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Postby Moscow_Wolf » Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:53 pm

hughie07 wrote:Hi i will be looking at the yambol , bourgas area to start with, i would not want to be isolated so yes as someone has said close to a town would make sense and a village with some other ex pats in .

LOADS of village properties within 15-25 minutes of YAMBOL going for a song, some already renovated, some complete rebuilds, others just need some tarting up for holiday use.

Despite what a previous poster wrote, Burgas does NOT close for winter. If you know where to go, it is a lively city. However, closer to the Black Sea, village house prices tend to be higher although, bargains are still around if you know where to look.

You really need to get yourself over here and have a look around and see what floats your boat. My advice though to everyone coming over here to LIVE, is not to burn all of your bridges back to the home country. You need to be here minimum ONE year before you can even begin to think if you can live here permanently or, it is not for you and you wish to move on.

Just keep your eyes and ears open and really take a hard look at what folk are offering you and at what price - it is a BUYERS MARKET here and is likely to be like that for some time, so take your time finding the property for you. :wink:

By the way, my village is rubbish. :roll:

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Re: buying in a village

Postby rainbowwarrior » Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:58 pm

noddy wrote:buy one as close as possible to a good size town
it will make life much more comfortable
and cheeper in the long run

Unless you want cheap like the budgie or isolation then what old Noddy is saying is top advice there IMO, second that. Absolutely agree and even a small town will do

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Postby rainbowwarrior » Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:23 pm

oopa! someone got it wrong when buying in bg here people! A true pitty what chance has the op got when people like this are dishing out advice like authority.

banjo wrote:If you are going to live in your village house all year round thats fine but if not dont bother because you will get burgled. Also as its been said barking bl**dy dogs 24 seven,also be smart do not buy anywhere that has gypsies.
You will need to at least try and learn Bulgarian lingo. .

NOT TRUE! Theres villages with no burglaries. Your say this like it be the whole country which just aint true. Let the OP ask around about burglaries.

banjo wrote: Dont expect decent roads there isnt many, dirt tracks at best ok for donkey and cart and stray dogs. .

you must live in some backwater there big buddy! theres parts of this country now have better roads than ENGLAND. Been to Belene have you? How you like the that new road into Pleven then?

I dont think my right honourable forum member here is fit to give advice unless he has seen the country proper.

banjo wrote: Bourgas is ok nice place in the summer bit dull in winter when it shuts. .

cookoo! Bourgas is a city a region actually!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you on about the resorts or what? hahahahahahahaha this is funny, "Bourgas closes in winter" ye like the whole region is closed - shut down the airport - close the town hall - send the schools home - right ye big buddy! 8O

banjo wrote: Varna is best good all year round with decent shopping and sea views still loads of stray mutts and maniac drivers trying to avoid the stray pedestrians on zebra crossings, wear flat boots on the pavements or break an ankle or two. Not forgetting loads of ladies of the night

again VARNA is a CITY a REGION actually!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The OP is asking about villages.Please someone point out to the OP that VARNA is not a village. Maniac drivers are everywhere so are strays and likely he should be warned about expats who got it wrong and dont want the other expats to be happy and instead want to drag them down into their spyral of misery and drudgery and sel-pittying degenaration.

Why does the OP need to wear flat boots anyway you have seen the ladies of the night they wear high heels and dont seem to break their ankles!

There should be a vote button here where people who know what they is talking about can vote and if its all bumf like this guy wrote it should get voted off named and shamed. If its real valid advice the it should be voted like GOLD or smth so the OP knows what to listen to.

HERE BE MY ADVICE TO THE OP: Heed welll. My advice to the OP is DONT LISTEN TO ALL ADVICE there be a right miserrable bunch on here. Whay you even chossing YAMBAL anyway? GO to Bulgaria and see for yourself as much as you can. Avoid expats and see where you get on best withhhout them because these are the last people with good advice in a country called BULGARIA inhabited by ROMA and BULGARIANS mainly. Bulgarian and Romas also speak English speak to them about their country not Vinny Village hand his tuppence worth.

Freedom of speach be a real danger for some people! Come on forumers lets give this OP some real advice.

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Where too ?

Postby yankv8 » Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:06 pm

Elhovo is a safe bet,plenty of ex-pats in the villages around the town,a couple of brit shops and cafe/bars,approx a hour or less from the coast or half that to Turkey or Greece.
As for the roads,most in this part of the country,including Svilengrad,Harmanli,Haskovo and Starra Zagorra are new !and hardly any traffic,i live 10kms from Elhovo in Sinapovo,a lovely village with beautiful countryside,the downside is being a hour from the airport (if needed)property is relatively cheap starting at £5000 to £25,000 for a renovated ex-pat home,the nearer the coast you go,the more expensive unless theres something wrong with the area or the village.Depends what your interests are,what youwant fromlife and your wallet.....
don't listen to scaremongerers,or some people who either have moved somewhere ...iffy,and have a grudge with bulgaria,thats thier fault,choose wisely and you will be very happy.
Asfor ' gypsies ',i take offence to that,as i live with one (a woman ) who's the hardest worker i've met,and never stops (although i want her too,never tar everyone with the same brush,please people,thers some right 'dodgy thieving Brits ' here too.....and the dogs ????dont live next to a Brit lol,they usually have 5 or 6..I dont hear any :) mind you my village has 10 plus full time homes and10 plus holiday homes.

