also a newbie

If you are new to the My Bulgaria forums and want a softer introduction other than diving straight in, just say 'hi' here. Tell us a little about yourself or your interest in Bulgaria maybe? We were all 'new' once!

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Postby Springerlabs » Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:49 pm

Hi John and Wendy welcome to the forum, I`ve just joined also, looking forward to seeing you both this year, and bring Connor around for a ride on the Haggis, now you know who I am !! once I can......I will PM you hope you are all well xxx


Postby Pixi » Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:35 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum


Postby JohnB » Fri Mar 18, 2011 8:02 pm

hi all
Thanks for the advice we will be travelling or rather having a holiday incorporated with the trip. Plymouth to Santander, Barcalona, Civitavechia, Bari, Greece and home

We want to have a once in a lifetime excursion see southern Europe particularly Barcalona Rome and Nipoli along with some Greek beaches for future reference. day trips and all that

I think and hope that Connor will enjoy the experience as I remember when I was a Lad and had the joy of going off. I used to do hostel-ling almost every weekend and believe it or not school hols, hitchhiking, ah those were the days. In this nanny state and a country full of predators its not possible nowadays, shame really.

anyway we are stocking up on all the things we will need that we can't get in Bulgaria, along with some personal things you can't get on the plane.
If trudi, mark carol and john want us to bring something over please ask maybe even a haggis. No point in bringing whiskey as rikia is better imo.

we will be at the Yellow house for a month(July) so if anyone wants to meet up or visit I'm sure we could arrange a good Scottish welcome, overnight accommodation no probs could arrange a art workshop and some painting with jam session bring your own instruments or voice, paints and paper supplied. either reply or PM me

Yours John, Wendy and Connor

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