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Amanda comes over all philanthropic and splashes the cash!

Postby Malarkey » Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:09 am

Amanda’s comes over all philanthropic and splashes the cash! Or maybe not.

The maths don’t add up. Neither does the rational.

Amanda always state she makes no money from her present occupation in the quack industry. It does however [as did her previous enterprises] involve relieving people of their cash.

Sometimes it’s taken two to four months between my posts, mainly because sometimes I have not the stomach for certain aspects of Amanda’s activity and so I have been putting off writing this post

On the 19th October Amanda Mary announced she was offering free consultations for a limited period of 36 hrs; via phone or skype and requested that people message her with their contact details.

ON THE 20TH October she reported that she had received 117 messages from people wishing to take her up on her offer of a free one to one consultation. Amanda did add that her team were going through the 117 messages and were in the process of getting back to everyone. Presumably to arrange the time of the calls and hopefully, actually carry out many of the 172 free consultations.

As given the nature of the people’s illnesses that Amanda claims to heal and the need for self-disclosure from those seeking the consultation [long winded because I refuse to call them patients] together with the time needed for Amanda to advise/diagnose as well as explain the need /use/price of her various packages of industrial bleach/blood plasma/ umbilical cords stem cells and whatever other worthy recommendations/ homilies she has to offer.

I also guess she aimed to expand on the vastly underfunded NHS average 8 to 10 minute face to face consultation time. Also given that Amanda seems even more verbose than even myself; let’s guess at a conservative 20 minutes per call/skype

So allowing for a minimum of 20 mins x 172 one to one consultations = 3440 minutes. Divide by 60 minutes = 57 hours of talk time [which if any one person was to claim to have fitted into 36hrs; I would have been quite prepared to believe it would be Amanda] But even with her small staff team it must have been quite a task. If indeed 172 people were clamouring for the free consultation.

On the 31st of October Amanda announced that she was offering a year’s supply of Gcmaf to treat an autistic /vaccine damaged child, aged 7 years or under. In exchange she would require the parents to keep the child on a strict diet, provide her with full feedback on the child’s progress and pay monthly the “50 usd postage”
I am fairly sure that initial the offer was for children with Autism only; but I have since seen that it was also offered to children with cancer. So either I was mistaken or Amanda widened the remit.

To add insult to injury Amanda placed her promo video of Jamie Feist in the same post. The women who ended up in the Express newspaper; see previous posts. I still haven't got round to explaining why I find this video so offensive. Anyway Amanda choose to use it to give credibility to her request for a child to follow for a year.

On the 7th of Nov Amanda announced that 272 parents had applied for her free 1 year Gcmaf offer. Amanda being the kind hearted soul she is, could not turn any of them down. So she says she will supply all 272 with Gcmaf for 3 months. Adding that she would help older children once she had re filled her money pot.

I think if she has any money spare she would be better of paying her debts to the individuals she owes money to or towards the huge debt she owes the Bulgarian authorities.

As Amanda admitted in her recent BBC interview she supply’s Gcmaf as a middleman for a Japanese company [which is a relief as last year she and Doug claimed be making it with their then partners!]

The BBC pointed out that Amanda’s UK supplier sold it at a cost of £600 per month. So the UK supplier must have been taking a hefty profit
Now I know Amanda claims she makes no profit from any of her activities. So [tongue firmly in cheek] she would never put a mark-up on what the general public would pay if they were to order directly from the Japanese company themselves. I am sure Amanda would claim that she actually reduces the price down by bulk buying.

I also doubt that the children are to be given adult doses and know that it is not a product that you would be able to split a vial or spray into four etc. Also as Amanda pointed out Lesley Hutching's Maf cream contains no blood plasma, so the children won't be getting that.

So let’s do the maths [forgetting exchange rates]

According to Amanda's Gcmaf price list. From sep 2016. The cheapest and weakest gcmaf she sells is

500ng Maf Spray with a minimum 80 sprays per unit
COSTING £119.46 EURO 160 $173.79

So one spray per day would mean there would be no treatment for the last 10 days; but leaving cynicism aside, maybe a spray twice a week and the restricted diet will treat/cure autism/cancer. No I can't do it, it's not working, cynicism rules. Even if you uses the spray daily it is never going to treat/cure anything, it will however successfully reduce your bank balance.

So £119.46 x 3 = 358.38 x 272 parents = £97,479.36
EU 160 x 3 = 480 x " " = E 130,560
$170.79 x 3 = 512.23 x " " = $139,364.64

The weakest cheapest vial she sell is priced as follows 1,000ng Maf Vial
2.5ml/cc in each vial

£152.92 x 3 = £458.76 x 272 parents = £124,782.72

E204.80 x 3 = E1,214.4 x " " = E330,316.8

$222.42 x 3 = $667.26 x " " = $181.494.72

Anything stronger and in a larger quantity obviously increases the price.

Now lets lets look at the monthly postage costs Amanda says the parents will have to pay. $50 x 3 months $150 x 272 parents = $40.800

I won’t write my initial suspicions as to what could be going on; but you could just see what was coming next.

As it was not long before her followers were suggesting she fund raise to help pay for her philanthropic endeavours. The comments did make me smile, as one person even suggested and advised Amanda on how to use Gofundme. As if Amanda was not already fully aware of how to generate funds this way. See earlier on this thread for Amanda’s and her clients use of Gofundme.

Then after some more encouragement from her followers came the kicker.

