Gunfight at Sunny Beach

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Postby FlagHostel » Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:07 am


the butterfly villa got closed down because the german owner was employing
romanian staff with no contracts - cash in hand.

in the flag hostel, i always had backpackers helping for a free bed and free beer
every day, so i didn't need to worry about giving contracts.

its was all a bit odd because the butterfly had been running for quite some time
- then suddenly, i get a fire - and they get raided on the same day - and closed down.

they did re-open with contracts a couple of months later but it was too late

other bucharest hostels had moved in and plugged the gap

so im pretty sure the hostel that arrange our fire, also grassed up the butterfly
to inflict maximum damage to me

as the number were well down after the butterfly got closed down, i just sold up and left - moving then up to constanta, romania

will i start another hostel in varna ?

no thanks.

the biggest problem in varna for anyone opening a hostel, is not the mafia.

it's yoho hostel.

stefan, the owner is a b u l l s h i t t i n g sneaky little ****.

when they first opened, the used to call me every week to have meeting t o
price fix.

i went along to the first meeting, just see what he had to say.

we agree to both charge 9 euros in april.

then 2 days later, i noticed they put their charge down to 8 without telling.

so, they obviously couldn't be trusted to honour their side of the deal.

i didn't bother to go to any of their other meetings.

i called stefan to ask him what he was up to ?
he replied he had to talk to hostel mostel in sofia to agree the price.
i know assen, the owner there.
i called assen and asked what is going on.
he replied ' the prices in varna are nothing to do with me in sofia '
which is what i thought.
i called stefan back and told him i had spoken to assen.
stefan, realising he had been caught out b u l l s h i t t i n g me, started
shouting i slammed the phone down.

i have never spoken to him on the phone since. i cannot be bothered with the little
s h i t

in april 2009, i had an backpacker from australia called lulu, working for
free accomodation etc.

i explained everything to her and how the links from kiev, right down to varna
worked so she knew what to tell backpackers leaving us and heading towards bucharest going back the other way.

we also had a poster up in the common room explaining to backpckers that sofia
is s h i t ( which it is ) and that they should not waste any of their holidays
going there.
this helped to steer guests up to bucharest after they left varna,
which is where i wanted them to go - and the butterfly .
the butterfly, the other way, would steer guests up to kiev as we both had
8 hostels in kiev ( all owned by the same owner ) send people down to us.

i explained her main role would be to sit, chat with the guests and show them around the city. if backpackers liked the atmostphere, they would automatically stay longer and rent beds longer.

lulu started off ok but after a couple of months, i caught her in bed with one of the
guests AND his brother !

yes a threesome on a single bunk

when i asked her ' what was she doing '

she replied ' i thought you wanted me to make the guests stay longer '

i sacked her immediately and she left.

the two guys she was s h a g g i n g also left

so i guess she wasn't a very good s h a g as the two brothers didn't
stay any longer !

when she left, she ran straight to yoho and stayed there.

so i have my suspicions that she went blagging to yoho about everything that
went on in the flag.

only two months later, we had he fire and the butterfly got closed down.

i also found out, after lulu left, one of my english teacher friends was sleeping with lulu as well - BEFORE i caught her in bed with the two brothers.

what a s l a g.

just before the fire, there was another guy called grant who came.

he was a lively guy, a good drinker and popular with other backpackers.
he made friends instantly as if he had known everyone for ages.

but he was a bit full on with the girls.
one girl in particular, he kept grabbing her breasts.
she told him several times to stop but he just laughed and carried on.

the girl complained to me and so out of respect to her, i threw grant out.

where do he go ?
yes running to yoho.

anticipating he would go there, i phoned stefan the owner, described to him what
he was wearing and explained that i had thrown him out because he kept attacking
a girl.

stefan told me on the phone, don't worry, we i won't let him in.

that night, down at the cubo bar on varna beach, chatting with all the guests, who should turn up, yes grant - to a heroes welcome from the all the guys.

he started bragging how he had moved to yoho which mean't he would stay another week in varna.

