If you are a My Bulgaria member and are offering goods or services in Bulgaria to other users (NOT Real Estate sales) you may announce and discuss exactly what you are offering here free of charge. This type of advert will no longer be allowed in other forum headings. Please be precise with your topic heading as that will help other members to find you! Potential users of any services advertised should take all usual precautions!!

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Postby MOD » Tue Feb 24, 2009 10:29 pm


As many forum posts are asking for various suppliers of goods and services, it was felt that it would be beneficial to create our own version of the ‘Yellow Pages’ which in time could become quite a useful resource of information specifically related to Bulgaria.

The directory, along with all category headings, is here - and waiting for your entries:

All genuine businesses are entitled to make ONE free listing under the most appropriate subcategory heading. Please make sure that all entries contain accurate information. Also please note that there will be a slight delay before any entry is included as each will be ‘approved’ by an Administrator first to make sure that the directory is kept as spam free as possible.

In order to make a free listing you will have to create an account to log into. This can be done by clicking the appropriate link in the main menu. This will allow you also to edit your listing at any time.

Any obvious abuse of this free service will result in all listings by that account holder being deleted.

The new directory will start to be more widely advertised on My Bulgaria once it has a reasonable amount of content, at which time additional advertising opportunities will be announced whereby listings will be able to be enhanced and allowed to contain additional information, web links, product sheets and graphics. This will also afford a little time to sort out any gremlins by ourselves! (If indeed there are any!)

Finally….for those who wish to use any of the suppliers that advertise, please make sure that BEFORE you retain any services or part with any money you make absolutely certain that the advertiser is genuine. Take as many references as possible and also establish their credibility and standing in the forums by whatever means you are able.

So… let your fingers ‘do the walking’!!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Directory please use the dedicated topic in Site Comments which can be found here: ... 97&start=0

Thanks. Mod 8)

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