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Postby Malarkey » Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:58 pm

In my last post I wrote

“Recently there have been arrests in the UK and abroad. I cannot give any details for legal reasons as I do not want to say anything that would impede the court cases that are to follow. Amanda and Doug not arrested, but the arrests included those who have been involved with the Jewell's history in "alternative" quack cures.

1. I can now name one of those involved as Lesley Hutchings daughter has made a go fund me appeal to pay for her mother’s legal expenses and which cheekily carries an advertising logo for Lesley’s Maf Active. To say that the Gofundme appeal is disingenuous would be an understatement.

Poor Lesley worked 70 hrs per week, making little to no money helping those in need while living in a small house with her partner.

Although I found it heartening to read [due to her historical; merciless promotion and sales to cure autism particularly in relationship to children] “Please help my mum stay out of jail...she would rather die than go back to jail… Four days in jail was the worst time of her life.

”It explains that “Due to the nature of the allegations, all her money and assets have been confiscated” and that they aim to raise €130,000 to cover the legal costs and associated expenses.

So it can only be guessed that Lesley’s partner’s property renovation business makes no income or not enough to help fund her defense. Maybe he is as philanthropic as Lesley’s is and he only works for the benefit of his clients. It will take about nine months before she is in court you would have hoped he could have covered some of costs rather than Lesley having to rely on public’s purse.

It was touching to see Old Mother Nature/ Teflon Mary/ Amanda Mary Jewell spring to the defense of her one time business partner;[ although Lesley denied any involvement claiming the partnership was between the Jewell's and her brother Trevor Banks] but Lesley came out fighting when the partnership went wrong; although many at the time thought her to to be a fake adversary. After admonishing Hutchings for lying to the public [ Lesley's Maf cream had no Gc and consisted of Emu oil and peptides rather than human plasma]

Amanda did n''t like the public being lied to and took well to taking the hypocritical moral high ground. God knows she can't get the opportunity very often. Having finished her telling off. Amanda explained that Lesley was in trouble for none compliance and improper registration and nothing to do with the integrity or safety of the creams. That Lesley selflessly and lovingly made at her own kitchen table.

Amanda asks that the public help Lesley fund her legal fees by paying into the daughters pay pall account. Amanda always like to be at the center of things and insinuated that it all her own idea and undertaking. "We looked into an online funding company but feel that could actually course more issues for Lesley" and "Lesley has no knowledge of this.This is coming from me...we have been in touch with her daughter to set this program up and have verified that she is her daughter" WOW, Amanda concerned with due diligence!
Amanda concludes "... please send any contributions to ___@hotmail.co."

Hutchings daughter must have chosen to go her own way as she did indeed set up the Gofundme legal appeal. Whether Amanda's /the daughters Hotmail account is taking money I do not know.

Lesley Hutchings own account of what what had happened and why was some what different to her daughters Gofundme account or Amanda's financial appeal on her behalf. http://mafactive.com/

"The pharma equivalent of the protein used in the cream is undergoing trials and will soon become available at a much higher cost. This is an alliance between pharma / Israel govts / USA govts. The trials of this pharma protein started in 2014, the persecution of all things related to gcmaf started in February 2015. The end date of the trails, after which it can be marketed is May 2017. All competition MUST be extinguished before then." What followed next could have been written by Amanda; if only it had been misspelt "I am glad to be out of it alive. They will launch their new product at any cost to human life. This is why I am facing a 5 year jail term with unbelievable charges, for making a cosmetic that harmed no one. There was never any issues with the cream, never a single complaint, never a single mention of anything to the public liability insurance that I had" So there you are big pharma done it.
2.By strange coincidence the following media coverage of certain other arrests appeared around the same time as Lesley's own.

http://www.ouest-france.fr/normandie/sa ... he-4819981
http://www.leparisien.fr/faits-divers/n ... 711987.php
http://www.normandie-actu.fr/trafic-med ... en_257410/
http://actu.orange.fr/societe/fait-dive ... DEqKz.html
http://www.normandie-actu.fr/trafic-med ... en_257410/

Long and short of it is that the above articles report that two British men; who were members of an international net work have been arrested; accused of the international trafficking of unauthorized medicines and undeclared cosmetics, namely Gcmaf and Goleic. False claims were made that the quack remedies cure cancer, alzheimer’s, autism and various other conditions. Spurious testimonies claimed tumors were; in a short space of time, reduced by 60%.

