Gunfight at Sunny Beach

Tell others here about the town, area or village you have bought or actually live in...positives AND negatives!

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Postby Seedy » Sun Jun 12, 2016 6:51 pm

Yes - there's always some excuse for illiteracy, isn't there? :roll:

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Postby Nick1 » Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:25 am

yep i made the mistake of feeding the troll

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Postby Seedy » Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:30 am

No - you made the mistake of not paying any attention in school and then continuing your ignorance into what passes for your adulthood. Puerile comments about "trolls" can't disguise your lamentable lack of intellect and education, I'm afraid....

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Postby Nick1 » Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:21 am

I was warned not to feed the troll


Postby FlagHostel » Mon Jun 13, 2016 12:30 pm

yes you are right truckyboy.

it will continue but tourists have nothing to fear.

the only people the mafia kill are people trying to interfere with their
business or people trying to cross them.

if you cross them, you will die. it is as simple as that.

when i lived in varna, i used to play chess and drink whiskey with
some of the big company owners there.

on a friends level, they are perfectly respectable, normal people.
i never had any problems or runs in with them.
the were all fine with me.

the bigger picture with the mafia is -

if you take away everything they own and are doing in varna for example,
the city would be a dead, s h i t city, with no attractions to draw people there.

every town would be like t a r g o v a s h i t a - s h i t - and no one wants
to go there.

of course they are lining their own pockets but hey,

david cameron does not pay his proper taxes - nor does his father.

why should anyone, if they can get away with it ?

it's cat and mouse all over the world.

it doesn't matter what country you live in.

so, sorry if you do not agree with me, but the mafia is actually good
for sunny beach and bulgaria.

they will not shoot tourist because it is bad for their business.
they will not kill their customers - why would they ?

without them, the country would not have half its tourism that it has.

bulgaria is way ahead of romania on tourism for example, even though
romania is a much more interesting country to drive around and have a look at.


when i asked the question here - why are you living in bulgaria ?

mat, actually gave the most interesting answer which was -

i could tell you - but then i will have to kill you !

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Postby Seedy » Mon Jun 13, 2016 12:55 pm

FlagHostel wrote:david cameron does not pay his proper taxes - nor does his father.

.......the mafia is actually good for sunny beach and bulgaria.

I assume you are trying to be serious with that complete load of clap-trap? So, Camoron forking out over 400 grand in income tax between 2009 and 2015 isn't "proper" enough for you - whatever that word means in your weird little world? :roll: I appreciate that there's no point in trying to have a meaningful discussion with someone who's clearly living in Fantasyland - and enjoying every illogical moment of it - but the mafia "conclusion" you draw is pretty barmy even by your crazy standards....much like your assertion that Camoron Senior should be paying tax six years after his death!


Postby FlagHostel » Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:14 pm

anyone who sets up an off shore trust fund seedy is doing it to limit their tax

no other reason.

so when cameron's father was alive - yes, by having the fund, he was paying less
tax than he ought to.

cameron himself, payed off the mortgage to one of his houses, but his oxfordshire
house, who's mortgage is tax payer subsidised, he still has the mortgage running.

why did cameron not pay off his tax payer subsidised mortgage instead ?

answer, because the tax payer is subsidising it so he is better off keeping it
running and pay off the house that is not subsidised.

i am sure if you email cameron and ask him why he did this, you will not
get an answer.

as he is the current pm, he's not setting a very good example is he - if he
increases inland revenue staff, to tax every worker in the uk as much as they can.

if he paid £400,000 between 2009 & 2015 is nothing to do with it.

if it is to do with it, you are basically also then saying, you only have to pay
£400,000 tax every 6 years, no matter how much you earn.

yes seedy, you are right.

it is crap !

as for the mafia, yes, take away every business they are running and
bulgaria would also be a crap place to live and visit

and yes, cameron's father's estate should now be paying the back tax on the trust
he set up to dodge tax in the first place

plus interest.

anyone else caught having a trust fund to hide money has to do it.

take mark bolan of t-rex.

when he was alive, he stashed is money into off shore funds out of reach of the uk
tax man.

the tax man was watching the beneficiary of his estate for years

20 +

as soon as the trust sent a cheque for royalties, and it was cashed here in the uk,
the paper trail was traced.

the trust then had to pay all the back tax dodged, since bolan's death

plus interest.

so yes cameron's dad's estate should have to do the same.

will he ?

i doubt it.

the spin doctor's have quickly moved onto other news since.

yes it is all crap seedy. you are right

in all countries seedy, the masses pay for the few.

it always has been the case and always will be.

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Postby MIK_bg » Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:54 pm

Then, for the rest of us, not visiting the mafia miracle economy zone, which fields seem to be more affected? I suppose there are even big companies operating under their control.

Just for general education and to stay away from troubles. :wink:

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Postby Seedy » Tue Jun 14, 2016 11:10 am

First - apologies for my needlessly caustic previous comments.

You seem to be conflating tax avoidance and evasion. There's nothing illegal - or, in my view at least, particularly reprehensible - about only paying the tax that you are legally required to and taking advice on how to minimise your tax liability. I don't know Bolan's tax history but presumably if someone got a bill somewhere along the line then there was an outstanding liability to be met. Why should the law be any different for Camoron and his family than it is for yours or mine? I pay an accountant to keep my tax liability as low as possible - whether he really saves me more than he costs is, however, a moot point....

There are plenty of businesses here, both small and large, which aren't run by the mafia - and, yes, I do know a good few of the people I'm referring to. The best thing that could happen to Bulgaria is for all the Commies who stole money, property and businesses when Communism fell (AND their children and grandchildren), together with the No-neck "businessmen" of various types, to have their assets confiscated by the State unless they can prove genuine entitlement going back many decades to everything and then to be imprisoned. If they don't like it then I have no particular problem with them being "suicided" as favoured in the Good Ole Days of bai Tosho. Any mafia business should be closed down and their owners eliminated - either by imprisonment or whatever other means are necessary to send a robust message to others of that ilk - and any officials, be they municipal employees, politicians, judges etc should receive the same treatment. All of this should have been done in the 1990s but better late than can't make an omelette without breaking eggs!


Postby FlagHostel » Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:26 pm


sorry but i cannot tell you or discuss on here, who owns which business's in varna are which ones
are mafia controlled.


you only have to walk around the city lunch time and evenings, plus along
the beach in the summer months and you that any decent bar or restaurant
is busy, employing people and paying some tax, if not much.

if you take away the mafia, then 90% of those places would close.

same in sunny beach


yes i know your view of locking them all up is the view shared by
the majority - but it is never going to happen.

the people in charge now, are protecting their own interests which yes probably
was handed down to them by their parents in the communism times.

but they are all mates, judges, municipalities etc.....they are all there to protect
their interests.

its no different in the uk.
the queen and prince philip would not want anyone rattling their cages.
they are onto a good thing and want it to continue for their children and grand

the law society, general medical council etc...all these bodies are all the same.

they are all bent and one big boys club covering up for their own when
something goes wrong.

the top priority of the law society for example when a solicitor f u c k s
up, is to try and legitimise the bentness of solicitors.

it goes on all over the world and it will never change.

instead of winging about the mafia, you need to see the bigger picture - that is if
they were not there,
varna and sunny beach would not attract anyone and tourism all over bulagria
would suffer, in terms of taxes paid and jobs provided.

and yes i agree seedy - of course there are bars and business's, not mafia, that are busy.
but there are more busy mafia business's than non mafia

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