The My Bulgaria/BGAid registered charity is now closed however this forum remains open for any announcements, news, updates and questions on other charitable initiatives and causes.

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Postby MOD » Sun May 28, 2017 4:47 am

One way you can do this is if on the off chance you are looking for the equivalent of an off the shelf company, why not accept ChrisF''s offer of an existing and unused company in exchange for a donation to the PRIATELI-VELIKO TARNOVO FOUNDATION
Details can be found in ChrisF's post in the PRIVATE/PERSONAL ADS section.

Or you could just decide to make a donation. :)
Our work in the Veliko Tarnovo area of Bulgaria began in 2007 and grew so quickly that we formed a legally recognised non-profit making organisation in 2010.
PRIATELI-VELIKO TARNOVO FOUNDATION was registered in the Court of Veliko Tarnovo on12.07.2010, Bulstat number175917948, and subsequently with the Ministry of Justice in Sofia

‘Priateli’ means ‘friends’ in Bulgarian, and that is what we hope to be to as many needy people as possible.

Priateli - Veliko Tarnovo aims to actively promote and protect the rights of vulnerable children and adults in Bulgaria, thus enabling them to access their fundamental human rights to social justice, equality and social and economic independence as enshrined in the European Human Rights Convention.

We embrace diversity and seek to meet immediate basic needs, provide lifeskills and promote lifelong learning, with the intention of equipping individuals with the skills and expertise which will enable them to become socially and economically independent.


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Postby ChrisF » Mon May 29, 2017 7:48 am

Many thanks for promoting Priateli, Mod.
Sadly we have now closed the shop - it was no longer viable as it was not covering its costs let alone contributing to funds. With the help of two or three lovely ladies we distributed much of the remaining clothing to those in need in villages along the Sofia road, and in the poorer areas of Tarnovo. The rest is stored in a basement to be used at the village sales I hope to organise in the future, and at carboot sales if I can find volunteers to run a stall.
Over the years we have held many fundraising events - a lot of pub quizzes (very popular), a hog roast, a treasure hunt by car, a sponsored motorbike ride followed by the auction of the bike and many private donations (including several from members of this forum) to mention just a few.
As a result we have raised about 100,000 leva over the last ten years. We have provided Christmas parties for the children in Balvan, VT and Stradizha orphanages, provided school books and equipment for the children of disadvantaged families, bought shoes for children in orphanages, paid for prom outfits for young people whose parents couldn't afford them.. again the list is endless.
One of the most urgent donations was to the Crisis Centre here. Priateli paid for various repairs totalling about 2000 BGN without which the Centre would have been closed by Health and Safety, and a very valuable resource would have been lost.
Our biggest purchase (21,000 BGN) was for the prem baby unit in VT - we bought a much-needed respirator to help premature babies born with respiratory problems. It is saving lives at the rate of roughly one every month.
More recently, with the help of some My Bg members, we were able to arrange for the Home for Disabled Young People in Gorna Oryahovitsa to get much needed washing-machine, clothes drier and cooker.
It's all been a lot of hard work, and I'm not getting any younger so haven't now got the time or the energy to organise events any more, however there is still a need for support for disadvantaged people in what is the poorest country in the EU. What is needed now are simple ideas that require little effort to raise funds, like those in Mod's post above, so, please, share your ideas here for EASY fundraising ideas
Thanks again, Mod.

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