WHY did you vote leave ?

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Postby FlagHostel » Thu Aug 11, 2016 8:17 am

i think you are right sheila.

when we went in they said 'in means in'

now we are out and 'out means out'

the world is a very different place now to what is was when we went 'in'

all of us as individuals have to be flexible to get the most out of life.
and a country is no different.
with the current people in charge of the EU, had we stayed 'in' we would
have been stuck in a rut.
by leaving may and boris have to negotiate the best way forward for the UK.

we would have been better to stay in and get rid of all the tossers running the EU,
but sadly, these changes only happen once the wind blows.
and it has taken the UK voting to leave to blow the wind all over the EU...

we had NO choice really but to leave to force a change.

i think delaying article 50 is the right thing to do.
the UK now needs to set up arrangements with what suits us now, to move forward best for us.
there will be no shortage of countries who want to continue trade with us from outside the EU.
the big question is getting onboard remaining EU countries like france to agree etc..

and troyan - you are right too.
the pound is still dropping and for sure, immigration will not b dropping yet !
good point you make

as for other other BG forums, yes, i doubt too whether any of them are
increasing their members.

they will all be dying now which is why every now and again, i post something
bizarre on here to try and give it some variety.

elvis is as famous world wide as the queen.
it's just a bit of fun and i thought quite interesting that after 39 years of taking
bets, bookies suddenly stop last week.

anyway, if you are not curious about elvis dont worry.

ill post another story when one comes along to try and vary topics here for you.

there will be no more failed gf or hostel stories and i cannot discuss the mafia in detail - so do not worry. i wont bore you anymore on these subjects.

i am well aware that most readers here DO NOT feel the mafia is good for Bulgaria - even though they ARE as they pay more into the system than all villagers put together.
just running all their v8 cars means they are paying 300 levs a week, just fill up.
fuel levy alone - they are all collectively big contributors.

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Postby troyan » Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:07 am

i post something
bizarre on here to try and give it some variety.

you said it, that guy sure looks like he is Elvis

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Postby Varnaite » Fri Aug 12, 2016 7:05 pm

why did i vote leave ?? just for the hell of it stuff the result

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Re: WHY did you vote leave ?

Postby truckyboy » Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:40 pm

i voted to leave, just to upset those who voted to stay, and now its all backfired, cos the scots are very angry, so at least i helped to achieve my own goal..ha ha Anyway the dwarf leader of the SNP, now wants a second referendum on them leaving the UK, with one of them saying on tv last night, `We have free prescriptions and bus passes, tuition fees and university fees, prescriptions, etc etc. So why would a small country like scotland want to give all of that up ? If you look at the facts: If they leave, all financial help from westminster will stop ! So all the above will now be borne by higher taxes for everyone, or they will lose it completely. The submarine bases will be moved to the uk, the oil revenue is non existant as its profits were borrowed on heavily during the thatcher years, and will remain for years to come, so with only approx 5m people in Scotland, they cannot possibly afford their free lifestyles they have now, on top of paying the EU its subsidy, should they ever be allowed to become members, for as i speak they are a part of Great Britain, and we are leaving the sinking ship, and they want to be controlled by people unelected, and who are far worse than the governance of westminster.

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Re: WHY did you vote leave ?

Postby johndoe3 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:31 am

I didn't vote, but it was satisfying to see the disbelief on the remoaners faces, especially Dummblebee on Tv.
Of course there are issues to be faced, such as who will finance the M25 having a 30 metre high wall built around it, then should taxpayers money be used to finance the Thames Barrage.
I say if the Scots want another referendum, let them have it, but only coupled with an English referendum , should English be discriminated against.

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