Postings about Real Estate Agents

Have you had a good or bad experience in Bulgaria with a real estate agent? Why not tell everyone!

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Postings about Real Estate Agents

Postby chris » Tue May 16, 2006 11:05 pm

Ok. Here is where we are at! 90% of the My Bulgaria forums are certainly spam free. That in itself is quite an achievement I reckon!

However please be aware that some of the ‘big ticket’ items are not and that mainly means where property sales of any kind are concerned. We are continuously investigating posts that are made in the property sales/Off Plan headings and all we would ask is that, initially at least, you do not rise to the potential ‘bait’ of a new(ish) poster in any of these headings. You know the ones I mean. Maybe registered in the last 4 weeks, no real interesting or informative posts but just register and post something that is along the lines of an “I’ve been ripped off “ type story.

There is a helluva lot to be gained or lost by the so called ‘competition’ in these headings to the extent that I personally would take every single post like this with a pinch of salt (from this type) unless it can be better qualified via the PM system or by email.

I do swear that if we can prove that one agent or developer has deliberately defamed another on these forums we will make it known publicly who you are and we will also take further steps anyway to ensure that the prats that do this will not be allowed to do it again.

To the 90% of genuine posters (even those with a gripe) fair play…to the ****er’s not!


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