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Postby pauly » Wed Jul 02, 2008 1:48 pm

Dear all,
Following a successful drive over in my 1967 MGB roadster last month, which made it despite some funny pit stops enroute, where we had to pull up at a garage, pop the bonnet and hit the dynamo with a hammer to get it to charge the batteries again (locals must have found this hilarious) and parts of the exhaust falling off in Germany the trip was ok and took including repair stops 66 hours.

With my neighbours who are Bulgarian i then drove to Dobrich to register the car, and after about a day of going from office to office the final hurdle came and we took all papers collated earlier that day to the same office where we started at in the morning to be told the car did not appear on their database, and so the Police Chief will need to look at the car, he gladly looked at it and then got on the phone and then we were told that we could not complete matters today as they had no record of such a car (in other words first in BG) and that a special assessor will need to inspect and he comes next first week in July, where he will have the authority to add it to their database.

Despite wasting a day i thought this was so funny and thought i would share my mad experience. So all please be aware that if you want to register old vehicles you may find that you have problems.

As i had to fly back i went to a notaires office to give power of attorney to my neighbour who will register it on my behalf.

Since then i have had numerous police stop me in the car just to have a chat about it as they have not seen one and are amazed it is still on the road; which i think will be all part of the fun of having it in BG. So if you see it driving in the varna-balchic areas give us a hoot.

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