Our Bulgarian dilemma. Help please!

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Postby sarah1703 » Thu May 05, 2011 9:49 am

the houses that I said are rented in my last post are unrenovated you should be able to get more rent for a renovated 1 ; also some of the school teachers here rent rooms in the village I was asked last year if we would rent our upstairs [above the shop] rooms to the new IT teacher as her own home is in the city & it is too expensive to travel everyday; we would have done it but the rooms were full of stuff that we had nowhere else to store ; the teachers dont need to rent for most of the summer so it might be possible to also rent to people who are looking for property or have bought in the area; our friends also have a big house that they rent out to people who work in the forest I dont know how much they pay ;I would not buy a property here just to rent it out but if I had a spare house I would prefer it to be lived in rather than left empty

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Postby AJ113 » Thu May 05, 2011 10:25 pm

The Bulgarian summer is not - in my opinion - short. It is pretty much wall to wall sunshine for 4 months. The problem is that the only time you will get rentals (if you get any at all) is when the kids are off school. Which narrows it down to about 6 weeks max.

I have been renting for 6 years. My advice would be - as everyone else says - forget it.

Even if you buy a property as an investment speculation, what most people seem to forget is that the property will need maintenace and upkeep every year that you don't sell it - and believe me, unless you don't mind your property falling apart, yearly maintenance can be pretty high.

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