Business idea - Food/drink products from UK?

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Postby jadamwilliams » Tue Mar 15, 2011 5:27 pm

hi truckyboy - think you missed the point that it would be delivered - no shop overheads - i do transport services as it is - so its mainly to fill the van up to start with and see where it goes from there - i believe others have failed cause overheads too high.. I have found good markets already supplying small shops and hotels in ski and coastal areas, it doesnt have to support me financially..its just another finger in another pie... if you can do it at the right price theres always a market.... and you could order anything you wanted from the big UK supermarkets - see the price online and the charge would be for delivery - using local couriers to distribute from my small warehouse in Polski Trambesh. lots of people here live far from supermarkets and there is also quite a bit of interest from Bulgarian market (7million people - many of whom have lived/been to UK).

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