If you have had first hand experience of a supplier of any goods or services (NOT REAL ESTATE AGENTS) and wish to sing their praises please do so here, explaining why you would recommend them to others.

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Postby chris » Wed Aug 10, 2005 2:58 pm

Ok, I know we have a couple of forum headings where recommendations get made but we felt it would be more useful still if these could be more easily found. Whilst we are EXCLUDING recommendations for Real Estate Agents in this section (they are fully served elsewhere under their own heading) this forum heading is for those members to use that have actually used a supplier of one form or another 'personally' and feel strongly enough about the level of service they received that they wish to shout about it so that others may benefit.

It will be much easier if, when posting a recommendation, the subject box is used to denote the type of supplier or service to help those seeking advice to more easily find what they are looking for ie Car Hire, Lawyers, security Services etc Chris :lol:

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