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Bulgarian Road tax/vignette

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:01 pm
by rodz
What an abortion it has been this year. The goverment delay it until 31 Jan to save a rush over the xmas period, then they do not put vignettes for sale until 25 Jan. So still theres a rush. They print a list of places to buy them, most of which dont sell them ( I know Iv tried). Tomorrow I have an hours return journey to Vratsa to try and get one before the weekend. Why didnt they leave them with the post office. Was it goverment inificientcy or another case of a back hander to someone


Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:48 pm
by Windhorse
got mine from Piccadilly today :wink:

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:55 pm
by Cameo
Fluffles, go to the OMV garage on the way to Yambol. First set of traffic lights after Techonpolis. They have them there no problems. They dont want to see your documents, only want your name and village that you live in. Easy peesy. 67 levs and your done for the year. We tried all over today, been to 3 other garages on the list given by the 'officials', hmmmm, no vignette available. Then went to the OMV garage and got it done in a trice.

Best of luck with yours.

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:00 pm
by Fluffles
Thanks for that Cameo. Will go there tomorrow ...keep yr fingers crosed they have some left !

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:20 pm
by Cameo
Well we thought it would be packed with people as when we asked at the Shell garage they told us that there was no vignette in the whole of Yambol.?????? Hmmm, anyway, we decided to go to the OMV garage which was on the goverment vignette site (allbeit it was written in only Bulgarian, but manage to read that no probs) and hey presto they had loads and hubby was only in 2nd in the queue. SO if you go tomorrow I think you should be ok. Let us know how you go on.

Its all a bit of an unorganised mess at the moment, even the Bulgarians dont know where to buy them from. But hey this is Bulgaria isnt it, so we dont expect anything to be well orgainsed and easy do we. lol.

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:21 pm
by walkage
Not sure why this thread has generated so much response. Got my Vinetka 2 weeks ago - no probs when you know where.
Rodz - based in Peterborough - don't like Bg well go back to Peterborough - no probs. Sure all your Council Officials will be having back-handers there...

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:50 pm
by Fluffles
" But hey this is Bulgaria isnt it, so we dont expect anything to be well orgainsed and easy do we. lol."

Scarey but true !!!


Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:24 am
by leedarkwood
It seems like only one garage in our entire area has the contract for vignettes, we finally tracked it down to Eko this week. All of the other garages must have known who had them, but weren't saying! :D

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:35 am
by thewig
Lukoil stations in Varna have them, got mine from the one close to Metro

Bulgarian road tax

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:40 am
by rodz
Im sorry If I upset you Walkage by pointing out the obvious ie that they had a Bulgaria had a perfectly good system ie that you could get vignette at the post office. Then went and changed it, and made it difficult to find a place that sold them (which is substansiated by this thread). All I ask is WHY. As far as me not liking Bulgaria you couldnt be further from the truth. I have lived here for 3 years and love the country and its people. So dont slag me off when you dont know me or anything about me