Recommendation or hype.

If you have had first hand experience of a supplier of any goods or services (NOT REAL ESTATE AGENTS) and wish to sing their praises please do so here, explaining why you would recommend them to others.

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Recommendation or hype.

Postby wolfie » Wed Sep 13, 2006 10:54 pm

On so many pages on this site you see certain recommendations for services, agents, builders etc. Are these hype's or genuine, one of the best ways to tell is look at the posts by people praising the services offered, are most newbies, then beware as its too easy to use this site with many names to promote anything.

like all in Bg. with any sense adopt 'BEWARE' as the word.

Good luck

Wolfie (Roger)

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Postby MOD » Wed Sep 13, 2006 11:08 pm

Hi Roger, you are right to raise this again. BEWARE of any new (or even old) posts and use all normal care before parting with cash, this is normal procedure even with the Yellow Pages, no? My Bulgaria has a small team of people that religiously checks for rogue posts (shared IP addresses etc) and for posting patterns but we cannot nab all of them all the time.

Sometimes we will leave at least one rogue post for a very short time just to see if a posting 'pattern' from that person appears and most are dealt with very swiftly, more than you would ever know in fact!! 8O

Just take all normal precautions and if you have any suspicions at all about the origins of any post or 'recommendation' then let us know with a PM to this account and we will always check them out. Mod 8)

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Thank You Steve and V at Baba Tonka Hotel

Postby Monique » Tue Feb 27, 2007 9:17 am

Hello Wolfie

Thank you for your words of warning and I agree that we should BEWARE when dealing with people we do not know, whether they be builders, experts in procedures in Bulgaria etc. However there are people that are genuine and have no hidden agenda, I being one of those people. The full circumstances of our visit to Bulgaria I did not disclose on the forum because this section on the forum, clearly states, do not mention agents.(the Mod is aware because I have pm'd him) I am a little concerned that because I am a newbie, it might be assumed that I am trying to promote some kind of a con. Everybody has to be a newbie at some time and I am one of them. The experiences of newbies are as relevant as old timers surely. Does this then mean that any post I might make will treated with suspicion?
My recommendation for Baba Tonka Hotel is simply that, just a recommendation, for others wishing to find a first class place to stay. It is very easy to end up in the wrong hands as we very nearly did. Had it not been for these lovely people at this hotel, our visit to Bulgaria would have been a total waste of money and time.
Just thought I needed to clarify the situation.


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Postby MOD » Tue Feb 27, 2007 9:25 am

Hi Monique, your post was not deleted as such, just 'moved' to the appropriate thread so that we don't get 2 running on the same subject. You can find it here: ... ht=#190569

And we haven't opened the mornings' post yet (PM'S), which you will be able to see as your PM to us will still be in your Outbox...once we've opened it you will find it has moved to your Sentbox!!

Thanks. Mod 8)

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Postby ashlar » Thu Apr 12, 2007 4:30 pm

I am a newbie to this site (English) although since 2004 now and again visited the site.
I have Lived in Bulgaria for the last 4 years and have been coming to Bulgaria for two years before I have made it my job to speak Bulgarian and after some hard work I am now fluent in speaking Bulgarian and reading.
I work in Bulgaria for a Bulgarian builder at Bulgarian rates and of course do my own private work. I have always had reservations about contacting Brits and to date out of all my friends in Bulgaria I can honestly say I have one English man as a friend (all though he is married to a Bulgarian ) the rest of my friends are Bulgarian.
I have met many English here and many a time walked away shaking my head at the prices they charge for work and the amount of people on the make or setting up a con, I have also seen many a Brit confused over how the system works in Bulgaria and have helped them out oftern with not even a thanks or a buy you leave.
The only way I found to survive in Bulgaria is to trust your instincts and for any work to be done is to ask for recemendations and get of your arse and make an effort to speak Bulgarian, understand the culture, history and when eating out eat with your stomach and not your eyes.

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Postby mastylo » Fri Feb 08, 2008 8:43 am

That`s a very interesting cultural topic in fact.
Let me tell you the Bulgarian point of view. Well, maybe it`s better to say my own view.
These recommendations and testimonials are something relatively new for us. In my opinion, Bulgarians (or at least those who work only with Bulgarians) still don`t trust to such kind of written recommendations, thinking they are just dubious ads. The best recommendation here is the hearsay. That`s a pre-modern phenomenon of course, but Modernity has been always problematical in our country.
90% of our Bulgarian students HEARD about the school, though there are recommendations from Bulgarians on the web site (Bulgarians simply don`t care about them and probably I should delete this web page :lol: )
Western rules are totally different. 4 years ago my first foreign students kindly offered me to write excellent testimonials, but I refused, telling them that they are useless (silly man! :oops: ). Finally, two years ago, I decided to try and made a new web page, where I published some unanticipated testimonials and two recommendations from one American and one Danish couples. A miracle! On the very same day I got 3 enquiries for Bulgarian lessons :lol: Thereafter I am even afraid to advertise...
West and East are not only two of the four cardinal points. :)

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