Ireland / Spain calling..

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Ireland / Spain calling..

Postby MaureenH1962 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:26 pm

I'm Irish, living in Spain. Bought in 2008 with my now ex husband. Solicitor who had PoA took all the money from the 'company' bank account. We'd left money in there for him to do our annual accounts.. thought almost 1000euro, that'll do us for 10 years at 100e a time. Turns out all he did was steal our money.

So we got a firm of lawyers to do the accounts returns and for years they charged us 190e a year. Ouch. Managed to negotiate that down to 100e last year but it's still a lot.

Finally trying to get the ex off my back, I write to the solicitors to find out how we can 'sell' either him to me, or me to him and how much that'd cost. Btw, they quoted quite a lot. Turns out they discover we haven't paid any municipal tax (never knew there were any!) and we were about to have the three assets that the company we set up owns seized and sold to pay off 2008-2012 taxes.

Having fun yet? No, me neither! Anyway, I now want to just get shot of the company (no longer required to own land in Bulgaria) and the assets. A house on 4400m2 of land in Sirakovo and two building plots (1250m2 each) in Spasovo. Around 20-25 kms from the sea and up near Dobrich.

Obviously, I need to find someone to do the returns for less than the 100e a year til we can sell, and need to find an estate agent who won't charge a fortune for their services as someone said that they charge a minimum of 3000e per asset. On that basis, the assets I have are worthless.

So... anyone got any comments? Useful or otherwise please :)

Maureen x

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