Russian Booking - what documents do I give them ?

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Postby Moscow_Wolf » Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:08 pm

Nessie wrote:We had Russians in our apartment for 3 months and never sent them anything, just booking form. and they never ask for anything either.

Probably passed its sell by date now, but if the thread is still alive, could you please explain what your status is and what 'booking form' did you send?

I am not the owner of a hotel or a guest house, but recently went through the process that every Bulgarian Citizen would have to do if they wished to 'privately invite' a Russian Citizen to stay with them for a two weeks or longer, holiday, but less than 90 day stay.

The process involved a Notary, swearing an Affidavit, filling out forms on-line in Bulgarian, (hand written not accepted), proving we had sufficient room for our guests and that we have enough money in the bank (if not working) to support them during their stay. The cost in Notary fees, taxes, fuel plus the general hassle of the whole procedure has brought me to the conclusion that I will NEVER personally invite any Non EU Citizen to visit me here again. To add insult to injury, our Russian guests were also charged for their visas at the other end as well as having to prove their relationship to us here in Bulgaria.

I know a Russian lady that runs a complex in Sunny Beach and I asked her how her Russian clients obtain their visas to Bulgaria. She basically said that she offered NO assistance whatsoever and that her clients (all apartment owners) just went to some 'agency' in their part of Russia and flight tickets and visas were obtained in that way!

Now if you're a registered hotel or guest house here in Bulgaria, it is my opinion that all you would need to do is to confirm a booking to your Russian client and the rest is up to them, but if you're a private person wishing to let your property short-term to a Russian then, you're going to have to go through the same or similar process I described earlier OR, advise them just to buy a cheap tour as I am going to do next time around.

It is a crying shame that the 'system' has to be circumnavigated when the EU cannot make it work smoothly for everyone concerned or, National Rules are brought into force just to keep folks in Job's Worth employment.

Things are supposed to become easier (so I was told by those that know) when/if Bulgaria gets its Schengen status, but I'll believe that if/when I see it for myself.

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