In 18 months over 5400 sales were made to over 50 countries via a website and promoted on Facebook.
The quake cures sold cost up to 500 Euro for a few milliliter in a flasks and were marketed by a company called Immuno Biotech or First Immune depending were they were sold and payments went to a bank account in Guernsey. [ WHICH AT A CONSERVATIVE FIGURE WOULD MEAN AN INCOME OF 1,620,000 EUROS WITHIN 18 MONTHS. OR 2,700,000 EURO'S OR MORE. If you take into account the complaints on the companies website since the arrests, one person said that they had paid over *$23000 but have not received their Gcmaf. So some of the 5400 packages would have contained more than one flask. I have always been curious about Amanda's income from quack cures but even as an agent, I can see why she moved on from MMS; equivalent to industrial bleach]

Two illegal “laboratories were found on a farm in in Digosville (Manche) and 320,000 Euros have been confiscated since the arrests.

One the article's mentions a man and women being arrested, I am not sure if this refers to Lesley or not.

* https://www.facebook.com/pg/FirstImmune/reviews/?ref=page_internal People not getting their Gcmafof

3. More arrests connected to the above and that confirm the information that a second informant gave me concerning another man who was arrested in but cannot be named for legal reasons.

http://guernseypress.com/news/2017/02/2 ... cmaf-firm/

A man and women were arrested for money laundering activities in Lower Pollet Guernsey following a law enforcement raid on the 22nd of February of the premises of Immuno Biotech. The article goes on to say that the companies CEO David Noakes could not be contacted on 22nd February.

I could write loads about Noakes and his Gcmaf history, clinics, associates and their frightening exploitation of aulstim; to their connection to the yogurt that cures HIV but I won’t as it would be too long and would only be a regurgitation of other people’s work. SEE my favorite blogger and who I have recommended before this thread and who I have a bit of a brain crush for Clyde Smut, Gimp Masks of the Illuminati http://eusa-riddled.blogspot.co.uk/2015 ... inati.html. Smut has done loads of other articles concerning the Gcmaf and its associated gallery of gritters; and his links are fantastic.

2006 UKIP leadership contender David Noakes Yep for those that thought Farage was bad enough; it could have been a whole lot worse.
Ukip 'spent cash meant for MEPs' - Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk › News › UK News Feb 25, 2007 Which is worth a read in its own right but for our purposes I include it because it contains my favorite summery of David Noakes

“.Mark Croucher, a senior activist and former Ukip director of communications, described Mr Noakes as "a swivel-eyed loon whose insane conspiracy theories make the rest of us look as mad as a box of frogs... so good riddance. He should really be locked up in a secure unit.”
Which I think was a fair and accurate assessment.

Just to remind people what all of the above has to do with Amanda Mary Jewell and Douglas Jewell and what implications it has for the pair.

As readers of this thread may remember. Lesley Hutchings and her brother Trevor Banks worked for the notorious David Noakes. Whose Gcmaf factory/lavatory was shut in early 2015 by the British and Guernsey authorities. The authorities also stated that the blood derived plasma, being used to make the quack product was found to be marked not fit for human use and their “product” was being made in an unfit environment for such manufacture.

Once Noakes operation was shut down Banks and Hutchings went straight into partnership with Doug and Amanda Mary Jewell. Doug and Amanda yet again claimed that their lives were in danger from big pharma due to the vast amounts of Gcmaf they had manufactured and that their wide scale production would reduce its cost to the public . Thus making it available to a wider audience.

A website was set up to sell from and a Bulgarian bank account to receive payments. Lesley and Amanda then heavily promoted their Gcmaf all over the internet; particularly to autism groups and I mean heavily promoted. However once customers started to make payments, a second identical website appeared. It’s only difference was the last two letters of its www and that it's bank account details differed from the original websites.

Many people did not notice that it was a replica site and used it to make payments for Gcmaf. When they did not receive their expensive quack cures they took to the various forums it had been promoted in and complained bitterly. It was then explained to them that by the Jewell’s that 2000 vials had been made but that 1000 had been confiscated at customs when Amanda had attempted fly them to the UK. Which only the really gullible could have believed.

There then was; what seemed a staged, falling out between the two pairs, Banks and Hutchings blaming Doug and Amanda Mary Jewell while the Jewell’s blamed the brother and sister duo. Think WWE wrestling but without the entertainment value. The Lamb that so splendidly covered all this at the time, got slaughtered soon after and was forced to remove himself from the fray. He also wrote the infamous blog "from porn star to cancer researcher" Which I really did not agree with at the time but in hindsight now feel differently about.

Indeed one of my informants told me that the four met up in France sometime after the falling out was meant to have occurred. Which if true would seem to support the suspicion that the falling out was a staged drama. Staged drama being one of Amanda’s consistencies over the 10 years since she first introduced herself as a lawyer on this site.

Soon after this debacle Lesley and her brother Trevor split their business in two and went their separate ways.
Lesley got to keep Maf active and remained in France concentrating on her pseudo non plasma creams and various other expensive potions. Her toothpaste was an eye watering 45 Euros and has to be used within 6 weeks and her other potions ever increase in price. I cant write much about what is known about Hutchings due to the court case.