“If this will help fund GcMaf for some children aged 7-14 years old and help fund people to come to the center it would be a dream come true. I would appreciate if you could write something. I didn't actually realize that funding the children that i have committed to will cost me over #70,000usd but somehow i will manage this. #Karma is wonderfully kind. Something beautiful always happens to make things possible. I appreciate any help raising funds as much as possible. You are a shining star and i thank you. Love and light Amanda Mary” 8 November at 18:10

# $70,000 divide by 3 months = $23.333 divide by 272 parents = $85.78 cost per month per child. The cheapest item Amanda sells is the spray at $170.79 We know she makes no profit so there cannot have been a markup on cost of the spray and the price difference is so large it can't be explained by bulk buying discount; which Amanda has said in the past she does anyway.
So its a mystery; I am just pleased that at these cost it seems unlikely any child will be receiving gcmaf injections. If any of this is true I would be more concerned by the likes of Amanda/Mary putting 272 children on a restricted diet.

#There are many people in the queue, waiting for Amanda and Doug to get the Karma they deserve.

The whole of Doug’s and Amanda’s Bulgaria exploits have yet to come out but I assure you that they all run along the same lines as the initial apartment sales and the “orphanage" stuff and involve huge figures
Also I haven't written part two of Doug your wallet, his credibility or another post I have intended to write for some time called Where there's a will there's a way; concerning Doug, a forged will and a court case.

As bad as all this is, for me it is their reincarnation as a “healers” that is the worst. To be honest I would have stopped ages ago if Amanda had not repeatedly promoted her illegal products towards children and autistic children in particular. Or her continued vocal support of Kerri Rivera. the queen of bleaching autistic children via MMS

No child should be given an unregulated blood plasma product full stop. Let alone to treat autism! or as Amanda is starting to call it "vaccine damaged" Although in fair play a spray of blood plasma although absorbed into the skin does not sound any were near as bad as the Gcmaf injectable that Amanda; as Senior cancer researcher and Holistic practitioner at the Flower of Health Cancer healing Center in Puebla Mexico, at times recommends.

I notice Amanda no longer uses the correct Spanish name for the clinic and the link to it has been removed from her facebook page. Maybe Dr Jose Luis Romo [or as he was previously known Jose Luis Romo Razo] of the La flor de la Salud didn't like Amanda's recent exposure in the Express newspaper or by the BBC 5 Live show. [See earlier in this this thread]

The 7th of Nov was like buses used to be, when it was said you would wait for ages and three would come together. And so it was for Amanda for her fundraising for others.

As Amanda then appealed for funding for a 4 year old girl https://www.gofundme.com/KhloeMarie4. This initially seemed to be Amanda acting out of no interest of her own and she seemed to have no involvement aside from highlighting the plight of a little girl with kidney cancer. The gofundme appeal was started in Sep and is seeking to raise $50,000. Amanda really pushed this appeal and for once it really did seem that she had no self-interest.

Then the kicker came, not only was Amanda wanting to treat the child at her Mexican clinic but also..
“I have a little 4 year old girl that will benefit from coming to the clinic, she has kidney cancer and her family really need help. She is just 4 years of age and is named khloe, I wish that i had more finances to help this young little one. I would love to help more children. Is there a volunteer that will help me set up a general fund and be in control of any funding raised? I would prefer to give someone else the job of helping me with this. People can be so sceptical so if the funds are held by a trusted 3rd party and there is 100% transparency of funds we can help so many more people. Anyone up for helping me with this that is good with words and can help with crowd funding for many others? 7 November at 21:56 · Edited”

So Khloe is used to support a wider appeal and the wider appeal is linked to Khloe. Amanda was always good at marketing.

I am just glad that Amanda has chosen to allegedly spend $70.000 on apparently supplying Gcmaf spray to 272 children; rather than fronting the alleged $50.000 needed to treat the 4 year old, at her mexican clinic. Where the child could be treated with injectable Gcmaf and umbilical cord stem cells etc. As ill as this child is presented as being, the last thing she needs is to be treated by "mother nature" Amanda.

I can see why Amanda thinks that some maybe sceptical.

How many remember the three year debacle concerning the Stoikite “orphanage” fund; played out on Mybulgaria and other forums. Or the hassle the other two legitimate fundraisers went through.

It is a coincidence but only recently the Stoikite fundraising issues were raised again. As it seems that there were some issues that may not have come to light at the time but which were found on the internet recently and may prove interesting to the authorities if there is any truth to them and they were not just brags of Amandas that had no actual bases. The authorities are keen to build a picture of Doug's and Amanda's various historical endeavours. The stuff that has recently come to light has nothing to do with the the money raised or the third of the money (12k) that Amanda provided receipts for [although there were plenty of people that were not so happy about the costings of the work carried or of the standard of the actual receipt Amanda eventually provided] But are to do with other issues that the fundraisers would have been unaware of. Although as I have said these issues may not actually exist and could be down to Amanda bragging. I should be able to clarify the situation very soon.

I should like to point out that once it was clear the “orphanage” was to be closed that the two thirds of the money raised was spent wisely and was fully accounted for by the other two fundraisers and that Amanda and Doug’s account of the 12k and the receipt for the works was begrudgingly accepted at the time.

Now for the last bus.

For the third time on the 7 November Amanda appealed for the public. This time to help fundraise for a father of two children. https://www.gofundme.com/CureForChris $70k goal.
Amanda stated the money was needed for him to “come to our clinic”.
So there we have it. Three appeals; all on the same day.

It does strike me as quite odd just how many of Amanda/Marys patients use gofundme to pay for treatment at her centre. [See earlier in this thread ] I have looked but cannot see the other clinics operating or appealing like this or on this level.
Why is the general public being asked to fund those treated by Amanda?

I suppose in Amanda's current chosen profession the words quack and scam are batted around frequently. Maybe it would have been better if she had just stayed a lawyer.

I feel very sorry for Khloe the 4 year old child with kidney cancer as one of Amanda’s followers suggested she had try MMS.[Industrial bleach] and Amanda replied that Khloe had used it but it hadn’t worked.

