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Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:02 am
by rainbowwarrior
stewarty wrote:LNGroup wrote
The motorway in Serbia has three toll sections which works out around 15 euros in total, there is no other vignette to pay

Surely you went through Slovenia, going via Serbia route? Which has the most expensive vignette @15 euro for such a short distance!

Unless something has changed, anyone any updates?


Not for me no, personally I dont bother buying the Slovenian vignette. You are only there for a short time and noone checks for them. Four times now I done it like this and saved myself 60 eur all in! Diesel prices are cheaper here so fill up and go!

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:09 am
by rainbowwarrior
[quote="LNGroup"]you are correct Owain I came across from Vienna to Budapest, then straight south towards Szged, I don`t go through Slovenia as it seemed a hassle looking through some other forum posts.....Austria`s vignette is only 2 euros cheaper than the toll system in Serbia so for Serbia it isn`t that bad really, also the road is excellent all the way from the Hungarian border through Serbia until the last 60 miles from Nis to Kalotina which is an A road.....there are a few road works in places but literally a few short stretches which didnt slow me down at all....even passing through Belgrade is simple and straight through.

There are literally hundreds of route options for this journey, it`s not a particularly cheap journey, its a long way and you will spend a lot on fuel, and personally I`m happy to pay 15 euros to go through Serbia for near empty well surfaced, well sign posted motorways with lots of petrol stations with rest areas, restaurants and clean`s a real joy after the uk motorways

Me no understand. why are you going to Austria then hungary and the serbia? Thats a crazy route probably your satnav sent you there? much better come straight down:
Switzerland or striaght to italy (I dont buy swiss vignette and only caught once but no fine just pay at border control leaving)

Austria and hungary dont even come into it!

for the op'er as he is driving a DISCO he can also go through romania as he will driving slow anyways.

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:09 pm
by LNGroup
which part of my journey don`t you understand???, I went that way as I enjoy the journey, and find it dead easy....I just checked my route against your route on Via Michelin and the difference between the two routes is that mine is a massive 64 miles longer to my destination! hardly a crazy route??

What is crazy is suggesting that you should not bother buying vignettes..... I do buy Vignettes in each country, you have been lucky so far but just wait until you get a cop in a bad mood or have an accident with a local.......

I`ve just copied the following advice on Slovenia from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office website:-

Safety and Security - Local Travel - Road Travel

Slovenia has a ‘Vignette’ system for motorway travel. Vignettes are available for weekly, monthly or yearly periods, and can be purchased at petrol stations and DARS (the Slovenian Motorway Company) offices in Slovenia as well as outlets in neighbouring countries near the Slovene border. The Vignette is compulsory for vehicles under 3.5 tonnes in weight. The police and DARS officials are monitoring motorway use, and are stopping motorists who do not have a Vignette. Failure to have or display a Vignette will lead to an on-the-spot fine of up to €800. For more information on the Vignette system and where to buy one, please visit

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:16 pm
by Moscow_Wolf
jadamwilliams wrote:
Moscow_Wolf wrote:I don't think you mentioned whether the DISCO is petrol or diesel. If the latter, I would buy some fuel additive for freezing conditions.

I only experienced this once before in a DISCO in Russia. It is like you cannot get enough revs or power to pull away. It cleared eventually, but I had to 'hip-hop' back to base. After that lesson, I bought and added the diesel stuff. no more problems.

Some folk will say you can add some petrol to the diesel, but you need to know how much and when hence, my advice, if you're driving a diesel in the Rhodope Region during February, but the additive.

Euro 5 diesel or Euro diesel standard is suitable to -25C (ie thats its freezing point) - any colder than that and it will be pretty difficult to start the engine anyway - l have heard stories of Russian truckers lighting fires under their engines to get them going - but probably not something that you will get away with in an Austrian service station...

You're most probably correct. I was referring to a time when Eastern European diesel and gasoline was full of impurities and water to name but a few detrimental additives. European class fuel had no meaning. However, I did manage to drive there (Moscow) and back a few times in RHD and NEVER ever had a GPS or even a mobile telephone. The sun and a compass is all you need plus a sense of adventure. Where has the Columbus spirit gone these days, the world is proven not to be flat. :wink:

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:21 pm
by LNGroup
:lol: like your style MW...., I navigate from city to city, ie Bourgas - Sofia - Belgrade - Vienna - etc etc, with the satnav as a backup when I invariably miss a roadsign :)

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:03 pm
by Slaphead
Switzerland or striaght to italy (I dont buy swiss vignette and only caught once but no fine just pay at border control leaving)
BULGARIA [/quote]

Not one of the route planners suggested this route on the 5 different occasions I drove here to BG and back to UK. 3 times in a van and 2 in cars.

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:25 pm
by Hippyboy
I've always done my own route planning , from looking at good old fashioned maps , I don't believe in sat-nav , it gives you the opportunity to blame something else when you get lost ; which in my experience can often be the best part of the journey , although not always ! Anyway when's that new tunnel through Switzerland gonna open , any ideas ? Tim