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were to buy

Postby k9uxl » Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:21 pm

hi guys
all i can say to you come over and see for your self even try renting for periods of time and have trips to different parts of the country yes there is good areas yes there are bad areas yes there are people that want to rip you of but also there are many you will take to and become good friends with no not all gypsys are bad and like wise not all brits are good at the end of the day come look be cautious make your own mind sift three the info you get on here some is good some is indifferent and one or to talk a load of **** its down to you good luck and enjoy

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Postby banjo » Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:28 pm

Well yes some roads are good but many are filled with pot holes, yes dogs are barking all night. the pavements ia a lot of areas are a mess,the general infrastructure is almost a joke if it was funny.I do see what I am talking about as I have driven the length of BG and seen many deserted villages that the Roma have taken over. I agree that not all villages have crime but some do.
If a person is looking for a village property then they should be warned before they buy and come and have a look I do not look at BG with rose tinted glasses.

I am trying to help by warning people to be on guard thats all.

Keep cool 8) 8) 8) 8) Varna man

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Postby marymo » Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:29 pm

No one has got more useful advice out of this forum than we have and advice on moving is vital. But as you'll already have read here there are many different views. As someone who has been coming to Bulgaria for 13 years and living here for 5 years I think I know a wee bit about the place. But I know nothing about you so its always hard to give advice in those circumstances. You need to decide what sort of a place is it you want and where do you want it...a house/apartment....near the sea/in the mountains/in a city/in a village/small town. Is it full time/part time/holiday only.
What I would say is that whatever you decide on those things I have mentioned it is important to come and have a good look round. If possible...and I know it is'nt always possible....try to rent in the type of place you have decided on. But remember...a beautiful area in Summer may look completely different come January.
We did none of the fact bought almost 8 years ago without seeing the place or having a clue where it was......we were lucky....we love it but I would NOT recommend you do that.
We do not live near any big towns. We are 55kms from Varna. We have Roma in our village. Not a problem. We have been away for months on end and never been broken in to. Yea, when we go to Varna we encounter many crazy drivers...real headers....but we look out for them and as far as possible try to take far so good. We have never been in the ex pat scene...a term I dislike...and have got along ok without them. You are coming to Bulgaria which is full of Bulgarians so try to pick thier brains once you are here. Yea, the roads are'nt in great condition.....are they great anywhere now....but the road from our place to Varna is as good as I drove in Ireland. The dogs is barking as I write this...but you realy do get used to it. I have 101 different gripes about Bulgaria but at the end of the day the good here vastly outweighs the bad....when it does'nt we are gone for good. Bulgaria is'nt for everyone. As previously advised try not to burn all your bridges before coming here. It can be frustrating at times. You'll want to get on a plane many times in your first year here and leave but you will soon know if its for you and if its for you you really will put up with all the negatives.
No one can give you total un impeachable advice on your move. Pick and mix from this site and all other places you can get info but in the end you must decide what and where you want to be. Good luck in your choice.

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Postby hughie07 » Mon Dec 12, 2011 7:20 am

thanks fo advice so far everyone mind blowing stuff so much to take in will be reading a lot more on the forum when i can find the time lol

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Postby oldtimer » Mon Dec 12, 2011 7:34 am

We live 7kms inland from Sunny Beach in a village and have lived here now for 15 years, my advise to you is first get some idea of where you want to live. Sea/mountains, inland. Also decide how far you want to be from an airport, what kind of winter do you want, as this differs from area to area. Winter is long here and if you are in a village that is isolated and not with a good road and a very small community unless you like your own company you could start suffering from cabin fever. Buying a property on the edge of a village you will stand much more chance of being burgled, yes burglery is high in Bulgaria but again you can cut your chances down of being burgled as to where you buy. My advise is to buy in a working village, by this I mean one that has maybe a kindergarden, shops, bars etc, not a village that has died, and there are many of these I am afraid. I love the location that we are in, as its only 20mins to the airport and Burgas which is not dead in the winter, 10 mins from the beach, which Sunny Beach is packed during the summer so if you wish to go there you can, but to be 10mins away you have the peace and quite of the village. On one of the warmer days in the winter its great to go to the beach and walk along it with no one else about, as Sunny Beach in the winter is like the Mary Celest.

There are good roads and bad roads and still the bad out weight the good, but you need to look for yourself, dont listen to anyone telling you that this is a great village etc etc as it might not be for you, I know of many areas that people say are lovely and this village etc is lovely but its not my cup of tea and where I live is probably not someone elses.

Although we live near the coast I also love the Vidin region, but this area is very hot in the summer and colder in the winter, Vidin has some lovely villages around it, also some good roads as does the coast, although this area is much poorer than the coast it has a lot to offer, also once the bridge is finished (one day it will be) it will be the shortest route across europe.

Houses are cheap for a reason, and some they would be cheaper to pull down and start again than try to renovate. There are some good bargains about where people and bought renovated and then decided to move back to the UK as Bulgaria was not for them, or for many other reasons.

You need to come to Bulgaria travel around make your own mind up, its not just the village that you are going to buy in its also the region that you need to look at, take advise on areas but dont listen to anyone who says this is the best area as for them it probably is but as I said it might not be for you. Good luck with your search.

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Postby carriemc » Mon Dec 12, 2011 7:44 am

You really need to get over to Bulgaria and have a look around.
There is piles of property of every type for sale in the areas you have specified, but only you know what you need in the area you want to live in.
You can look on the internet for properties till you go cross eyed but until you see them in the 'flesh' you can have no real idea of what living in the area is going to be like.
Why not go over for a holiday and have a look around?

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