I am concerned that the child may be exposed to stem cells as well as Gcmaf if the parents manage to raise the $50,000.

Also remembering back to Amanda/Mary’s and Mark Grenon’s boasts about how when they had first opened the illegal clinic in Pamporovo, they had cured a man of HIV using MMS/bleach, doesn't inspire me with confidence in Amanda's products or any of her claims to heal. Remember she also told BBC 5 Live she had a 100% success rate using Gcmaf.


Lastly maybe not to be out done one of Doug’s LinkedIn accounts blows his own philanthropic good deed’s trumpet. Well he hits bum two notes.
<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/douglas-william-jewell-57490932?authType=OPENLINK&authToken=sKuo&locale=en_US&srchid=4978764251480354123841&srchindex=1&srchtotal=1&trk=vsrp_people_res_name&trkInfo=VSRPsearchId%3A4978764251480354123841%2CVSRPtargetId%3A115723240%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary%2CVSRPnm%3Atrue%2CauthType%3AOPENLINK">Linkedin</a>

For the first. He names Stokite “orphanage” where he “up grading facility and supporting kids” [his written English being a kin to Amanda’s. I know, I know mine at times is not much better]
And in Jan 2007 he helped …”supplying them with clothes, shoes etc etc also upgraded heating and shower rooms.” and he gave one “16 year old an education in engineering” It is curious he doesn’t mention the the amount of money the public raised to pay/enable his good deeds.Or the huge amount of donations the public made providing clothing and shoes.

Secondly for a number of years he treated people for free. Curiously he dates this “Free health” as starting in May 2008 when he “Treated people for free with natural treatments for many years, never charged anyone a penny for treatment or product. Successful with treatments many times” So that may explain the delays in the completion of Pearl Lodge and some of its other problems. Doug was busy healing people.

He doesn't refer to the years he was a bishop for genesis 11 church/bleaching businesses. Or when he was actively producing and selling MMS from Bulgaria. Nor is 2015 when he and Amanda claimed to have made vast amounts of Gcmaf. or when later when 1000 bottles went missing All documented thoroughly.
People have told me several stories concerning Doug’s healing but I cannot write about hearsay. I can however believe it.

Well Robert J Morris recent activities will have to wait for another time. As he has recently started to refer to himself as RJM.; maybe hanging around with Amanda is diminishing.

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Postby Malarkey » Wed Dec 21, 2016 12:40 pm

I see that Amanda and Robert J Morris are now back in Pamporovo.
I for one wish Mandy and Bob the christmas they deserve.

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Re: Up date on people; old forum users will remember

Postby Malarkey » Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:44 pm

Two posts ago I wrote about Amanda’s three appeals for cash. To enable an adult and child to attend the clinic in Mexico and thirdly her wider request for someone to help her to fundraise on a more general basis.

I pointed out that Amanda had dropped her link to Flor De la Salud from her Mother and Nature and You pages and on her own Facebook page had replaced its correct spelling to Flor Dela Salud. Thus ensuring the link does't work.

I speculated that Dr Jose Luis Romo may have had enough of Amanda/Mary and the negative media exposure that she brought to herself and the clinic. Although I do not know if that was the actual reason. I do know that shortly after her financial appeals she did indeed part company from the Mexican clinic.

I had initially wondered if the clinic shuts down between Dec to Feb/March. But it doesn't seem that Amanda's absence is temporary.

Either way the subjects of the Gofund me appeal’s that so urgently needed to be treated at the Mexican clinic, seem to have a bit of a wait if they had managed to raise the money needed to be treated by Amanda/Mary and if they did raise the cash the treatment would not be at the Mexican clinic.

Whether she knew that she would be leaving as she placed the appeals or if her departure was sudden or unplanned is not known.
If she was aware she was leaving then her fundraising activities in November were even more cynical than they appeared at the time.

Anyway since then Amanda has presented herself as a sort of international “alternative” [unqualified] medical practitioner travelling the world treating private patients

To this end she stated she was in Kuwait on 4th Dec posted pictures of herself posing in what she said was appropriate clothing. She reassured her followers that “I have not converted to Islam” http://archive.fo/zVMTw

Then followed a quick return to Mexico, before leaving on 14th Dec with Robert J Morris for Bulgaria. Were Amanda’s eldest daughter was thought to join them.

On the 29 December 2016 Amanda posted a photo of herself with Dawn Edwards at Hotel Radisan. Sofia, Bulgaria Posing in front of a nativity scene http://archive.fo/CqyjN [Dawn Edwards is the sister of the infamous Genesis 11 member Leonardo Edward’s , whose media coverage can be found earlier in this thread]

I was not sure that this was a recent picture from 2016 or an old photo being reused. However Amanda has made me so cynical about anything she posts or says that my instinct may well be wrong.

For a while I even thought that she it was possible that she had left Robert J Morris in Bulgaria and had herself slipped back into the UK to spend the actual Christmas celebrations with some of her other 16 to 18 children [she changes the number so much I cannot keep up with the count] As I say she has made me cynical my suspicions may have been wrong.

By the 5th January Amanda and Robert J Morris claimed they were leaving Bulgaria for Amsterdam.

Amanda placed an advert on her Mother Nature and You page for a nurse to travel with her to Kuwait on the 10th of January for 21 days. This has since been removed but screen shots rule.

By 15th Jan she announced she was back in Kuwait, Her comments included “I will do a very large seminar next week” and “i do feel safer for the time i am here “ Presumably big pharma’s killing arms don’t stretch to Kuwait.
"Seminar" is Genesis 11 parlance although whether the course was held in association with them or if indeed a seminar actually took place is unknown. http://archive.fo/vgo2z http://archive.fo/cCYDI

On the 18th Jan she was complaining “That there is no freedom of speech anymore. Holistic doctors are being murdered. I am being threatened again” and gave a link to nut news, which yet again had covered the non-story.

