treatment of dogs in bulgaria ~ pt 2

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Postby diane » Sat Jan 19, 2008 6:51 pm

Thankyou to you all who have commented on my story about Ranger, the street dog. I appreciate all comments.
I am aware that life can be harsh in the villages and that attitudes to animals are very different than in the U.K. and I understand that people don't want an unpredictable dog in their neighbourhood. What I don't understand is deliberate cruelty of an animal and how to some children it can be a pleasurable passtime or how any man thinks its O.K to shout and rant at a woman, with a gun in his hand, whether she can understand him or not.
I did not want to get off to a bad start with my neighbours and this is one of the things that is really upsetting me now. We made every effort to solve the problem before it reached this stage. My husband asked the police if they could help and they said they didn't have anything to do with street dogs. A bulgarian friend asked at the mayor's office and was told the same thing. My husband was told that even if a street dog was going about biting people, the police wouldn"t shoot it. It would either be taken for a drive and dumped where it could cause havoc in another village or it would be left for the villagers to deal with it. Something has to be done for the sake of the dogs and the safety of people. I don't think the man with the gun realizes just how hard we did try, so I will try and get our friend to explain to him.
In the meantime, Ranger is fine and as happy as he can be watching the world and "his boy" through his shed door until the fencing goes up.
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Postby papilion » Sat Jan 19, 2008 8:47 pm

I have read this with some interest as we are surrounded by stray dogs, my wife has put in several complaints to the munisipality and they have done nothing. We had a count the other day and found in excess of a hundred stray dogs in our local area. We were speaking to one of our neighbours who has puppies and she informed us that as soon as they are old enough she will kick them out to roam the streets, they don't seem to see any problem with that even though there have been several more attacks in our area.

Tomorrow I have the task of hunting one perticular one down and shooting it as it keeps jumping our fence and snarling at us. My wife no longer wants to go outside at night for fear of being attacked.

There was also recently a child attacked by a pack of dogs, half of which had been nutered, the child survived as the dogs were driven of.

If anyone can point me in the right direction of the new law on dumping dogs and brutality to animals could they let me know please.

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