BGAid gains Registered Charity status!!

The My Bulgaria/BGAid registered charity is now closed however this forum remains open for any announcements, news, updates and questions on other charitable initiatives and causes.

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BGAid gains Registered Charity status!!

Postby chris » Wed Mar 07, 2007 7:16 pm

I am pleased to announce that we have today heard from the Charity Commission that BGAid has been granted Registered Charity status. The registered Number is: 1118240 :lol: :lol:

The three main registered objects of BGAid are:

1. The relief and assistance of people in Bulgaria who become victims of floods
2. The relief of children in Bulgaria by raising awareness of and financially supporting Orphanages and
3. The furtherance of such other charitable purposes as the Trustees may from time to time determine

This means that (apart from the strict accounting, auditing and reporting rules we are obliged to adhere by) BGAid will be able to benefit from Inland Revenue rules regarding donations to Charities. This will become effective once that registration with the IR has also been completed. Once that Inland Revenue registration has been granted all donors will be able to donate via what is known as GIFT AID. Using gift aid means that every pound you give to BGAid generates an extra 28 pence from the Inland Revenue. :twisted:

In addition, if you are a higher rate taxpayer you will be able to claim tax relief for yourself. This means that if you give BGAid £780, BGAid can claim a further £220 from the Revenue and if you pay tax at the higher rate you can reclaim £180. Thus BGAid would receive £1,000 and the net cost to you may be only £600. Subject to a few simple rules, you will be able to give any amount of money, large or small, regular or one-off and tax can be reclaimed. :partyman:

We will let you know just as soon as the Inland Revenue have also set up their records in this respect.

Some more details can easily be found on the internet about what a boost this will give to BGAid and those we choose to donate to but a couple of useful links can be found here:

The new dedicated web site for BGAid is still 'work in Progress' and all will be explained in detail there. Please dont stop giving in the meantime and do continue to support the Pixel Page initiative:

This one has been a long haul but was definitely worth it!!

We will keep you updated!

Thanks again.

Chris :wink:

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Postby MOD » Tue Mar 04, 2008 2:15 pm

For general information we have been asked to post the 2007 audited accounts for BGAid as follows:

Donations Received: £ 2,906

Donations Made: £ 3,870

Closing Bank Balance: £ 941

Donations Made During 2007:

Friends of Bulgaria (Orphanage in Lom): £ 1,000 ... ic&t=17657

Elhovo Orphanage: £ 1,020.34 ... c&start=77

Bulgarian Support Fund: £ 1,000 ... ic&t=21087


Yambol Orphanage Wheelchair Access Ramp: £ 550
Stoikite Orphanage: £ 300 (cold weather clothing)

Thanks for your support and donations making the above possible during 2007!!

Mod 8)

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Postby MOD » Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:59 pm

We have been asked to state that due to a complete lack of interest over the last 9 months or more there is no alternative other than to now close the BGAid registered charity. All registered charities actually have to be audited and produce statements of accounts, they also require a great deal of administration. With the complete lack of any new donations received for onward distribution to worthy causes in Bulgaria (probably due to the effects of the recession) the unavoidable decision has now been taken to close it.

Please do not make any new donations to BGAid, a further announcement will be made when it has actually closed.

If there are any residual monies in the account upon final closure (which is unlikely) they will be given to BG related charitable causes.

A BIG thank you to all of those people that did make a donation (no matter how small) over the last few years, you can rest assured that it was well used and DID make a difference. If you check (for now) the BGAid website here:

Or, just search the phrase ‘bgaid’ (in that forum heading) you will see where the various (and some VERY generous) donations were actually distributed.

Thanks again

MOD 8)

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Postby DANNIA » Fri Aug 28, 2009 9:32 am

Oh Mod, what a shame

I would just like to say that we were one of those lucky people to benefit from a very generous £1000 donation from BGAid for the football club FC Gagarin in 2008.

Without it and many smaller donations, we would not have been able to enter the Yambol football league with the first football team from the village of Krumovo, Yambol in 35 years.

We are now coming up to our second season, and have found new sponsors, (more to be revealed soon) but want to give HUGE thanks to BGAid for starting us off.

We will keep on blogging the reports for as long as people are interested.

Thanks My Bulgaria/BGAid

Nikki and Darren
and FC Gagarin


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BGAid closure

Postby Dreanas » Fri Aug 28, 2009 11:15 am

Chris, MOD et al

I was really sorry to read that the BGAid charity is closing its doors but can appreciate that in this current economic climate that donations are few and far between. The Charity has done so much good work and helped so many people/causes during its time and it is sad, but understandable, that this decision has been made.

I have to admint that possibly the negativity associated with one particular charity/request for financial assistance may have discouraged people from donating which is a great shame. The losers are always going to be predominantly the children of Bulgaria

Thank you for all your help and advice in the past



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Re: BGAid closure

Postby DANNIA » Fri Aug 28, 2009 2:08 pm

Dreanas wrote: The losers are always going to be predominantly the children of Bulgaria

Sadly, this is very true and I wish the people who have donated in the past, could be here to see what has been achieved.
I am certain they would be so pleased with what a difference they have made, it's such a shame as there are sooo many others we would love to help, but too many sadly and not enough to go round.

Thanks to everyone who has made a difference no matter how small


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