This did make me think, as Amanda and her ilk do so much damage to the reputation of genuine holistic /alternative practitioners that maybe holistic community is more likely to be an actual threat to her, than big pharma is in her imagination :)

By the 19th of Jan she was back to the subject of autism.

“There is no such condition as ''Autism'' It is 100% VACCINE DAMAGE! I have spent more than 3 years appealing for just 1 child whom is none vaccinated diagnosed with ""Autism'' I have searched far and wide in all countries and to date NOT 1 case found!” Which I find to be offensive bunkum.

Once my initial dismay and anger at Amanda's above quoted post subsided.

For some perverse reason " Been around the world and I, I, I I can't find my baby, I don't know when, I don't know why" came to mind.
Not being used to intrusive jingles going around in my head nor being a great nor a fan of Lisa Stansfield; together with shear unfortunate/bad taste snippet of the lyrics, given some of the content covered earlier in this thread; I am thinking of Leonardo Edwards. The following offered light relief :) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science ... worms.html

On the 27th Jan she had a go and lied about a colleague of Fiona O Leary [The tired less campaigner against autistic quake cures, particularly those against children.]
Amanda was stirred up because Fiona’s colleague had taped and made public a conversation with Amanda;
were Amanda having received very little information of substance agreed to treat at the Mexican clinic a grandmother with cancer; for the ball park figure of £20,000 [for 3 weeks accommodation and treatment] Amanda repeatedly insisted she would treat women's autistic grandchild at the clinic for free. http://archive.fo/kHxGE

On the 28th Feb Amanda Posted miss information concerning Abortion and Cancer.

“Did you know that if a woman has a single abortion in her life her risk of developing breast cancer jumps to 30%. The overall risk was 44% HIGHER than those who have not had an abortion. (If you are indigenous, woman of color, you have a 600% greater chance.” http://archive.fo/oYFvj

Even some of her followers couldn’t stomach this “That seems pretty extreme and draws everything you are saying into serious question. I can't find anything that supports what you are saying” and gave the link to https://www.cancer.org/.../abortion-and-breast-cancer.

Then there was the post were she stated “Chemotherapy is the biggest thief of life known to man”

Lastly on the 1st Feb Amanda wrote that Her daughter aged 5 had told her teacher that her mummy was the richest women in the world because she is rich from the love from her 16 children. Amanda has been very quiet about her “children” for quite a while. But many will remember how much she used to use them in her publicity spin.

So ends the roundup of some of Amanda’s recent activities.

There has been no up date on the 272 children Amanda said she was supplying with three months of Gcmaf and which she would be covering the $70.000 cost of [with the proviso that the parents pay $50 per month post and packaging.] If the 272 exist it is hoped no child received the blood plasma product or that the parents were asked to pay in advance for the $50 per month post and packaging. As $150 x 272= $40,800. You get my thinking.


I revisited this page in May 2017 to add links. However much had been removed from it's original source. The links may have gone but I do have copies of the original material that I am writing about and commenting on and that supports everything I post; for this page and the rest on this thread.


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Drama and intrigue

Postby Malarkey » Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:57 pm

2nd post of the day.

Amanda says she is setting up in Belize 2nd Feb
The matter of a UK oxygen tank 13th Feb
Amanda’s drama in Canada 15th Feb

So working backwards

15th Feb Yesterday Amanda claimed that she had been refused entry into Canada and that Canadian immigration wanted to deport her back to the UK, due to her outstanding problems with Trading Standards
Amanda claimed that Canadian officials were waiting for her and that although they intended sending her back to the UK, she no intention of returning and will be returning to Mexico instead.

The drama with the Canadian authorities may or may not be true. However it is interesting that it came on the tail of a now deleted post, that made some think she was actually plying her trade in the UK.
Many are aware of Amanda’s history of ability to create diversion, spin and drama when she is in difficulties. So the jury is out.

As on the 13th Feb she had advertised for help in getting access to an oxygen tank in the UK, in order to fill a small canister. One of her followers made a suggestion, to which Amanda replied that the advice was no good, as what had been recommended required a prescription from a GP and asked for other ideas as she had run out of them.

She then was advised to try a construction safety company and that she buys industrial [!] to which she could then add a pediatric regulator and lastly the gas would not be 100% pure, but fine for many applications.

Someone else recommended robbing an ambulance. Which I guess was a joke.

From the above it did seem that Amanda was “treating or helping to treat” someone in the UK and could quite possibly be physically in the UK herself. When someone asked he were she was she declined to answer!

On the 2nd of Feb Amanda had posted “ Goodbye Kuwait. Hello Dubai. Canada next. Belize “
As usual it is hard to determine what is true or not .http://archive.fo/GHUG6

In a another post of the 2nd Feb Amanda announced that she was setting up Belize
Where she was “in negotiations to secure a wonderful resort as a healing center” and gave a link to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbSVO4qoTnE Bamboo Beach Resort in Copper Bank, Belize, Central America.
A google search showed that the resort was/is? on the market for $750.000. Now “ negotiating to secure” doesn’t necessarily mean buy. But if that is what she means it would make one wonder just how much money she has made from her reinvented career as a cancer researcher/practitioner and her sales and use of MMS, Gcmaf and Stem Cells.
It is known that Amanda has managed to reduce her debt to the Bulgarian authorities by 2/3rds, but I doubt that she has made enough to buy the Belize resort. At least I hope that she hasn’t. So maybe she has found a partner or is planning to rent it?

Originally she wrote that first program to train/heal would run in April.

However by the 6th Feb her plans for the result became more grandiose and the date pushed forward.