Following the brother and sisters apparent business separation. Trevor Banks got to keep Cyto Innovations and used it to set up a business partnership made in hell. As he married his Gcmaf with Kerri Riviera's MMS.

The same women who wrote the book "Healing Autism" which was solely concerned bleaching children with MMS. Be it orally, anally or by bathing in it; usually involving all three applications. The Genesis 11 church who promoted the "protocol " were by autistic children should have 4 MMS enemas a day on a full moon, Riveria was their harpy. [Christmas day 2015 would have been joyless for those children being"treated"]

This is the women Banks choose to team up with. So now the kids could be subjected to bleach and Gcmaf. Together Banks and Riviara " launched Cyto Innovations products in Latin America. In the spirit of research and humanitarianism we have 3 products available to our Latin American customers at prices lower than anywhere else in the world." and they did charging $125 for 250 ng drops of Gcmaf.

We have to hope unlike Noakes they actually followed Lesley's lead and left the blood derived plasma out. The products were mainly aimed at treating/curing autistic children and the testimonials were tailored to this end. http://gcmaf.la/en/immune-dysregulation ... stimonials. and seem to date from around May 2015 until some time in 2016. Apparently Gcmaf use made a non verbal child speak and "Thank you Trevor Banks!!!! I thank god everyday for Kerri Rivera CD and GCMAF! We have our daughter back and we are so close to recovery!!!!" was a typical example.

The evil Mexican based bleaching Genesis 11 queen Kerri is covered earlier in this thread and Amanda has always paid her up most respect; almost to the point of being in awe of her. Riviera eventually left Mexico for Germany and I hope that the Banks/Riviera partnership ended there. Although the website is still up! I am banning on about this because I want to make it quite clear about Amanda's various partners and involvement.

Amanda was still desperate enough a few months ago, to treat an autistic child, that she insisted she would do it for free. What she promotes for people dying of cancer is bad enough but what she and others are prepared to do to children is actual abuse, although Amanda herself says she doesn't subscribe to the anal bleaching. Other than that anything goes. Amanda was still talking about MMS not working on a particular child in November last year and who she wanted to treat, in the Mexican clinic last year.

So much for Amanda Mary and Douglas Jewell’s business partners, as I said in my last post it is no surprise that recently Amanda has stopped publicly promoting her various quack cures. Although I cannot confirm what is written or promoted on her Healing Oracle site which has its own server.

Still no update from her concerning the 274 children, she claimed last November to be providing 3 months Gcmaf for free and which she claimed was costing her $70,000. I hope than none of the supposed 274 parents paid up front the $50 per month Amanda required for postage or packaging.

Please don’t be miss lead into thinking that all Amanda’s ventures are just financial scams because not all are. She has actually treated very ill people with industrial bleach, spurious blood plasma and stem cells from umbilical cord tissue and she has kept close ties with many other charlatans in the quack industry; particularly those of the MMS network that is Genesis 11 "church".

Google Amanda Mary Jewell autism and most of the previous content has been sanitized gone; but 10 pages still come up

Lastly Davied Noakes “ Gcmaf scientist” came out in support of Gcmaf and in turn Amanda and gave her address as being in Bournemouth, which at the time I thought was just a flaky PR advertising stunt . Amanda insisted she sold Gcmaf as an agent for a Japaneses company but I am not so sure and now wished I had checked it out at the time.

Lynda Thyer's letter to the editor of the Bournemouth Eco. Following the papers reporting of the BBC’S exposure of Amanda supplying Gcmaf to the health food shop Earth Foods
http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/1 ... r_tumours/
Thyer’s letter was basically a publicity promo for Gcmaf “Eleven thousand human patients have now been treated” blah blah blah and was signed LYNDA THYER Biomedical scientist, Fxxxxxx Road, Bournemouth.

Thyer is another piece of work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFUkl8T9-1w I don't recommend you watch it but just take my word for it.

Also the BBC Stated that Amanda supplied Gcmaf to the shop via Bulgaria to Kent to Bournemouth; this made makes no sense to me at the time. Amanda told the BBC that she was an agent for the Japanese company that manufactures Gcmaf and from which the product can be ordered from direct. This makes the choice of route unnecessary and a bit odd. Japan/Bulgaria/Kent /Bournemouth? Why? OK maybe one pit stop to change the labels if she did not want to give her buyers the opportunity to order directly from the Japaneses company and thus cutting her out of any future sales. At the time I took at face value that Amanda was indeed the agent/middle man for the Japanese company, but maybe it wrong.

By coincidence Trevor Banks and Thyer [who for a short time both directors of the same company] and have established links to Kent as well of both having worked for David Noakes the "swiveled eyed" Britsh King of Gcmaf.

