaf from the UK at all. Clinton would have been proud.

The interesting thing is that Amanda never once asked what evidence the BBC thought they had of her illegally selling GcMaf.

Although she does say that a course of GcMAF treatment would be about £6k; although personally I do not understand why anyone would pay that much; as for ages Amanda Mary Jewell insisted MMS was the most effective cure all and costs around £20.
Bleach, unregulated/unlicensed blood plasma and stem cells from umbilical cords.
The cost may increase each time but the legality and more importantly the safety and effectiveness doesn't

The interview will have been given almost a right to reply As I guess the program's main content will be Gcmaf itself and Amanda’s illegal selling on of it, alongside the views of various experts and scientists. So Amanda’s interview will be edited and only a small part of the programme to be broadcast

I would be concerned if I were Amanda. Tradings standards and now potentially the MHRA

part 2 to follow
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Amanda Mary Jewell hits the big time in GcMAF BBC exposure 2

Postby Malarkey » Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:47 am

Well Amanda was concerned. All be it in her very own peculiar way.

So much so that she was interviewed on Thursday 14th October by Robert J Morris on his YouTube Sham radio broadcast Save the Silly Humans Project #3 - BBC vs. Amanda Mary Jewell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCfFUCmJK8I
It starts off strong with Robert J Morris ‘s [whose New world order introduction and Jeff association; follows hot on the heels of Doug’s preceding historical involvement and offers continuation to Amanda. Who by now must be a New world order/ Jeff, aficionado or at least an old hand.
Morris’s introduction promises much at the start " Searching solutions … were we will discuss the elements of a world falling apart to the persuasive techniques of the oligarchy" With ”special guests who all have special areas of interest”

Then he introduced Amanda Mary and it all went downhill from there.

By the end of the video I thought Morris could have possibly added “special needs” into his introduction. For comic effect considering he knew what was to follow.

As Amanda was rattled. The usual delusional illogical rambling content was cranked up, but even worse the broadcast was painful to listen to due to Amanda Mary Jewels very weird delivery and continuous and pronounced hesitations. I am not exaggerating.

Some were confused as to whether Amanda was a women of low intelligence; attempting to talk in an effective way to emulate gravitas or if she was plain drunk. Unkind types thought it was both.

I thought she was just winging it and attempting to give a surreal through the rabbit hole cancer lecture; of no substance and was rattled that the BBC are about to devote a programme to her illegal selling of Gcmaf; while trying to deflect from the fact.

Despite the vidioes Title being: BBC vs. Amanda Mary Jewell

Its subtitle: Amanda Mary Jewell response to BBC interview

Its further sub title: Asking Amanda Mary Jewell About her thoughts on the interview conducted by Adrian Goldberg of the BBC.

In the just over an hour long video she actually says very little;of any substance,concerning her interview with the BBC.
Which is understandable given her circumstances but why bother to make the broadcast in the first place?

Throughout Morris tried to help her out and reign her in. He at times sounded as weary and as fed up with her as the listeners.

The video's opening two Youtube comments were surprisingly honest. The first was "The way she talks is killing me man. I can't listen any longer" To which Robert J Morris replied " tell me about it...." Which was funny and shows that I was not exaggerating earlier.
Later Morris says "I recorded, edited, rendered, reviewed, uploaded, reviewed again... I've heard this several times.... lol"

She talks twaddle she made no logical sense.
Her account of the coroner stuff was creepy if real or made up.
Gcmaf illegals sales are justified because Chernobyl caused cancer!
"Hypocritical sales behind everything"
By the time she went on about potatoes and I heard Robert J Morris's response. I too wondered if she had imbibed.

However Amanda speaks normally and Morris sounds more relaxed and upbeat, when at the end of the broadcast they announced their upcoming documentary about their work and patients at the Mexican clinic. Morris says it may be a series. So she wasn't drunk and spoke normally when on safe and familiar ground that she felt in control of.

I hope that the BBC is not Amanda Mary Jewell only concern.

Part three to follow: Show time. or as Doug liked to say tick tock tick tock.
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