As she was opening the “world’s largest holistic certified training and healing center” and had places for 40 students on a 21 days course, starting on the 1st June 2017. The students are to have their own skills in Holistic healing and Amanda will only accept only one student per skill.
The course will be fully certified and cost $3000 per person, including accommodation and three meals a day. Amanda goes on to recommend booking early as places are limited.
40 places offered at $3000 per person makes a potential income $120,000; not bad for running a 3 week course.

It is a bit confusing as to where Amanda aims to house the 40 trainees. As Bamboo Beach Resort only has a 1 bedroom house and 6 guest-cabanas/huts. So maybe the accommodation will be elsewhere.

The grandiose claims just grew and grew as by the 15th Feb
Amanda stated that she would be working alongside “MD's, surgeons and a whole host of main stream medical professionals” and that her aim was” to build a hospital where holistic practices and mainstream medicine work under one roof in harmony”.

These claims followed once one of her followers questioned the suitability setting a medical center in Belize , questioning the availability of insurance and local hospitals should a terminally ill patient under Amanda’s care need either.

I wonder how the Belize will react to Amanda setting up shop there.
As in July 2015.the Dominica’s were not welcoming when she planned to set up there See the comments section in July 2015. http://dominicanewsonline.com/news/home ... -straight/

Lastly I remembered the sort Florida course that Amanda cancelled last February offering those booked free access to it or their money back. Well I hoped that they all opted for the cash as the much mentioned site is still not completed Although Robert J Morris’s radio station that’s being constructed for it, is also underway.
Amanda and Robert have acquired their own server to facilitate the Healing Oracle site.
Amanda has yet another a new email address.

In 2016 both Doug and Amanda sold companies they owned [separately]
Indeed Doug's Bulgarian companies and his business partners made interesting reading.
I am hoping in the near future I will be able to write in full about the extent of Amanda's Bulgarian business's .

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Re: Up date on people; old forum users will remember

Postby oldtimer » Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:04 am

If you had not known about these people at the beginning, and you had just started reading all about our Amanda/Mary you would think you were reading a fiction book.

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Oh Happy Days

Postby Malarkey » Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:27 pm


Recently there have been arrests in the UK and abroad. I cannot give any details for legal reasons as I do not want to say anything that would impede the court cases that are to follow.

Amanda and Doug not arrested, but the arrests included those who have been involved with the Jewell's "medicinal" practices.

SEE http://www.leparisien.fr/faits-divers/n ... 711987.php

*Its interesting that Amanda has recently stopped publicly mentioning/promoting Gcmaf or MMS.
Possibly for the following reasons.

1. On going interest from the authorities
2. She doesn't want the same negative reaction as she sets up in Belize, that Dominicans gave her and Doug in 2015 when she announced she was opening up shop there. Having swiftly vacated the UK following the visit from tradings standards.

If she were the Real Deal, she would be able to be based in the Home Counties not Belize.

* EDIT No such luck as on the 22nd March Mother Nature and You announced it's new Gcmaf pricing. The link lead to the old 2016 products and pricing. http://archive.is/jyeqi

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Re: Up date on people; old forum users will remember

Postby albaniabananas » Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:53 am

What is the benefit of posting all this on a BG forum? Are you active on other forums too? You must also have a lot of proof about these people. Have you informed the BG authorities?

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Re: Up date on people; old forum users will remember

Postby ChrisF » Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:46 am

The clue is in the title an update for OLD forum members on a long-running story. (Some of use have been members for over ten years).
Possibly of no interest at all to very new members like yourself

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Postby Malarkey » Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:58 pm

In my last post I wrote

“Recently there have been arrests in the UK and abroad. I cannot give any details for legal reasons as I do not want to say anything that would impede the court cases that are to follow. Amanda and Doug not arrested, but the arrests included those who have been involved with the Jewell's history in "alternative" quack cures.

1. I can now name one of those involved as Lesley Hutchings daughter has made a go fund me appeal to pay for her mother’s legal expenses and which cheekily carries an advertising logo for Lesley’s Maf Active. To say that the Gofundme appeal is disingenuous would be an understatement.
https://gogetfunding.com/lesleys-legal-fund/ http://archive.is/g1u40

Poor Lesley worked 70 hrs per week, making little to no money helping those in need while living in a small house with her partner.

Although I found it heartening to read [due to her historical; merciless promotion and sales to cure autism particularly in relationship to children] “Please help my mum stay out of jail...she would rather die than go back to jail… Four days in jail was the worst time of her life.

”It explains that “Due to the nature of the allegations, all her money and assets have been confiscated” and that they aim to raise €130,000 to cover the legal costs and associated expenses.

So it can only be guessed that Lesley’s partner’s property renovation business makes no income or not enough to help fund her defense. Maybe he is as philanthropic as Lesley’s is and he only works for the benefit of his clients. It will take about nine months before she is in court you would have hoped he could have covered some of costs rather than Lesley having to rely on public’s purse.

It was touching to see Old Mother Nature/ Teflon Mary/ Amanda Mary Jewell spring to the defense of her one time business partner;[ although Lesley denied any involvement claiming the partnership was between the Jewell's and her brother Trevor Banks] but Lesley came out fighting when the partnership went wrong; although many at the time thought her to to be a fake adversary. After admonishing Hutchings for lying to the public [ Lesley's Maf cream had no Gc and consisted of Emu oil and peptides rather than human plasma]

Amanda did n''t like the public being lied to and took well to taking the hypocritical moral high ground. God knows she can't get the opportunity very often. Having finished her telling off. Amanda explained that Lesley was in trouble for none compliance and improper registration and nothing to do with the integrity or safety of the creams. That Lesley selflessly and lovingly made at her own kitchen table.

