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costings to bg and back to uk

Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 5:10 pm
by truckyboy
i have just returned after a months holiday and thought i would post a costing on my trip. the outward trip was from london to vidin. the return trip was from pomorie to london.

london to vidin
1. mileage 1461..fuel 183 ltrs =269 euro
3 x hotels germany, austria, calafat = 242 euro,
tolls @ 7.90 austria 8e hungary, 5e romania total =20.90euro
calafat ferry + port tax = 36 euro
road tax bulgaria 12 euro 1 month
food /snacks = 70 cost = 650 euro

pomorie to london mileage = 1847
fuel = 200 litres cost 259 euro
hotels x 4 rumo,hungary, germany,belgium = 310.50 euro
tolls ruse bridge 2e, rumo 5e, hungary 8e, austria 7.90e
total =22.90
food/snacks 136 euro
total cost= 466.40 euro

total round trip cost was 1116.40 euro

Of course money can be saved by using cheaper hotels, eating less, or leaving the wife behind :lol:
my car is a turbo diesel mercedes so gives a moderate miles per gallon of around 45, although i havnt worked it out properly yet.
I was surprised at romania and how they have improved their countries roads, alas only on the main highways, which is all we wanted anyway. the hotels were fantastic, new, cheap, and the food also was great, must say i felt really proud of them seeing that the last trip i made by road was 5 years ago, when the gippos would gesture at the side of the road for sweets etc, didnt see one, either there and back. the villages were tidy with nice paint jobs on the houses, and we felt that the population had been educated completely. well done romania, must say it puts bulgaria in the shade quite a bit, and my wife agreed with me ( and she is bulgarian.)
Bulgaria is being neglected, over grown grass everywhere, we still havnt got a road built on our complex, and thats 5 years waiting, although we did get a petition to take to the next council meeting, so we`ll see what happens next, probably get sent to the gulag. :roll:


Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 5:18 pm
by bullador
Hi Truckyboy, thanks for taking the time to do this costing. It gives me a good idea of the amount of money I will need for the journey, although I must say that I only do 2 stops, one in Lipova Romania, and the other in Neiuhousen in Germany (dont know how its spelt) and both hotels are cheap clean and good food. I agree with you about the Romanian Roads, they have greatly improved over the years.


Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 4:36 pm
by truckyboy
Hi back to uk on the 25th august, and i had not driven to bg for over 5 years so it was a pleasant surprise, and very enjoyable.
I wanted to do a proper costing of the trip so wrote down every receipt, and every mileage when we filled up with fuel.
We didnt rush and as you say there is a lot of money to be saved. The BB group of hotels in germany were only 49 euros for 2 + brekkie, whereas we paid over a hundred euros in koln, and again in vienna.
We left london on July 25th for a lunchtime crossing, and started our journey in france about 2pm. We arrived in vidin on Wednesday lunchtime, as we missed the ferry and had to get a hotel in the port ( 25 euros )

Since arriving back into the uk on the 25th august..i got the urge to go back, so booked my flight, and am off to Pomorie next friday 9th sept, and return again on the 7th oct..this time i am on my own as the missus has to go to work on monday ( unless shes got a toyboy :lol: )
cos she sure seems keen on me to go, even bought me a new suitcase, not that i need it, its for me to take all of her **** out there that she doesnt need here. Anyway, i dont know where your heading, but i would love to have a meet with some brits, but it depends where you are, or they are, i will be on my laptop, so can arrange something.
good luck with the journey
bon voyage

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:31 am
by bulgarbob
the arithmatic is way out on return journey