All The Routes To Bulgaria

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All The Routes To Bulgaria

Postby owain » Thu Feb 11, 2010 11:39 am

I’ve noticed a few newbie’s asking about travelling to Bulgaria so I thought I’d put a summary of all the routes (hopefully O.K with the MOD’s ;) )

The easiest and quickest route is through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. The roads are good all the way. You'll need to buy vignettes (road tax) and road tolls on the way; you also need to buy Green Card insurance from your insurer in the U.K. for crossing Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. This is VERY IMPORTANT because if you don’t, it will cost you a lot extra to purchase insurance at the borders.
The Serbs have a reputation for corruption. Personally, I’ve never had any problems this way but the Serbs do sometimes target foreigners with van or trailer loads of items so be prepared and make a complete itinerary so you can show the customs officials if asked. Also always stick to the speed limit in Serbia otherwise this will give them another excuse to fine you.

The route through Austria, Hungary and Romania is less hassle as far as customs. It is longer and the roads can be busy with road works, the ring road round Budapest can be busy and the roads in Romania are similar to Bulgaria but if you’re not in a rush and you have sat/nav then this is probably the best route to take if you’re travelling to the North of Bulgaria.

The Italy/Greece route is the best route if you want to make a holiday from your trip. It’s pleasant to drive, the scenery is nice all the way and you can enter Bulgaria in the South and South West. But this way costs a lot more due to the extra cost of the ferry crossing from Italy to Greece plus food, fuel etc.

Here’s some links for posts on MYBG for the different routes and Green Cards:
Using the Serbia Route - Recent Observations ... servations

Up-to-date hints on hungary/romania route to bg ... a+route+bg

Italy - Greece route ... eece+route

Green Card Insurance ... +insurance

You will need to check the laws of the road for each country your passing through, you may need winter/ summer tyres or you may need to make sure your lights are on at all times. Details of each country Road Laws can be found here:

Via Michelin is a good site to use as a guide to the routes and the costing (road tax, tolls etc.)

Good Luck with your trip and enjoy your adventure 8)

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Postby MOD » Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:14 pm

Great post owain, thanks very much for the effort and research you've put into this. We've made your post a 'sticky' so it will remain near the top of the 'Getting To...' section.

It's not dissimilar to our own summary post here which is also good for members researching routes for the first time: ... ic&t=26155

:wink: 8)

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