Amanda asks that the public help Lesley fund her legal fees by paying into the daughters pay pall account. Amanda always like to be at the center of things and insinuated that it all her own idea and undertaking. "We looked into an online funding company but feel that could actually course more issues for Lesley" and "Lesley has no knowledge of this.This is coming from me...we have been in touch with her daughter to set this program up and have verified that she is her daughter" WOW, Amanda concerned with due diligence!
Amanda concludes "... please send any contributions to ___@hotmail.co."

Hutchings daughter must have chosen to go her own way as she did indeed set up the Gofundme legal appeal. Whether Amanda's /the daughters Hotmail account is taking money I do not know.

Lesley Hutchings own account of what what had happened and why was some what different to her daughters Gofundme account or Amanda's financial appeal on her behalf. http://mafactive.com/
Sadly in 2018 the link has gone and the domain is up for sale http://archive.is/0toHx

"The pharma equivalent of the protein used in the cream is undergoing trials and will soon become available at a much higher cost. This is an alliance between pharma / Israel govts / USA govts. The trials of this pharma protein started in 2014, the persecution of all things related to gcmaf started in February 2015. The end date of the trails, after which it can be marketed is May 2017. All competition MUST be extinguished before then." What followed next could have been written by Amanda; if only it had been misspell "I am glad to be out of it alive. They will launch their new product at any cost to human life. This is why I am facing a 5 year jail term with unbelievable charges, for making a cosmetic that harmed no one. There was never any issues with the cream, never a single complaint, never a single mention of anything to the public liability insurance that I had" So there you are big pharma done it.
2.By strange coincidence the following media coverage of certain other arrests appeared around the same time as Lesley's own.

http://www.ouest-france.fr/normandie/sa ... he-4819981
http://www.leparisien.fr/faits-divers/n ... 711987.php
http://www.normandie-actu.fr/trafic-med ... en_257410/
http://actu.orange.fr/societe/fait-dive ... DEqKz.html
http://www.normandie-actu.fr/trafic-med ... en_257410/

Long and short of it is that the above articles report that two British men; who were members of an international net work have been arrested; accused of the international trafficking of unauthorized medicines and undeclared cosmetics, namely Gcmaf and Goleic. False claims were made that the quack remedies cure cancer, alzheimer’s, autism and various other conditions. Spurious testimonies claimed tumors were; in a short space of time, reduced by 60%.

In 18 months over 5400 sales were made to over 50 countries via a website and promoted on Facebook.
The quake cures sold cost up to 500 Euro for a few milliliter in a flasks and were marketed by a company called Immuno Biotech or First Immune depending were they were sold and payments went to a bank account in Guernsey. [ WHICH AT A CONSERVATIVE FIGURE WOULD MEAN AN INCOME OF 1,620,000 EUROS WITHIN 18 MONTHS. OR 2,700,000 EURO'S OR MORE. If you take into account the complaints on the companies website since the arrests, one person said that they had paid over *$23000 but have not received their Gcmaf. So some of the 5400 packages would have contained more than one flask. I have always been curious about Amanda's income from quack cures but even as an agent, I can see why she moved on from MMS; equivalent to industrial bleach]

Two illegal “laboratories were found on a farm in in Digosville (Manche) and 320,000 Euros have been confiscated since the arrests.

One the article's mentions a man and women being arrested, I am not sure if this refers to Lesley or not.

* https://www.facebook.com/pg/FirstImmune/reviews/?ref=page_internal People not getting their Gcmafof In 2018 the link has gone but I have the screen shots

3. More arrests connected to the above and that confirm the information that a second informant gave me concerning another man who was arrested in but cannot be named for legal reasons.

http://guernseypress.com/news/2017/02/2 ... cmaf-firm/

A man and women were arrested for money laundering activities in Lower Pollet Guernsey following a law enforcement raid on the 22nd of February of the premises of Immuno Biotech. The article goes on to say that the companies CEO David Noakes could not be contacted on 22nd February.

I could write loads about Noakes and his Gcmaf history, clinics, associates and their frightening exploitation of autism; to their connection to the yogurt that cures HIV but I won’t as it would be too long and would only be a regurgitation of other people’s work. SEE my favorite blogger and who I have recommended before this thread and who I have a bit of a brain crush for Clyde Smut, Gimp Masks of the Illuminati http://eusa-riddled.blogspot.co.uk/2015 ... inati.html. Smut has done loads of other articles concerning the Gcmaf and its associated gallery of gritters; and his links are fantastic.

2006 UKIP leadership contender David Noakes Yep for those that thought Farage was bad enough; it could have been a whole lot worse.
Ukip 'spent cash meant for MEPs' - Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk › News › UK News Feb 25, 2007 Which is worth a read in its own right but for our purposes I include it because it contains my favorite summery of David Noakes

“.Mark Croucher, a senior activist and former Ukip director of communications, described Mr Noakes as "a swivel-eyed loon whose insane conspiracy theories make the rest of us look as mad as a box of frogs... so good riddance. He should really be locked up in a secure unit.”
Which I think was a fair and accurate assessment.

Just to remind people what all of the above has to do with Amanda Mary Jewell and Douglas Jewell and what implications it has for the pair.

As readers of this thread may remember. Lesley Hutchings and her brother Trevor Banks worked for the notorious David Noakes. Whose Gcmaf factory/lavatory was shut in early 2015 by the British and Guernsey authorities. The authorities also stated that the blood derived plasma, being used to make the quack product was found to be marked not fit for human use and their “product” was being made in an unfit environment for such manufacture.

Once Noakes operation was shut down Banks and Hutchings went straight into partnership with Doug and Amanda Mary Jewell. Doug and Amanda yet again claimed that their lives were in danger from big pharma due to the vast amounts of Gcmaf they had manufactured and that their wide scale production would reduce its cost to the public . Thus making it available to a wider audience.
Thus firstproengenineering.com was set up the domain being registered at an address used previously by the Jewell's and the bank account set up to receive the payments for the Gcmaf was Trevors.

