Who has property near me?

Tell others here about the town, area or village you have bought or actually live in...positives AND negatives!

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Who has property near me?

Postby chris » Sat May 27, 2006 11:36 am

For our newer members, please note that you can find other My Bulgaria members who have bought property close to you (or where you intend to) by looking at the Property Owners Map:

http://www.mybulgaria.info/property-own ... garia.html

If you click the map closest to where your own location is in Bulgaria a list will show giving details of your nearest neighbours and allowing you to then view their forum profile or contact them via the PM system. More than 500 property owning members have so far participated so you should be able to find someone close by!!

To actually highlight where you live (or have a holiday home) in BG, If you are logged in to the forum and then visit your personal 'profile' you will see a map of BG. Finding the location closest to your own and then clicking the map will highlight your location. Above the map are two fields, one for UK/Other location, the other for a BG town or village name, it would be helpful (all of this is voluntary of course) if the fields were correctly completed. Submit/Save the changes.

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