he received a massive cheer and half the bar walked off with him along to the clubs.

he had turned into some kind of ring leader for the guys.

i was disgusted as stefan had told me he would not let him in.

obviously, yoho don't care if you are a sex attacker.

they will still take you in and take your money for a bed.

so no doubt, grant will have been talking to yoho too about what what on
in the flag.

since the flag lost 1/3 of its guests because the butterfly got closed down,
yoho now dominates the backpacker scene in varna.

as well as their main building, they rent 5 extra apartments, that i know about,
in the centre for guests during july and august every year.
i doubt whether the municipality know about them ?

so if you want to open a hostel in varna troyan, be my guest - but its not
for me.

i have moved onto websites now and i make as much as the hostel made, with
no hastle
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Postby troyan » Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:40 am

you did well Flags and have many a tale to tell, dealing with backpackers and wanderers would be the last thing on earth I would like to do

I came across lots of the like when living in Gibraltar and their behavior especially towards each other was pretty horrible........and then there was the expat brigade,dont know which was worse

I try to keep very much below the radar in BG and mix mainly with local people although like anywhere there are those to be avoided


Postby FlagHostel » Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:47 pm

come on troyan.

you don't really think i did well - do you ?

i've had 3 mile stone points in my working life.

my first job as an underwriter on the city - i left in 1989 because the
company got me doing all the work for just £16k a year.

then in 2002, i had a car accident, that was not my fault.
3 month's after the accident, my solicitor allowed the other driver's insurers
run circles around them.
when i complained, my solicitor told me
' the reason for the delay is because the insurer is making sure they
put aside adequate funds to pay my claim with '

yes what a lot of bull, i know.

and when i complained, lloyd green from then on, lied to me and did all the
opposite of my instructions to them - and sabotaged my claim.

then, after moving to bulgaria to aescape the scum, and all his cover uppers,
i took on the hostel, got it going really well - only for it to be destroyed by
another hostel.

moved up to romania, opened another hostel - again, got it going better than
the opposition there - so they ordered a massive gypsy attack and smashed up
my building.

so everything I've ever done has gone tits up.

o and if you like,
you can add to all the above, three failed bulgarian relationships
two moved to other countries and the third, just went out with me because she
was bored and lonely

do you really think i did well troyan ?

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Postby troyan » Sat Jun 18, 2016 4:49 pm

Most people could write a list .....especially relationships.... about past experiences and would read as a failure

Its even more difficult when youre on the move to have stability

I could write a list....... but I wont....... that would make my past look a failure

Look at BG, I think most people took a hit in 2008 and in the UK as well,going into negative equity and losing businesses.

Both my industry in the UK construction and to an extent BG took a hit,and it took me around 5 years to ride it out.......was it a failure,not really.

Had a torrid time trying to sell up for three very stressful years

Just ups and downs,I have stuck with BG but make my living in the UK,its the best option for me at present and allows me a lot of free time in BG to build a well as enjoying the present

It could turn out to be the wrong choice .....will it be a failure, no

Chapters ending are not failures

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Postby oldtimer » Sun Jun 19, 2016 6:04 pm

What as the last few pages of posts got to do with Sunny Beach :?

Oh got it the same 2 people at it again. dogs and throats come to mind :lol:


Postby FlagHostel » Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:32 pm

sorry oldtimer,

the whole point of explaining all this to troyan was to show it's more likely
than not that the fire in my hostel was not caused by neighbours who had
complained about the noise.

it also explains that the mafia helped to keep my hostel running as long
as it did.

and it shows that when it comes to business and paying ANY business
municipality tax - the mafia is good for bulgaria !

any innocent people caught up in a mafia gun fight - its unfortunate
and no worse than anyone caught up in a police raid - and shot - which is
worse because we all pay tax - that pays the police force to protect us

thats the relevance

sorry if you got lost along the way

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Postby scot47 » Sat Jun 25, 2016 11:58 am

Flag missed out the episode where he was abducted by aliens in a UFO and experimented on.

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