So cosy was the relationship and business partnership that when Amanda Mary Jewell's life was in danger from tradings standards due to the MMS meeting Amanda had held for Mark Grenon in her UK home in Farnham. Then from big pharma due to the huge amount of Gcmaf She and Douglas Jewell claimed to have made. Was it really Noakes's Gcmaf or the Gcmaf Dr Douglas William Jewell had brought from the Japanese company Saisei Mirai, yes you read it correctly Doug passed himself off as a Dr when he placed his order in 2015] that the Jewell's and the brother and sister duo Trevor and Lesley were already busy plastering promotions of all over the cancer but mainly autism forums, getting ready to sell.

So it was not surprising that Trevor and Lesley jumped to Amanda Mary Jewell's defense and wrote supported messages in the comments sections of the various blogs that covered the pseudo drama. There are so many to choose from but I think the insincerity of this one is my favorite. http://archive.is/Mefsr
" Trevor Banks said August 1, 2015 at 10:01 am
Dear Amanda…..what a sad sick word this can be. You and Doug coached me and my father through his prostate cancer last year. Thanks to you he is not only cancer free but is fitter than he has been for years and able to look after his disabled wife.
Things could be so different today…..you charged not one single penny for your time.
We cannot thank you enough Mary….you are an angel. Much love, light and protection Trevor & family xx"
Trevor's touching appreciation of Amanda's care for his father came from http://transgallaxys.com/~kanzlerzwo/in ... 58.0;nowap http://archive.is/S0wlX

So Amanda managed to heal were the man's own children had failed. Lesley in her capacity as provider of mafactive healing potions and employee of Noakes; the UK's Gcmaf producer extraordinaire, or even Trevor who had also worked for Noakes and who had been expounding the virtues of Gcmaf for a number of years. Sometimes BS is touching. You may not be able to polish it but you can varnish it.

So with firstproengenineering.com set up. Lesley and Amanda then heavily promoted their Gcmaf all over the internet; particularly to autism groups and I mean heavily promoted. However once customers started to make payments, a second identical website appeared firstproengenineering.eu It’s only difference was the last two letters of its www ended in .eu rather than.com and that it's bank account details were the Jewell's and not Trevor's

Many people did not notice that it was a replica site and used it to make payments for Gcmaf. However many who had purchased through the.com site did not receive their expensive quack cures and they took to the various forums it had been promoted in and complained bitterly. It was then explained to them that by the Jewell’s that 2000 vials had been made but that 1000 had been confiscated at customs when Amanda had attempted fly them to the UK. Which Lesley vehemently denied only the really gullible could have believed.

There then was; what seemed a staged, falling out between the two pairs, Banks and Hutchings blaming Doug and Amanda Mary Jewell while the Jewell’s blamed the brother and sister duo. Think WWE wrestling but without the entertainment value.For a taste of Dougs support of Amanda [ which exist thanks to Fiona and Smut]
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Jwmom8JEDdM/V ... /drama.PNG
http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-CT56-MDSoPs/V ... drama4.PNG
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-oinw2rhiR90/V ... drama2.PNG
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-uGDdK_bNlwo/V ... drama3.PNG

The Lamb that so splendidly covered all this at the time, particularly Trevor and Lesleys version of things] got slaughtered soon after and was forced to remove himself from the fray. He also wrote the infamous blog "from porn star to cancer researcher" Which I really did not agree with at the time but in hindsight now feel differently about.

Indeed one of my informants told me that the four met up in France sometime after the falling out was meant to have occurred. Which if true would seem to support the suspicion that the falling out was a staged drama. Staged drama being one of Amanda’s consistencies over the 10 years since she first introduced herself as a lawyer on this site.

Soon after this debacle Lesley and her brother Trevor split their business in two and went their separate ways.
Lesley got to keep Maf active and remained in France concentrating on her pseudo non plasma creams and various other expensive potions. Her toothpaste was an eye watering 45 Euros and has to be used within 6 weeks and her other potions ever increase in price. I cant write much about what is known about Hutchings due to the court case.

Following the brother and sisters apparent business separation. Trevor Banks got to keep Cyto Innovations and used it to set up a business partnership made in hell. As he married his Gcmaf with Kerri Riviera's MMS. http://archive.is/8TP6r and http://archive.is/tOoOA

The same women who wrote the book "Healing Autism" which was solely concerned bleaching children with MMS. Be it orally, anally or by bathing in it; usually involving all three applications. The Genesis 11 church who promoted the "protocol " were by autistic children should have 4 MMS enemas a day on a full moon, Riveria was their harpy. [Christmas day 2015 would have been joyless for those children being"treated"]

This is the women Banks choose to team up with. So now the kids could be subjected to bleach and Gcmaf. Together Banks and Riviara " launched Cyto Innovations products in Latin America. In the spirit of research and humanitarianism we have 3 products available to our Latin American customers at prices lower than anywhere else in the world." and they did charging $125 for 250 ng drops of Gcmaf.

We have to hope unlike Noakes they actually followed Lesley's lead and left the blood derived plasma out. The products were mainly aimed at treating/curing autistic children and the testimonials were tailored to this end. http://gcmaf.la/en/immune-dysregulation ... stimonials. and seem to date from around May 2015 until some time in 2016. Apparently Gcmaf use made a non verbal child speak and "Thank you Trevor Banks!!!! I thank god everyday for Kerri Rivera CD and GCMAF! We have our daughter back and we are so close to recovery!!!!" was a typical example.

The evil Mexican based bleaching Genesis 11 queen Kerri is covered earlier in this thread and Amanda has always paid her up most respect; almost to the point of being in awe of her. Riviera eventually left Mexico for Germany and I hope that the Banks/Riviera partnership ended there. Although the website is still up! I am banning on about this because I want to make it quite clear about Amanda's various partners and involvement.

