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Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:19 am
by ChrisF
Below is an invitation from the British Ambassador, Emma Hopkins, who is visiting VT on the 21st February . Unfortunately I cannot attend myself, but it would be good if as many of us as possible could attend so please pass it on to as many British people in the area as you can as she will have uptodate information on Brexit and how it will affect us. Please note that you need to register to attend the event, and also to take your ticket and photo ID with you on the day.

The British Ambassador, Emma Hopkins, invites the British community in Veliko Tarnovo and the region for an informal meeting (to discuss Brexit and other topics of interest to British nationals in the VT region) and afternoon tea in the Veliko Tarnovo Town Hall (Ritualna zala, to the left from the main entrance) on 21 February 2018, 15:30 - 17:00 hours. Please register in advance in order to attend this event and bring your ticket and photo ID on the day. Alternatively, you could register one or more people by e-mailing us on

The British Ambassador, Emma Hopkins, would also like to invite the British community in Veliko Tarnovo to an exhibition The High Road: Photography from Scotland which will be launched at exhibition halls “Rafael Mihailov”, 1 Rafael Mihailov Street, Veliko Tarnovo 5000 on 21 February 2018, 17:00 -19:00 hours.

The invitation can also be found on Facebook and I believe that you can also register there: ... 0333679527