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Postby booboo » Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:01 am

Seedy wrote:Dear Mr or Mrs Jaffa-Troll

Thank you for your detailed, and tedious, explanation of what constitutes "commercial" on your homeworld of Planet Onan.

Let me now enlighten you as to how the concept differs on Planet Earth, which you obviously have yet to visit.

1 - my house, which is now proving to be insufferably boring to everyone who hears about it, is owned by a non-trading company. The company is non-trading because it carries out NO activity of any kind (except for furnishing my lawyer and accountant with an excuse to charge me fees, and the Bulgarian government to make me pay for the “privilege” of telling it that no activity has been carried out since the last time I told them the same thing). In case the concept of “NO activity” isn’t within the intellectual grasp of the inhabitants of Planet Onan, allow me to explain that that means it doesn’t do anything.

2- the advice service of the European Commission, quoted earlier, is situated in Brussels - a virtual world located in a notional space somewhere between Planets Earth and Onan. Nonetheless, it also labours under the misapprehension that “commercial” tariff electricity has to be supplied for commercial use, not at the whim of the supplier. Rest assured that I will forward your “explanation” of exactly why and how they are wrong to them without delay; I feel sure they will be delighted to have the opportunity of extending their woefully inadequate understanding of such matters.

3- as you say, my inactive company may not DO anything but it very stupidly missed the chance of being untraceable, so does indeed have an address. Unfortunately for your "logic", that address ISN’T the address of the house in question, not that that would make any difference at all to whether any electricity consumed at the house is used for any commercial purpose. :roll:

4- the electricity company won’t allow me to put the electricity supply in my own name because they require a copy of the Notary Act. In case the inhabitants of Planet Onan haven’t yet evolved to the level of requiring notaries, let me explain that the Notary Act contains many mentions of my name and identity details as being the owner of my company but this is insufficient for the electricity company, who insist that the company is the owner and hence must appear as the client. Of course, I have to sign the contract, and produce my identity papers to enable me to do so, but I can’t put it into my own name. Moreover, the Notary Act clearly states that the house is what it purports to be, ie a village house.

5- the municipality have the house registered as domestic premises and are charging me domestic property taxes - even though they also require a copy of the very same Notary Act and details of my ID on file. They also require me to sign all the necessary papers for this registration but, blinded by their knowledge of the district, they foolishly didn’t notice that it is actually a factory disguised as a village home.

You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t continue with my explanation, my dear Jaffa-Troll, but I’m rapidly losing the will to live and I normally charge people for using up my time.

It’s quite clear that the concept of grasping foreigners snapping up “cheap properties” is a problem for you. Why that should be I can’t imagine, and don’t particularly care, but one of the symptoms appears to be a tendency to spout nonsense and to assume that you have the faintest idea of how a court would view the matter. The idea that because a utility company chooses to regard a property as being used for commercial purposes - purely so they can charge a higher tariff - somehow means that "they have the backing of the law" is both naive and farcical. Are electricity companies really the legislators on Planet Onan?

Yours "sincerely".

Tedious and stupid. I don't what you are on, but making up planet names, and being condescending without even a clue what your on about puts more weight behind the fact that you have nothing better to do than email this person or that person over a principal that does not exist. You signed a commercial contract, live with it.

You charge people, what those with insomnia that you cure. Mr seedless, (Jaffa ? god you have no sense of humour either) go spout elsewhere, cus you are clueless..... MATE

S[/quote] :roll: :roll: :roll:

The OP seems to understand, perhaps you have spent too many hours trolling stuff to moan about
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Postby MOD » Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:02 am

Booboo and Seedy, if you wish to continue this somewhat tedious discussion, please do so via PM. You have both excessively made your points and anything else from either of you along the same lines will be deleted.

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Postby keninski » Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:03 am

Here Here

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Postby booboo » Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:13 am

Ok on a brighter note, I paid my bill and no standing charge


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Postby Slaphead » Thu Sep 15, 2011 6:12 pm

What to say?
OK, going back to last year and the 'as maniacly promoted on a variety of BG related web sites' panic attack of doing stuff with notaries to ensure your electricity is charged at domestic rates versus the commercial rate, which apparently attracted a 20% price hike, we, as ever, did absolutely nothing.
Now, we are very definitely charged at commercial rates for electricity consumed at our property. We are, after all, a commercial enterprise. It says so on our notary act. i.e. we own a 'kamina' versus a 'kushta'. We actually have licences and stuff to act as a commercial enterprise, plus a registered cash machine. Therefore, we are a commercial consumer. No argument.
The strange thing is this. Since the panic attack of last year and our subsequent 'nil response', our electricity bills have gone down.
One may wonder why.
Well, it may be due to the fact that we do our heavy use stuff at night. e.g. water heater, washing machine, etc.. The commercial rate is cheaper.
Then again, we could just bitch about the indignity of being labelled in the first place but we have far more interesting things to do.

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Postby Hippyboy » Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:12 pm

It seems to me that one of the key points here is that EVN are treating their customers differently to EON , and if there is a regulatory body then surely they should address this . I'm not a great fan of EON (in fact I have an ongoing situation with them at my 'new' place) , however at my current house , which is also the registered address of my company , I've always had the tok in my personal name . I recently upgraded to 3-phase , and was concerned that the contract for this was in my company name . I was assured that the account would remain in my name , and although I was skeptical , it appears that it has . Its difficult to compare the bills right now as one is the proper bill via the post office , and the other a long print out from a cash register in town , however it appears that I'm paying less per unit than I was ! Surely all tok companies should have to work to the same rules.

By the way booboo , having had a Natioinwide account for nearly 30years , I'm far from happy that I had to pay £60 in withdrawl charges on my last winter holiday , and can't for the life of me see how this benefits members ; I'm a member and it cost me £60!

Tim .

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