registering and category of the apartments

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registering and category of the apartments

Postby vito » Tue Jan 17, 2006 7:22 pm

Dear all,
I would like to inform all the owners of rental apartments that this summer there will be a special comission from the tax authorities and local municipality in Nessebar which will make regular inspections in different complexes in the area checking their proper registration in the municipality and also whether they are categorized. That is an official information i received from the municipality and i am afraid there will be a hell lot of a work before the season starts because of this fact. :evil: I remind you that last season it was only one inspection made in Bravo?Sunny Fort and the inspectors found out that many of the apartment let to tourists and owned by UK citizens are not even registered, and also with missing category. I think only one owner was "fined" with 500 levs, but that was only the beginning.
I presume all of you must take needed actions and organize the process before the season starts in order to be "legal" infront of the bulgarian laws. Some of the tour operators also require category license before signing a contract for accommomdation, because it will be a charge for both sides if there is no category - the maximum fine is 20000 levs.
Sorry for the bad news.

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