Amanda was still desperate enough a few months ago, to treat an autistic child, that she insisted she would do it for free. What she promotes for people dying of cancer is bad enough but what she and others are prepared to do to children is actual abuse, although Amanda herself says she doesn't subscribe to the anal bleaching. Other than that anything goes. Amanda was still talking about MMS not working on a particular child in November last year and who she wanted to treat, in the Mexican clinic last year.

So much for Amanda Mary and Douglas Jewell’s business partners, as I said in my last post it is no surprise that recently Amanda has stopped publicly promoting her various quack cures. Although I cannot confirm what is written or promoted on her Healing Oracle site which has its own server.

Still no update from her concerning the 274 children, she claimed last November to be providing 3 months Gcmaf for free and which she claimed was costing her $70,000. I hope than none of the supposed 274 parents paid up front the $50 per month Amanda required for postage or packaging.

Please don’t be miss lead into thinking that all Amanda’s ventures are just financial scams because not all are. She has actually treated very ill people with industrial bleach, spurious blood plasma and stem cells from umbilical cord tissue and she has kept close ties with many other charlatans in the quack industry; particularly those of the MMS network that is Genesis 11 "church".

Google Amanda Mary Jewell autism and most of the previous content has been sanitized gone; but 10 pages still come up

Lastly Davied Noakes “ Gcmaf scientist” came out in support of Gcmaf and in turn Amanda and gave her address as being in Bournemouth, which at the time I thought was just a flaky PR advertising stunt . Amanda insisted she sold Gcmaf as an agent for a Japaneses company but I am not so sure and now wished I had checked it out at the time.

It was interesting to learn that Lynda Thyer siblings are Trevor Banks and Lesley Hutchings. So Gcmaf really is a family affair. Also all three have worked for Gcmaf extraordinaire David Noakes.

Lynda Thyer's letter to the editor of the Bournemouth Eco. Following the papers reporting of the BBC’S exposure of Amanda supplying Gcmaf to the health food shop Earth Foods
http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/1 ... r_tumours/
Thyer’s letter was basically a publicity promo for Gcmaf “Eleven thousand human patients have now been treated” blah blah blah and was signed LYNDA THYER Biomedical scientist, Fxxxxxx Road, Bournemouth.

Thyer is another piece of work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFUkl8T9-1w I don't recommend you watch it but just take my word for it.

Also the BBC Stated that Amanda supplied Gcmaf to the shop via Bulgaria to Kent to Bournemouth; this made makes no sense to me at the time. Amanda told the BBC that she was an agent for the Japanese company that manufactures Gcmaf and from which the product can be ordered from direct. This makes the choice of route unnecessary and a bit odd. Japan/Bulgaria/Kent /Bournemouth? Why? OK maybe one pit stop to change the labels if she did not want to give her buyers the opportunity to order directly from the Japaneses company and thus cutting her out of any future sales. At the time I took at face value that Amanda was indeed the agent/middle man for the Japanese company, but on checking with the Japaneses company, they confirmed Amanda was not an agent of theirs and her name only appeared on their records once and that was back in 2015 when her name was given for a delivery of Gcmaf that had been ordered by a Dr Douglas Jewell !

By coincidence Trevor Banks and Thyer [who for a short time both directors of the same company] and have established links to Kent as well of both having worked for David Noakes the "swiveled eyed" Britsh King of Gcmaf.

It is not a coincidence that Amanda Mary Jewell / Heath / Herzog /Wxxxxxx / Unknown beyond an educated guess, Trevor Banks, Kerri Riviera , Jim Humble and a host of others chose Mexico to operate out of. As it is largely unregulated and beyond the the reach of the authorities that are actively interested in them.

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Postby Malarkey » Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:26 am

I have indicated before that if;Amanda/Mary/Jane/Mandy/Rosemary/? Have an educated guess/W....../Heath/Dean/Herzog/Jewell, I would just stop her cxxp about autism. I would stop campaigning against her. This thread being just one example of my activity to stop her and her ilk peddling their various scams and exploits.

But she cannot help herself. Be it promoting or selling vile quack "cures" particularly aimed at children or via peddling blatant non truths.

So much is going on for Amanda at the moment that I am suprised she has even bothered with her latest Autism postings, but she has.

1st April "1 in 2 children will soon have aulism" https://www.facebook.com/amandamaryjewe ... 1332393411

2nd April Robert J Morris on behalf of Amanda " There is no such thing as Autism" It's only vaccine damage.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB9D4Ep ... e=youtu.be

I had held off updating this thread but after seeing the above and knowing that with everything she has on her plate at the moment, that she can still take time out to bother with the above just spurs me on.

I continue this thread because Mandy is well known to some members on here, who remember her various Bulgarian exploits before she became a Bishop for Genesis 11 Church [who to this day she keeps close ties with] and a cancer expert initially in her Bulgaria restoration center, then at the clinic in Mexico and presently stating she is setting up a care center in Belize, a location she claims she is running her existing business interests from. IE charging for taking Skype calls from the sick and were she indicates she runs her Gcmaf selling operation from working. Yes she has returned to seeing this product.

I also keep it going because people who [[for a wide variety of reasons] have since developed an interest in Amanda Mary Jewell also follow its posts.

So as Amanda could take time out to yet again give her ludicrous uninformed opinions on the subject of Autism. I will in my next post do an informed update on her various activities.

Some which are on her own part unintentionally funny.

Am thinking of the fetus eating Pringle munchers.

To the more serious.

21 days/ cost 25k
Accommodation and food included; everything else extra.
IE treatment and MMS/ Gcmaf/Stem cells.
50% deposit payable by Western Union, No email correspondence!

And everything else in between. Which given her current problems is quite a lot.

Canadian Authorities next.

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