It is not a coincidence that Amanda Mary Jewell / Heath / Herzog /Wxxxxxx / Unknown beyond an educated guess, Trevor Banks, Kerri Riviera , Jim Humble and a host of others chose Mexico to operate out of. As it is largely unregulated and beyond the the reach of the authorities that are actively interested in them.

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Postby Malarkey » Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:26 am

I have indicated before that if;Amanda/Mary/Jane/Mandy/Rosemary/? Have an educated guess/W....../Heath/Dean/Herzog/Jewell, I would just stop her cxxp about autism. I would stop campaigning against her. This thread being just one example of my activity to stop her and her ilk peddling their various scams and exploits.

But she cannot help herself. Be it promoting or selling vile quack "cures" particularly aimed at children or via peddling blatant non truths.

So much is going on for Amanda at the moment that I am suprised she has even bothered with her latest Autism postings, but she has.

1st April "1 in 2 children will soon have aulism" https://www.facebook.com/amandamaryjewe ... 1332393411

2nd April Robert J Morris on behalf of Amanda " There is no such thing as Autism" It's only vaccine damage.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB9D4Ep ... e=youtu.be

I had held off updating this thread but after seeing the above and knowing that with everything she has on her plate at the moment, that she can still take time out to bother with the above just spurs me on.

I continue this thread because Mandy is well known to some members on here, who remember her various Bulgarian exploits before she became a Bishop for Genesis 11 Church [who to this day she keeps close ties with] and a cancer expert initially in her Bulgaria restoration center, then at the clinic in Mexico and presently stating she is setting up a care center in Belize, a location she claims she is running her existing business interests from. IE charging for taking Skype calls from the sick and were she indicates she runs her Gcmaf selling operation from working. Yes she has returned to seeing this product.

I also keep it going because people who [[for a wide variety of reasons] have since developed an interest in Amanda Mary Jewell also follow its posts.

So as Amanda could take time out to yet again give her ludicrous uninformed opinions on the subject of Autism. I will in my next post do an informed update on her various activities.

Some which are on her own part unintentionally funny.

Am thinking of the fetus eating Pringle munchers.

To the more serious.

21 days/ cost 25k
Accommodation and food included; everything else extra.
IE treatment and MMS/ Gcmaf/Stem cells.
50% deposit payable by Western Union, No email correspondence!

And everything else in between. Which given her current problems is quite a lot.

Canadian Authorities next.

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Amanda's First Ever Post On This Site

Postby Malarkey » Tue May 02, 2017 8:39 pm

Amanda Mary Jewel's First Ever Post On This Site.
Or as she was known then Amanda Heath or Herzog which she choose to use later on [but always Mary to her friends]
Why she started in Bulgaria as Heath moved on to Herzog and ended up as Jewell became apparent; when last year, I read the various Bulgarian court records that exist concerning Mandy.

I placed the opening words in bold.

"Before you buy in Bulgaria you should:
Post by Amandalaw » Thu Aug 17, 2006 2:46 am

I am a lawyer in the UK and spend one in four weeks in Bulgaria; I am heavily invested in this beautiful country. I have been investing for four years now and can safely say that there are many things to look for when choosing an agency and a developer. I have seen many developers go bankrupt and many naive people loose there monies, please don't make this mistake. Do your homework. Getting bank guarantees from developers and making sure that your monies go direct to the developers account and not the agencies is rule number one. There are only a hand full of developers in Bulgaria that have holding accounts. Paying into a holding account is a must as this will protect you against the developer should he go bankrupt. Always have an independent lawyer to check the contracts, not one that has been recommended by the developer as there is a risk of conflict of interest. I have a list of developers that give full bank guarantees and your monies go into a holding account."

Shame she didn't steer her own buyers to independent solicitors or to an independent holding account.

She was not a Lawyer but it took an age for her to admit this when challenged.

Also its interesting that she has repeatedly; over the past two years or so, claimed to have been a cancer researcher/expert for over 2 decades standing.

So what a maverick she is.

As back in the day when she was an "Lawyer", property agent/developer for her hotel build and all the other projects she was involved with in Bulgaria at that time, nobody knew she was an established cancer expert. Which is a bit surprising because; then as now, Amanda has never been one to hide her light under a bushel. Boasts and brags being her stock in trade. A fact that can be proved time and time again. So you would have thought she would have let someone know. Mind you she never mentions her video career, which is a legitimate part of her historical CV. With that in mind I could have easily entitled this post from Mickey Mouse to Butterfly.

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Re: Up date on people; old forum users will remember

Postby oldtimer » Wed May 03, 2017 6:32 pm

Remember it well, then there was the slip wire, the orphanage, all the children like they were her own, oh then there was the poor girl who slipped in the snow, that went on for pages on how she was dealing with it all, the list goes on and on

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